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                                     The Wiccan Faith 
                          I cangive youa briefoverview ofWicca. (Idon't speakfor
          all Wiccans, only myself.  There are some differences in the different
                  We believe that the ultimate godhead is unknowable.  This 
          doesn't make for a good working relationship with the diety, however. 
          So, we break it down into a Goddess and a God.  Different Wiccans 
          worship different Gods/Goddesses.  We can utilize *any* pantheon.  
          Some worship Pan/Diana, some Cernnunos/Aradia, Isis/Osiris, and many 
                 We see our Goddess as being Triple Aspected -- Maiden, Mother,
          and Crone, and she is reflected in the phases of the Moon -- Waxing, 
          Full and Waning.  We see the God as the Lord of Nature, and he is 
          reflected in the seasonal changes.  Like Jesus Christ, he dies for the
          land and the people, and is reborn. 
                  In general, we believe in reincarnation and karma.  What you 
          call Heaven, we call the Summerlands.  We don't believe that Hell 
          exists (or Satan either.)  We  believe that there should be balance in
          all things - when the balance is disturbed, that's when 'evil' occurs.

          Fire, for example is not 'evil'.  It could be  considered such when it
          becomes out of balance, as in a forest fire, or house fire.  
          Controlled fire is a useful tool.  Anger is not 'evil', but when 
          unbridled can't help but lead to negative things.  When properly 
          expressed and balanced with constructive working to correct that 
          which invoked the anger - it, too, can be a useful tool. 
                  We regard the Earth as our Mother, and try to have respect for
          Her by not polluting her and try to live in harmony with Her and Her 
                  Women reflect the Goddess, Men reflect the God, so the Wicca 
          have a Priestess and Priest to  'run' the religious services.  We call
          our services circles. 
          This was sort of an "Reader's Digest Condensed Version" of Wicca.  
                  Blessed be  >>Phoenix<< 


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