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     by Micheal Hall
     distributed by PAN - the Psychic Awareness Network -

     Note - by Matrika, co-sysop - this ritual was written by someone I knew
     from the Boston MA. area a couple of years back.  It is based on a
     combination of the lore of the Wicca and some of the afro-caribbean
     diaspora traditions of Paganism and Magick.
     On your altar should be placed a circle of 13 stones and, within the circle
     of stones, a circle of 13 candles.  Within the circle of candles should be
     spread some maize - i.e. corn meal - and in that a waxen female candle to
     symbolize the Goddess on your altar. On the eastern side of the altar
     should be placed a small sheaf of grain with a candle inserted inside it.

     You should dress in your usual ceremonial garb for Magickal rites or
     skyclad, as you prefer.

     Retire to bathe in salt-water (use sea salt) before the ritual.  As you do
     so picture the water cleansing the soul and spirit, just as it cleanses the
     body.  When you have dressed, anoint yourself with a holy oil.  When you
     have prepared yourself, sit in a dim quiet place and light a candle - ONE
     THAT IS NOT BEING USED IN THE RITES - and meditate on how at this time of
     year the Goddess in her fiery aspect AS LIGHT was welcomed back into the
     Temples and the Homes of the land.

     Take this candle and walk slowly to your altar.  Place it in the circle of
     the 13 candles.   Then light the two altar candles, which are separate from
     the circle of lights also, and the incense.  (Incense should be stick or
     powdered incense on charcoal in a swinging burner.)  Then light all the
     quarter candles in the 4 directions, starting in the east and going

     cast your circle in the usual manner, but Invoke the Goddess with the
     "Sacred womb, giver of the secrets of Life,  Mother of all that exists in
     the Universe, I ask your guardianship of this gathering and your assistance
     in my work.  I am gathered in celebration of your gifts and my work is most
     holy. SO MOTE IT BE"

     and Invoke the God in the following manner:
     "Fire of the sky, guardian of all that exists in the Universe, I ask your
     guardianship of this gathering and your assistance in my work.  I am
     gathered in celebration of your gifts and my work is most holy.  SO MOTE IT

     (continue with the circle casting if it is not already finished)

     Light the 13 candles and then the Goddess candle in the center and say:
     "Warm and quickening Light
     awaken and bring forth beauty
     for thou art my pleasure and my bounty
     LORD and LADY
     OSiRIS AND ISIS"  (or you may substitute whatever names your circle uses
     for the God and the Goddess - or those you personally prefer)


     Reflect a moment on the coming of the light and offer up the incense.
     "O ancient Ones
     Timeless Goddess and Sacred King who art
     the heralds of springtime and it's bounties
     be with me now in celebration
      Hail to Osiris and Isis
      Harvest giver and blessed Lady
      Let this be a time and a place sacred to your power and your beauty
      SO MOTE IT BE"

     Light the candle in the sheaf of grain and hold it up with the loaf of
     bread in the other hand and say
     (or the cakes - whatever you or your tradition uses for the cakes and
     wine/juice ceremony)
     "My Lord and Lady, as the seed becomes the grain, so the grain becomes the
     bread, Mark the everlasting value of our seasons and their changes. "

     Break a piece of the bread or cakes off and burn it as an offering in the
     central candle.

     Then say
     " IN the deepest Icy Winter the seed of the Earth lies deep within the womb
     of the Great Mother.  The Spring brings the heat of the Father and with
     their joining comes new life.  The completion of the cycle brings
     food to the children of the world.  As I taste the food I shall know the
     wisdom of the cycles and be blessed with the food of wisdom throughout my
     consecrate cakes and wine/juice in the usual manner and partake of them,
     but first raise your chalice or drinking horn and say

     "Hail to thee ISIS
      Hail to thee Osiris
      For thou art blessed"

     After this commune in meditation with the Lord and lady for a while, then
     close the circle in your usual manner.



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