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                           HOME BLESSING MAGICK

     A home blessing meditation for charging a room:
     o    Sit Straight with palms on lap, take deep breaths, relax,
          and move into a mental space where you activate your
          intuitive senses, 
     o    Imagine a cord of energy from your spine connecting you to
          the Earth, and channel energy from the Earth through it,
     o    Silently ask for divine protection, guidance, and blessing,
     o    Direct your psychic sensing outward, and feel lines of
          force coming out of your aura, 
     o    Note where the strongest energy is (check out the
          floor,ceiling, directions, etc), Note spots that feel empty
          or dead, note places that feel full alive, focus on where
          you are sitting and how you feel at that particular spot,
     o    Imagine a sphere of light and love energy at your heart,
          feel it pulsing outward with every breath. 
     o    Feel the radiance increase with every breath, feel your self
          as a star, continue to breathe deeply and send out the
          energy, letting it pulsate in the room, 
     o    When ready, start making power sounds representing the love
          and light you are channeling; use it to amplify the light
          you are weaving; and fill the room with the energy, 
     o    Then shift focus to sending a probe out into the room, and
          note the differences in the quality of energy and how you feel
          about it,
     oRepeat if necessary,
     oWhen done, feel the completeness of the work.

     A room blessing involving elemental quarter invocations:
     oFace each direction (with arms out in appropriate elemental
     invoking gesture), and say, while channeling and visualizing
     elemental power:
     -    Powers of (say direction),
     -    Powers of (say corresponding element),
     -    We great you, we honor you, we welcome you here!
     -    Watch over and bless and protect this place.
     oAfter each invocation, shape the energy into columns of light
     by sweeping ones arms together until they are parallel and
     sweeping them up and down while channeling and shaping the
     oWhen the energy is properly shaped, say so "mote it be."

     oAfter you have done all four quarters, channel in spirit

     To return the energy to a more mellow state while energizing
     yourself, put your hands out and take in a bit of the energy into
     your self from each direction, going widdershins, hold hands to
     your heart and take in the energy (techniques also exist for
     bringing it into a stone and retrieving it when needed).

     The above was taught by Selena Fox at Esotericon V, in January


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