~~~~ The Witches Of Salem Present: The Do's and Don'ts Of Witches ~~~

    <1>    Witches Do Not do evil. Witches believe evil is against the
           Universal Law. Witches believe evil is eventually returned
           to the sender.

    <2>    Witches Do Not worship Satan. Witches do not have any "Satan",
           demons, or devils in their belief system.

    <3>    Many Witches Do wear black. Black is not an evil color. Clergy
           of other religions wear black without criticism, although they
           have forgotten why. Black is the culmination of all things on the
           material plane. It absorbs light and energy, and helps Witches to
           be more psychic. White is the combination of all light
           frequencies, and Witches wear white at funerals to reflect the
           light and energy of the one who's died.

    <4>    Witches Do Not have evil characteristics as portrayed in fairy
           tales, such as green faces, warts on noses, crooked teeth,
           stringy hair, or a cackle-like laugh. Witches are of all ages,
           and are of ordinary appearances. Witches can be both male and
           female. A male Witch is NOT a "warlock", . He is a Witch.

     <5>   Witches Do Not ride on broomsticks. They find it much easier
           to use modern transportation.

     <6>   Witches Do use spells. A "spell" is a thought projection used
           to produce a desired result. Christians use prayer to achieve
           the same results.

     <7>   Witches Do use magic wands. Magic wands are much like "divining
           rods", and are used for the purpose of directing energy.

     <8>   Witches Do use the natural psychic ability that all human beings
           possess. Witches use these abilities to heal, and to improve their

     <9>   Witches Do use WITCHCRAFT as a science, art, and religion, and
           use their knowledge and abilities in harmony with the Universe
           and Nature around them. as a science they use their psychic
           abilities, as a religion by personifying Nature as a Goddess
           and God, and as an art by using magic to beautify.

    <10>   Witches Do wear a Pentacle, which is a five-pointed star in a
           circle, with the single-point upwards. The five points stand
           for the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and the
           top point for the Divine Spirit.