-=-    What The 'Craft' Truly Means   -=-

   Witchcraft: Is an archaic and derogatory term applied to those members
and followers of magickal-religious philosophies based on fertility cults of
early Pagan/Celtic Britain.

   Wicca: Is a much more positive description of those members who practice
religious rites and adhere to those magickal philosophies of early Pagan/
Celtic Britain.

   Wicca stems from Indo-european roots of "wic" and "weik" meaning to bend
or turn. Thus the Wicca was someone who was skilled in the process {CRAFT}
of shaping, changing or bending reality. These people came to be known as
the "Wicca Craft," the wise ones of the village. In time we see "Wicca
Craft" debased and become "Witchcraft."

   Wicca Craft: The Craft of the wise ones, is a religious philosophy as
well as a working magickal system, by which the initiate is introduced to
the mysteries of the universe, being taught to use and control those
elements and powers that are inherent in all things.

   The purpose of our religion is to combine those forces, powers and
elements that make up all living organisms, with those of the universe;
channel and direct them for spiritual development and fulfillment, as
well as for material contentment.

   We do not worship any evil or negative force {i.e. Christian devil}. This
concept was invented to frighten and subdue the masses for political and
religious control. Wicca predates Christianity, and works on a positive
affirmation of taking responsibility for ones actions as well as living in
harmony with those life forces that bring all things into being.

   We do not practice Black Magick, sacrifice or indulge in orgiastic sexual
activities under the guise of church or religion. We do, however, believe in
the active and passive roles of the male and female aspect of deity and use
this for spiritual evolvement, as well as an underlying fundamental basis
for our concept and relationship to the supreme force that created all life.

   In our philosophy it is understood that men and women are not created
equal. They are different, each with their own talents, capabilities and
responsibilities. Each is respected according to their contribution to the
group as a whole, their personal growth and evolution, and how they handle
the mundane material world. We believe in balance of gender, force and power
along with equality of creative expression.

   Man was not created in the image of God. God is the personification and
manifestation of concepts, impressions an realization of inner truths and
desires. Therefore, we look to higher forces with a positive attitude and
use this to inspire, comfort and fulfill those aspirations and ambitions
deep within our souls.
                                              Blessed Be !!!