Various Instructions

    A note upon the ritual of the Wine and Cakes. It is said that in olden 
    days ale or mead was often used instead of wine. It is said that 
    spirits or anything can be used, "so long as it has life" (i.e. has a 

    All are brothers and sisters, for this reason; that even the High 
    Priestess must submit to the scourge.  

    The only exception to the rule that a man only be initiated by a woman 
    and a woman by a man, is that a mother may initiate her daughter and a 
    father his son, because they are part of themselves.  
    A woman may impersonate either the God or the Goddess, but a man may 
    only impersonate the God.  

    Ever remember, if tempted to admit or boast of belonging to the cult, 
    you may be endangering your brothers and sisters. For though now the 
    fires of persecution have died down, who knows when they may be revived 
    ? Many priests have knowledge of our secrets and they full well know 
    that much religious bigotry has died down or calmed down, that many 
    people would wish to join our cult if the truth were known of its joys 
    and the churches would lose power. So if we take many recruits we may 
    loose the fires of persecution against us again. So ever keep the 

    Those taking part in a rite must know exactly what results they wish to 
    attain and must keep all their minds firmly fixed on the desired 
    result, without wavering.  
    -Published in Janet and Stewart Farrar's "The Witches' Way", from GBG's
     Text B/C BOS.