Crystals and stones are gifts of the Goddess and God.  They are sacred, magickal tools which can be used to enhance ritual and magick.  Here are some of the ways of Earth magick.


     The magick circle can be laid out with crystals and stones, if desired, rather than with herbs.
     Beginning and ending in the North, lay 7, 9, 21 or 40 quarts crystals of any size around the circle, either inside the cord or in place of it.  If the ritual to be conducted within the circle is of a usual spiritual or magickal nature, place the quartz crystals with points outward.  If of a protective nature, place with points facing inward.
     If you use candles to mark the four quarters of the magick circle rather than large stones, ring each candle with any or all of the following stones:

     North: Moss Agate, Emerald, Jet, Olivine,                 Salt, Black Tourmaline
      East: Imperial Topaz, Citrine, Mica, Pumice
     South: Amber, Obsidian, Rhodochrosite, Ruby,              Lava, Garnet
      West: Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Jade, Lapis                Lazuli, Moonstone, Sugilite


     To make this altar, search through dry river beds and seashores for a variety of smoothly-shaped stones.  Or check rock shops for appropriate pieces.
     Create the altar itself of three large stones.  Two smaller ones of even size are used as the base, while a longer, flat stone is placed on top of these to form the altar itself.  On this place one stone to the left of the altar to represent the Goddess.  This might be a natural, river-rounded stone, a holed stone, a quartz crystal sphere, or any of the stones related to the Goddess which are listed below.
     To the right of the altar, place a stone to represent the God.  This might be a piece of lava, a quartz crystal point, a long, thin or club-shaped rock or a God-symbolic stone such as those presented below.
     Between these two stones place a smaller stone with a red candle affixed to it to represent the divine energy of the Goddess and God as well as the element of Fire.
     Before this, place a flat stone to receive offerings of wine, honey, cakes, semi-precious stones, flowers and fruit.
     A small, cupped stone (if one can be found) should be set to the left of the offering stone.  Fill this with water to represent that element.
     To the right of the offering stone place a flat rock.  Pour salt upon this to symbolize the element of Earth.
     Additionally, another flat stone can be placed before the offering stone to serve as an incense burner.
     Use a long, thin, terminated quarts crystal as a wand and a flint or obsidian arrowhead for the Athame.
     Any other tools which are needed can simply be placed on the altar.  Or, try to find stone alternatives to them.
     This can be used for all types of Craft rituals.


     In general, all pink, green and blue stones; those related to the Moon or Venus; Water and Earth-ruled stones, such as peridot, emerald, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, blue quartz, aquamarine, beryl, kunzite and turquoise.
     Stones which are related to specific deities follow.

Aphrodite: salt
Ceres: emerald
Coatlicue: Jade
Cybele: jet
Diana: amethyst, moonstone, pearl
Freya: pearl
The Great Mother: amber, coral, geodes, holed         stones
Hathor: turquoise
Isis: coral, emerald, lapis lazuli, moonstone,        pearl
Kwan Yin: jade
Lakshmi: pearl
Maat: jade
Mara: beryl, aquamarine
Nuit: lapis lazuli
Pele: lava, obsidian, peridot, olvine, pumice
Selene: moonstone, selenite
Tiamat: beryl
Venus: emerald, lapis lazuli, pearl


     Generally, all orange and red stones; stones related to the Sun and Mars; Fire and Air-ruled stones, such as carnelian, ruby, garnet, orange calcite, diamond, tiger's eye, topaz, sunstone, bloodstone and tourmaline.
     Stones which are related to specific deities follow.

Aesculapius: agate
Apollo: sapphire
Bacchus: amethyst
Cupid: opal
Dionysus: amethyst
Mars: onyx, sardonyx
Neptune: beryl
Odin: holed stone
Poseidon: beryl, pearl, aquamarine
Ra: tiger's eye
Tezcatlipoca: obsidian

[Pearl and coral have been mentioned in these lists as "stones" because they were anciently thought to be such.  Our knowledge of them as products of living creatures leaves us with the ethical question of whether or not to use them in ritual.  This must be a personal decision.  Beach gathered coral and shells (mother of pearl is from shells) can be used without conflicting with the above statement because the creature has already died by the time the item was found.  If you decide not to use them, just remember leather is also a product of a living creature.]


     In earlier times, throughout the world, people built mounds or piles of stones.  These were sometimes formed to mark the passage of travelers, or to commemorate some historic even, but such cairns usually had ritual significance.
     In magickal thought, cairns are places of power.  They concentrate the energies of the stones used to create them.  Cairns are rooted in the Earth but lift upward to the sky, symbolically representing the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual realms.
     During outdoor circles, a small cairn, composed of no more than nine or eleven rocks, can be fashioned as each point of the Circle of Stones.  This can be done prior to creating the circle itself.
     The next time you're in some wild, lonely place with a profusion of stones, clear a place among them and sit.  Visualize a magickal need.  As you visualize, grasp a near-by stone.  Feel the energy beating within it - the power of the Earth, the power of nature.  Place it on the cleared ground.  Pick up another stone, still visualizing you need, and set it next to the first.
     Still visualizing, continue to add stones, building them into a small pile.  Keep adding stones until you feel them vibrating and pulsating before you.  Place the last rock on top of the cairn with firm ritual intent - affirm to yourself, to the cairn and the Earth that with this final magickal act you're manifesting your need.
     Place your hands on either side of the pile.  Give it your energy through your visualization.  Nurse it.  Feed it strength and see your need as being fulfilled.
     Then leave the cairn alone to do its work.


     Have a candle of the colour symbolic of your magickal need, according to the following list (or as your intuition tells you):

WHITE               Protection, Peace, Purity,                         Truth, Sincerity, Spirituality

RED                 Strength, Health, Vigor,                           Sexual Love, Passion,                              Protection, Courage, Danger,                       Warning, Anger, Element of                         Fire, God oriented, Male                           aspects

LIGHT BLUE          Tranquility, Happiness,                            Understanding, Patience,                           Health, Element of Water,                          Goddess oriented, Feminine                         aspects

DARK BLUE           Impulsiveness, Depression,                         Changeability, psychism

GREEN               Finance, Fertility, Luck,                          Growth, Employment, Element of                     Earth, Goddess oriented,                           Feminine aspects

GOLD/YELLOW         Attraction, Persuasion, Charm,                     Confidence, Intellect, Study,                      Divination, Element of Air,                        God oriented, Male aspects,                        (Gold) The Great God, The Sun

BROWN               Hesitation, Uncertainty,                           Neutrality, Healing Animals,                       Poverty

PINK                Honour, Love, Morality,                            Friendship

BLACK               Protection from, absorption                        of; Evil, loss, discord &                          Confusion, Lack of colour and                      vibrations, Neutrality,                            Element of Akasha,                                 Spirituality, The Divine, The                      Void

PURPLE              Relief from; Tension, Calming,                     Healing of severe Disease,                         Spiritualism, Meditation,                          Protection, Psychic Power,                         Element of Akasha, The Divine

SILVER/GRAY         Cancellation, Neutrality,                          Stalemate,(Silver) The Great                       Goddess, The Moon

ORANGE              Encouragement, Adaptability,                       Stimulation, Attraction,                           Energy

GREENISH YELLOW     Sickness, Cowardice, Anger,                        Jealousy, Discord

     With the tip of a cleansed, terminated quartz crystal, scratch a symbol of your need onto the candle.  This might be a heart for love, a dollar sign for money, a fist for strength.  Alternately, use an appropriate rune or write your need on the candle with the crystal.
     As you scratch or draw, visualize your need with crystal clarity as if it had already manifested.  Place the candle in a holder.  Set the crystal near it and light the wick.
     As the flame shines, again strongly visualize.  The crystal, candle and symbol will do their work.