Visualize a triple circle of purplish light around you body while chanting:

     I am protected by your might,
     O gracious Goddess, day and night.

     Another of the same type: visualize a triple circle and chant:

     Thrice around the circle's bound,
     Evil sink into the ground.


     Compose an altar: place a censer in the center before an image of the Goddess.  Have a twelve-inch (or so) round mirror there as well.  Ring the altar with nine white candles.  Burn a protective incense (such as sandalwood, frankincense, copal or rosemary) in the censer.
     Beginning with the candle most directly before the Goddess image, say these or simular words:

     Lunar light protect me!

     Repeat as you light each candle until all are glowing.
     Now, holding the mirror, invoke the Goddess in Her lunar aspect with these or simular words:

     Great Goddess of the Lunar Light
        and Mistress of the Seas;
     Great Goddess of the Mystic Night
        and of the Mysteries;
     Within this place of candles bright
        and with Your mirror nigh;
     Protect me with Your awesome might
        while ill vibrations fly!

     Standing before the altar, hold the mirror facing the candles so that it reflects their flames.  Keeping the mirror toward the candles, move slowly, clockwise, around the altar, watching the reflected firelight bouncing off your surroundings.
     Gradually increase your speed, mentally invoking the Goddess to protect you.  Move faster and faster; watch the light shattering the air, cleansing it, burning away all negitivity and all lines along witch the ill energies have traveled into your home.
     Charge your home with the protective light of the Goddess.  Race around the candles until you've felt the atmosphere change, until you feel that your home has been cleansed and guarded by the Great Goddess.
     When finished, stand once again before the image.  Thank the Goddess in any words you wish.  Pinch out the candles one by one, bind them together with white cord and store them in a safe place until (and if) you need to use them again for this same purpose.


     If you believe that a spell has been cast against you, place a large black candle in a cauldron (or a large black bowl).  The candle must be tall enough to extend a few inched above the cauldron's rim.  Affix the candle to the bottom of the cauldron with warmed beeswax or the drippings of another black candle so that it will not tip over.
     Fill the cauldron to the rim with fresh water, without wetting the candle's wick.  An inch or two of the candle should remain above the water.  Deep breathe, meditate, clear your mind, and light the candle.  Visualize the suspected spell's power as residing within the candle's flame.  Sit in quiet contemplation of the candle and visualize the power flowing and growing with the candle's flame (yes the power against you).  As the candle burns down, its flame flame will eventually sputter and go out as it contacts the water.  As soon as the flame has been extinguished by the water, the spell will be dispersed.
     Break your visualization of the spell's power; see it explode into dust, becomeing impotent.
     Pour the water into a hole in the ground, a lake or stream.  Bury the candle.  It is done.


     With the first and middle fingers (or your Athame, if you have it with you), trace a pentagram over the object to be protected.  Visualize electric-blue or purple flame streaming from your fingers (Athame) to form the pentagram.  Say this as you trace:

     With this pentagram I do lay
     Protection here both night and day.
     And to the one who should not touch
     Let the fingers burn and twitch.
     I now invoke the Law of Three:
     This is my will, so mote it be!