The Tale Of The Seeker And The Crone

	The seeker had traveled many miles to a temple high in the Western mountains.  
	There in the outer courtyard of a magnificent castle and temple, sat a crone clad 
	in a black cloak of her years.  The seeker approached  the crone cautiously and asked 
	the Old Mother, that since the Seeker had traveled far to study, if she would tell the 
	Seeker how to gain entrance.

	The Old Crone, never looking up at the seeker, simply said that the Seeker had three 
	questions to ask.  If the three questions were correct, the new student would enter.  
	If incorrect, the Seeker must go elsewhere.

	The Seeker protested and spoke of being tired and hungry, that the Seeker needed to 
	sleep and be fed but the Wise Woman cut short the Seeker's protest and asked for the 
	first question or the Seeker's departure.

	The Seeker sat quietly for a moment, thinking and then asked the Wise Crone what the 
	three best questions to ask would be.  The Great Lady noted the Seeker's first question 
	and explained the three best questions to ask, which were, "What is the Old Lady's theology", 
	so the Seeker would know her belief and theology would be that of the Seeker's.  The second 
	question to ask would be of the responsibility of both the Seeker and the Crone to each other 
	so the Seeker would know well the bargain to be made.  The Wise Lady explained of promises 
	and their repercussions on future lives and that their would be a price for everything but 
	Her love.  To avoid spending a life in illusion the Wise One told the Seeker to ask how the 
	Seeker would know if the Seeker had been called and that not all were called this lifetime 
	into service.  The Crone now asked the Seeker for the second question.

	The Seeker asked the Crone what the answers to these questions were.  The Elder Mother 
	then told of the beliefs of the temple.  She told the Seeker the outer name of the Lord 
	and Lady.  She told of the rites and the reasons for them.

	As day passed into night, robed figures came into the courtyard and lit the fires 
	in the four corners to dispel the darkness and chill.  As the moon crested the horizon 
	the Crone began to answer the second question.  She told of all the blessings of the High 
	Ones and of all they have given unto us and all that they asked in return.

	They spoke the entire night into dawn that came and banished the darkness.  The Crone, 
	weary from the night's adventure removed the hood of her cloak and look into the Seeker's 
	eyes for the first time and told the Seeker that only the inner Self knows if it came to 
	the temple to run away from a world that had battered it or because all the world was there.  
	The Wise Lady then asked for the third question.

	"Mother, I have tried many false paths in search for the entrance to this temple and 
	I have heard all that you have said.  I am tired and hungry for all that you have to 
	offer yet I fear that it is too much for me to learn but Wise Mother may I come in and try?", 
	the Seeker asked the Crone.  "Come, Seeker, we shall learn together."