The Witches' Round

Nowadays used to raise the Cone of Power, this old dance may be used  alone
or in full coven. It is better if the Drawing Down of the Moon  has gone
before, for then the Gods shall fuse with the energies raised  in the
ecstacy of the dance and thereby accomplish your will.  

All join hands to form a ring about the HPS. Heads turned left and eyes 
tightly shut, will a flowing river of power about the circle, moving  from
one through the next, from man to woman and woman to man, about  the circle
without beginning or end, gathering strength as it goes.  

When the circle is set thus, in motionless intensity, the HPS begins to 
clap to the rhythym of the heart-beat. And upon this signal all open  their
eyes and step widdershins; slowly at first but with a quickening  step as
the HPS quickens the beat of her clap, until three rounds are  complete.
And this must be accomplished smoothly and without  awkwardness.  

Now change direction and dance deosil to the Witches' Rune or some  other
tune; slowly at first, but faster and ever faster until, the  Power being
at its peak, the HPS shall release it crying: "Down !",  whereupon all
shall fall to the ground to sit in a circle facing in.  Thus also was the
Cone of Power raised of yore.  

-Another variant on raising a cone of power.  
-This one's adapted slightly from "The Witches Almanac", 1971-72, as
 reprinted in "The Witches All".
-It's similar to many well known methods; just puts the pieces together
 rather differently.