Most modern rites of wicca are derived from Dr. Gerald
Brosslow Gardner, philosopher, who travelled the world, returning
to his native England in 1946.  He had knowledge of ancient
religions and opened a witchcraft museum on the Isle of Mann. 
Also, he was a practising witch and by his death in 1964 he had
thousands of followers.

     Ceremonial setup consists of five things: 1) secrecy; 2) an
alter covered with white cloth; around it is a nine foot diameter
circle marked on the floor with chalk or tape; 3) about the circle
are the cabbalistic symbols of wicca, which will help to summon the
gods; 4) a candle is placed at each compass point, and on the alter
is a censer (with burning incense), a whip or scourge, an athame (a
small knife), a copper pentacle, a long blade sword, and containers
of salt and water; and 5) a pentagram is drawn within the circle,
representing the four elements (fire, water, air, and earth) and
the Quintessence (the so-called fifth element...the unseen or
beyond...the source of occult power).

     The actual ceremony can be conducted by the HP, wearing a
bronze helmet with horns (representing the hunting god), or the
HPS, who represents the Golden Mother or Great Mother (the goddess
of fertility).  The coven members are either naked or dressed in
white robes.  The worshippers are taken into the circumference of
the circle.  Near by is THE BOOK OF SHADOWS, which each new leader
hand-copies from her "mentor".

     There are four parts to the wicca ceremony: 1) The blessing of
the coven--the circle is consecrated with salt and water; and the
HP or HPS recites, over the bowed heads of the coven, "Eko, Eko,
Azarak...Eko, Eko, Zamelak...Eko, Eko, Eko, Eko."; then all members
join hands; 2) The ritual dance--members dance around the circle as
the leader calls the gods to guide them; 3) The initiation of new
members--if the neophyte is female, the HP performs the rite; the
HPS if male.  The new member kneels naked before the altar, the
leader rising the athame high and to the East, tells the gods of
another initiation...asking for their blessing.  Then the neophyte
is allowed to enter the circle, where he is blindfolded and
wrists tied behind the back with a cord tied to the neck.  he is
instructed by the HPS/HP not to pass on the secrets of the coven
and the promise is sealed with blood from the neophyte's small
finger.  With the ritual sword at the neophyte's breast, he vows
his/her obedience to the cult.  Then the neophyte is unbound and
has the blindfold removed.  Lastly, the HPS/HP perform the "five-
fold kiss"...on the neophyte's feet, knees, genitals, breasts, and
lips...thus signifying the birth of a new witch; 4) The request to
the gods, asking for the gift of health, prosperity, fertility, and
well-being.  Then another ritual dance takes place.  And, though
the dance may seem erotic, intercourse is the exception and not the
rule.             Transfered to computer by Allyson Taylor