-=- The Old Religion -=-

            Rituals of the Old Religion, known as Witchcraft or " Wicca "
            affects us in may ways. They speak too our present needs, help
            us to transform the Future, and enable us to experience a
            special link with The Pagan Past.

            The Main Tenet Of Witchcraft, The Wiccan Rede, is:

                   " An Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt "

            Do what you will... But don't do anything that will harm
            another. Its as simple as that.

                           Consider This:

              " We Wiccans give thanks to the Mighty Ones

                For the richness and goodness of life.

                As there must be rain with the sun,

                To make all things good, so we must suffer

                Pain with Our Joy, to know all things.

                Our Love is ever with the Gods,

                For though we know not their thoughts,

                Yet we know their hearts, That all is for our good. "

                                          So Mote It Be