The Power we Have

    Power is latent in the body and may be drawn out and used in various 
    ways by the skilled. But unless confined in a circle it will be swiftly 
    dissapated.  Hence the importance of a poroperly constructed circle. 
    Power seems to exude from the body via the skin and possibly from the 
    orifices of the body; hence you should be properly prepared. The 
    slightest dirt spoils everything, which shows the importance of 
    thorough cleanliness.  

    The attitude of mind has great effect, so only work with a spirit of 
    reverence.  A little wine taken and repeated during the ceremony, if 
    necessary, helps to produce the power. Other strong drinks or drugs may 
    be used, but it is necessary to be very moderate, as if you are 
    confused, even slightly, you cannot control the power you evoke.  

    The simplest way is by dancing and singing monotonous chants, slowly at 
    first and gradually quickening the tempo until giddiness ensues. Then 
    the calls may be used, or even wild and meaningful shrieking produces 
    power. But this method inflames the mind and renders it difficult to 
    control the power, though control may be gained through practice. The 
    scourge is a far better way, for it stimulates and excites both body 
    and soul, yet one easily retains control.  

    The Great Rite is far the best. It releases enormous power, but the 
    conditions and circumstances make it difficult for the mind to maintain 
    control at first.  It is again a matter of practice and the natural 
    strength of the operator's will and in a lesser degree those of his 
    assistants. If, as of old, there were many trained assistants present 
    and all wills properly attuned, wonders occur.  

    Sorcerors chiefly used the blood sacrifice; and while we hold this to 
    be evil we cannot deny that this method is very efficient. Power 
    flashes forth from newly shed blood, instead of slowly exuding as by 
    our method. The victim's terror and anguish add keenness and quite a 
    small animal can yield enormous power. The great difficulty is in the 
    human mind controlling the power of the lower animal mind. But 
    sorcerors claim they have methods for effecting this and that the 
    difficulty disappears the higher the animal used and when the victim is 
    human disappears entirely. (The practice is an abomination, but it is 

    Priests know this well; and by their auto-da-fe's, with the victim's 
    pain and terror (the fires acting much the same as circles), obtained 
    enormous power.  

    Of old the Flagellants certainly evoked power, but through not being 
    confined by a circle most was lost. The amount of power raised was so 
    great and continuous that anyone with knowledge could direct and use 
    it; and it is most probable that the classical and heathen sacrifices 
    were used in the same way.  There are whispers that when the human 
    victim was a willing sacrifice, with his mind directed on the Great 
    Work and with highly skilled assistants, wonders ensued - but of this I 
    would not speak.  
    -Published in Janet and Stewart Farrar's "The Witches' Way"; they got 
     it from GBG's BOS (Text B or C; it's the same in each).