Seattle  --  A group known as the Pagan Parents  Association  has
formed here in the northwest to network and share experiences and
resources among Pagan parents. Their Statement of Purpose says it

1.  Socialization for Pagan children. It is hard to be  the  only
Pagan kid on the block.

2. Support for Pagan parents trying to raise their children in  a
Christian community.

3.  Support  for parents engaged in  witchcraft--related  custody

4.  Pagan religious education.  Teaching the basic Pagan  beliefs
that are common to most Pagan traditions. Excluding no  tradition
as  wrong.  Touting no one as  the  one--true--right--and--only--

5.   Holding   monthly  potluck   meetings   for   socialization,
development  of  strong  community  ties,  discussion  of   group
business, learning activities.

6.  Publication of a monthly newsletter. Topics include games  to
play  with  your children, book reviews of  good  Pagan  oriented
fiction, updates on court fights and custody battles, information
on  the eight major Grove Festivals and the phases of  the  moon,
activities  to do at these times, short stories,  myths,  poetry,
rituals for children and their families.

7. Organization of workshops, games, lectures. Our community  has
a  rich cultural background.  Lets take advantage of it and  pass
our  knowledge  and traditions on to our children.   Let's  start
some  new  traditions; remember, a tradition is anything  you  do
more than once.

8.  Answer  letters from Pagans who are isolated from  the  Pagan
community by distance.  Give support to their efforts.

9. Have fun.

Their  first  newsletter  effort is a sixteen page  6  x  8  inch
booklet brimming with news, traditions to share at Yule,  poetry,
and  even a connect--the--dots picture for the wee folk  in  your
house  to  do with their pencils. I especially liked  the  Trivia
section  (Hecate was sometimes known as Trivia by the Romans)  as
those sorts of questions and answers are a great teaching tool.

There was also a very interesting Samhain ritual to be done  with
your  children. This newsletter promises to be a handy thing  for
Pagan parents, both in the northwest and elsewhere.

For  those  of you who'd like more info or would like  to  attend
their  next meeting, write PPA, PO Box 2643, Seattle, WA.  98111,
or call Eric at (206) 548--0663.

                                   -- Pete