To Make Anointing Ointment

    Take a glazed pan half full of grease or olive oil. Put in sweet mint 
    leaves bruised. Place pan in hot water bath. Stir occasionally. After 
    four or five hours pour into linen bag and squeeze grease through into 
    pot again and fill with fresh leaves. Repeat until grease is strongly 
    scented. Do same with marjoram, thyme and pounded dried patchouli 
    leaves, an you may have them (for they be best of all). When strongly 
    scented, mix all the greases together and keep in a well-stoppered jar.  

    Anoint behind ears, throat, breasts and womb. In rites where "Blessed 
    be ..." may be said, anoint knees and feet, as also for rites connected 
    with journeys or war.  
    -Published in Janet & Stewart Farrar's "The Witches' Way", from GBG's 
     Text B/C BOS