Become  very  conscious  of the top of your head.

    Now also become very conscious of the bottoms of your feet.

    Now become conscious of the space connecting the two, the top  of  your
    head and the bottoms of your feet.

    Now,  like  filling  up  a transparent bottle with white milk, let that
    space fill and light up with tingling bright electric life energy.

    Now extend one end of that column down through your  feet,  beyond  the
    bottoms  of your feet....extend that end of your energy column way down
    beyond the bottoms of your feet....way beyond.

    Now extend the other end of that column way up through and  beyond  the
    top of your head--far--farther still--WAY farther still.

    Now  noise-removal  breathe  throughout  this entire extended column of
    energy for five minutes or longer each time.

    May you find the joy and peace that you  deserve,  and  may  this  text
    assist you in your healing process...

                                                The Wizard Ariel>