ASSISTING MEDICAL THERAPY

    Keep  in  mind  that  all healing is ultimately self-healing.  The most
    superb medical attention is finally worthless if someone  doesn't  want
    to  be  healed.   Conversely,  the  most mediocre medical attention, or
    perhaps even none, can bring phenomenal cures if the  patient  actively
    participates in the healing process.

    Here are some suggestions for how you can help whatever medical therapy
    you may be receiving:

    STEP 1

    Visualize  the  medical treatment you are getting doing exactly what it
    is supposed to do.

    For example, visualize the drug that's been prescribed for  you  moving
    through  your  bloodstream  to  the site of the disease, and then doing
    what it's meant to do, such as destroying  viruses  or  depressing  the
    pain  receptors.   It  would be helpful for you to find out exactly how
    the drug you're using works in the body.

    STEP 2

    If you are receiving a treatment such as physical therapy, massage,  or
    even  radiation,  you  can  help  it  by simultaneously visualizing the
    process working.  Allow yourself to be receptive to its healing effect.
    See it doing what it's supposed to do.

    May you find the peace that you deserve, and may this text  assist  you
    in your healing process....

                                                The Wizard Ariel>