VISUALIZATION FOR HEALING PAIN

    STEP 1

    Use "NOISE REMOVAL BREATHING" to wash the pain out of your system.

    STEP 2

    Visualize the pain diluting and diffusing throughout the body, and then
    leaving the body through the skin.

    A variation on this is to breathe in  with  each  inhalation  soothing,
    relaxing  nourishment and breathe out with each exhalation the tension,
    tightness and discomfort.  Each time you inhale, bring  twice  as  much
    healing oxygen into your system.  Each time you exhale, remove twice as
    much tightness, pain, or discomfort.

    "Actually see the pain LEAVE"!

    STEP 3

    Focus very closely on your area of pain.  Then experience its geometric
    shape.   Then see its color.  And then estimate how much water it could
    hold if it could hold water.  Repeat these three steps until  the  pain
    is  gone.   "IT  WORKS", so don't give up when it hasn't seemed to work
    after a few go-rounds. (This technique is adapted from on used  in  the
    EST  training,  where  it  is  known  as  the  "Headache Process".  EST
    recommends it for minor aches and pains only.)

    May you find the peace and joy that you  deserve,  and  may  this  text
    assist you in your healing process...

                                                The Wizard Ariel>