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    Copyright 1991 by Rowan Moonstone and Durwydd MacTara

ELEMENTS- Earth, air, fire, and water, plus spirit, which
includes them all. These are regarded as realms or
categories of nature (both material and non-material) and
are not to be confused with the physicists table of
elements, which the modern witch, of course, accepts.

ESBAT- weekly or biweekly meeting of a coven. Traditionally
held either on the full moon or the new moon.

FAMILIARS- Either a Witch's pet animal which has been
trained  to be a magickal helper, or an artificially
created "elemental"  which performs the same functions as
the animal friend.

FIVEFOLD KISS, FIVEFOLD SALUTE- The Witches' ritual salute,
with kisses; (1) on each foot, (2) on each knee, (3) above
the pubic hair, (4) on each breast, and (5) on the lips-
really 8 kisses in all. It is only used within the Circle,
but the words that go with it are the origin of "Blessed

GARDNERIANS- Tradition of Witchcraft descended from the
teachings of Gerald Gardner.

GNOMES- an "entity" or "elemental" that dwells in the plane
of Earth or is associated with the EARTH Element.

GREAT RITE- The rite which is the main feature of the third
degree initiation, and which is also laid down for certain
festivals.  It is sexual in nature, but may be `actual'
(and private to the couples concerned) or symbolic, as the
participants wish.

HALLOWS- name used by some traditions for Samhain, or

HANDFASTING- Wiccan equivalent of a wedding. It can be made
legal if the Priestess and/or Priest are registered as
clergy with the local authorities, or it may only be
considered binding within the coven.

HIGH PRIEST/ESS- Technically speaking, a Witch who has
received the 3rd. degree initiation. More usually, the male
and female leaders of a coven.

IMBOLC- Celtic name for Candlemas.

INVOCATION- The ritual "calling-in" of an entity (or
energies) higher than human, either for communication with
the caller through a medium or by visible manifestation or
else to enter into a human body as in the Drawing Down the
Moon. In some traditions, a Prayer.

LAMMAS- August 1st. Witch Festival. The Old Celtic name for
this festival is Lughnassadh. It is the Festival of the
First Fruits, and is the first of the 3 harvests. This
festival also marks the change of the Threefold Goddess
energies from that of Mother to Crone.

--- FD 1.99c
 * Origin: The Mountain Oracle - Pagan/Occult Distribution System (1:301/9)