Reachout & Larry Jones & File 18

As  readers  of  ORCRO will be aware we keep an eye  on  the  American 
fundies and their links to the home grown variety. We have then  great 
pleasure in presenting Maureen Davies of the Reachout Trust as she was 
featured  in  the File 18 Newsletter (ORCRO passim),  a  rabidly  anti 
anything  non-christian  publication that pretends  to  present  facts 
about "occult crime" to american police officers.

Readers  will  doubtless  judge for themselves  how  useful,  and  how 
accurate  this publication is, from Maureens' contribution,  which  is 
reprinted in full below:

From  File 18 newsletter, October 1989. Copies available, full  recent 
mailing list also available in certain circumstances. 

The  quotation  begins  with File 18  Newsletter  editor  Larry  Jones 

A  Trans-Atlantic  telephone call to Maureen Davies, Director  of  the 
North Wales Reachout group, was most enlightening. She spoke of  their 
extensive work with ex-cultists who described human sacrifice rituals, 
of  children sadistically abused at the hands of satanists,  of  drugs 
and pornography linked to entrenched satanic worship organisations, of 
"brood-mares"  (a reference the Editor mistook for  animal  mutilation 
until  Maureen  explained these were women who conceived and  gave  up 
their  infants  for  sacrifice,  i.e.:  our  "breeders"),  of  satanic 
infiltrators in positions of authority, of sceptical police officials, 
of apathetic government systems which were slow to respond to gruesome 
reality...does this sound familiar? MAureen also reported that she had 
contacts with similar workers and groups in Europe and Africa who  had 
documented the same types of reports.

WHere  do  the  contrived  controversies  of  "...urban  myth..."  and 
statistical  dinosaurs  stand  now  in  the  light  of   international 
confirmation  that  the same satanic crime problems exist  across  the 
globe? Since 1986, File 18 has not been describing isolated incidents, 
urban myths, societal aberrations, or the products of a few  mad-men's 
scrambled  minds. The issues of  satanic/cult/occult-motivated  crimes 
and  victimisations are internationally linked, global in  scope.  Let 
the  detractors,  the confusers, the compromisers,  the  rationalisers 
address  the  real  issues in their  world-wide  context,  instead  of 
isolating,  denying,  singling-out, ridiculing. We  can  openly  admit 
international  drug, pornography, and terrorist cartels exist, yet  we 
have  problems considering the existence of satanic  worldwide  links, 
even though unlimited money, power, and influence are the rewards.

File  18 Newsletter has received permission to reproduce  portions  of 
MAureen  Davies  article  entitled "Satanic Ritual  Abuse."  You  will 
recognise the writing style of Britain; the stark facts presented  are 
identical  to  those  we have encountered in  the  U.S.,  Canada,  and 

[ORCRO  has not received permission from either File 18  or  Reachout, 
and suggests that they sue]

Satanic Ritual Abuse

By Maureen Davies.

Reachout  Trust is a Christian organisation. Part of the work  of  the 
Reachout Trust is to help those people who are trapped in the  occult, 
and  we co-operate with other agencies in this. At present I  head  up 
the  occult side of the work on a national level...divided into  three 

a)  To  monitor the occult problem in this country  [North  Wales]  by 
doing research into this field, where necessary taking action  against 
some activities and teaching other[s] how to do this.

b)  To come alongside and give support to victims and their  families. 
To  encourage, counsel and share with them the different avenues  they 
can pursue.

c) To challenge and educate the church about the problem of the occult 
and ritual abuse.

Three  years  ago I was asked to be involved with a teenager  who  had 
been arrested for desecrating a church. The story that was unfolded by 
the  mother left me realising how easy it was to be involved in  black 
magic  and brainwashed without realising the dangers. The  answer  the 
court  gave was to place the teenager in care for his own safety  away 
from  the  recruiters, yet they ignored the root of his  problem,  his 
emotional   need,  coping  without  a  father  and  his  craving   for 
supernatural power.

Since then we have had many enquiries from parents and other relatives 
whose teenage sons or daughters have become involved in Witchcraft  or 
Satanism asking what can they do. Some have attempted suicide,  become 
psychologically  disturbed or have just placed an increased strain  on 
the  family.  There are no slick easy answers to  this  problem,  only 
commitment, time and dedication.

A  year ago I was introduced to my first case of ritual  child  abuse. 
Since  then I have been involved in or contributed to helping over  15 
situations  of satanic abuse. [I don't think she means  exactly  that, 
ORCRO Ed] Referrals have been through church leaders, social services, 
the  medical profession and other voluntary organisations. We are  now 
having  inquiries  from  France, Germany, Norway,  South  Africa,  and 

The  details  which  I  will share with you in  this  article  may  be 
difficult  for you to believe. You may ask, "Do these problems in  the 
occult  really exist?" I would have to say yes, from my  own  personal 
experience  and from the inquiries we receive. It is hard  to  realise 
that human beings can be so cruel to one another. But for the sake  of 
the  victims,  whether  they  be children, or  adults  who  have  been 
recruited,  I  am asking you to listen sensitively to what  they  say. 
They  will be putting out feelers, asking "Will you still love me  and 
believe me if I tell you what I have been involved in?" For them, this 
could  be  the  beginning  of  their  sharing  some  of  the  horrific 
experiences they have been through.

Millions of pounds are spent on the occult every year in this  country 
and abroad. There are hundreds of occult products listed in their mail 
order  catalogues  -- tarot cards, Ouija boards,  and  satanic  ritual 
regaila. Some are also involved in pornography and drug dealing.  Most 
of the satanic groups, if not all, are networked with other groups  in 
this  country,  Europe  and  the rest of  the  world,  in  particular, 

The subject of the occult is vast and varied. Occult shops are opening 
up everywhere and under many banners, for example, they are  sometimes 
called  "New  Age Centre" or "Alternative Life-style" shops,  or  just 
plain  Occult  shops. These shops can be open recruiting  grounds  for 
satanic  and  witchcraft  groups, preying on the  minds  of  teenagers 
especially those craving for power and control on others, or those who 
are lacking in self-esteem and worth, thinking power will give them  a 
boost. Who would want to have a girl-friend through manipulation  that 
is not real love? The occult openly distorts the truth and  undermines 
the  security of family life. We have to act. We are not  saying  that 
everyone   involved   in  witchcraft  is   molesting   children,   but 
unfortunately there are groups that do.


The  social background of people involved can range from those in  the 
highest  places  in  this country to the  poorest.  The  children  are 
involved through three ways:

a) generational Witchcraft and Satanism

b) Recruitment programmes

c) Involuntary processes

Generational  Witchcraft  or Satanism. ...the  children  are  involved 
through one or two of their parents, grandparents, aunt or uncle. They 
are initiated at a young age and told their soul now belongs to Satan.

Recruitment Programmes. The recruitment programmes are far more subtle 
and well are some examples...

1.  Through  someone  already in a coven or temple. Even  8  year  old 
children have been given soft drinks laced with drugs, then introduced 
to pornographic literature.

2. Via occult magazines that are easily available in shops...

3. Organised parties where the Ouija board is introduced or the  tarot 
cards...Gradually they are introduced to a third persons who will tell 
them that Satan has the power...

4.  At parties where drink laced with drugs  is  available...perverted 
sex  takes place...Photographs are taken...then they  are  blackmailed 
that their parents will be informed id they do not cooperate...

5.  Children  who have run away from home are recruited  from  railway 
stations, under embankments, enticed with food, money, attention,  and 
anything else that will suck them up.

6. Psychic Fayres and New Age festivals.

INVOLUNTARY  MEANS. ...involved through involuntary means,  especially 
if they have run away from home. They feel lonely, unwanted,  unloved. 
The  recruiters prey on this and realise on one will come  looking  if 
they are missing. A perfect individual for a human sacrifice.


Whenever  we come across ritual abuse, the same evil  practices  occur 
again and again. The following list contains activities reported to me 
by the children themselves and these reports are backed up by people I 
know personally, who have come out of Satanism.

1.   Children   are  given  drugs,  by  injection,  medicine   or   in 
drinks...either to sedate them or to cause them to hallucinate. Muscle 
relaxants are also given, so that if they are young they can still  be 
used in the sexual activities of participants without causing too much 
physical damage.

2.  Candles are laced with drugs to give the effects mentioned  above. 
Also,  incense  that  excites the emotions is used  to  induce  sexual 

3. Some are taught self-hypnosis, and have a trigger word that  starts 
an abnormal fear.

4. Chanting takes place during these rituals to call up the demons.

5.  They are taught to hate God, Jesus, Church and everything that  is 
good, applying the principle that good is evil and evil is good.

6.  In  some of the rituals the people dress up in  robes  and  masks, 
e.g.: goats heads, etc., in order to frighten the children.

7.  Nursery rhymes are recited with indecent overtones, e.g.: "Ring  a 
Ring of Roses, a pocket full of posies, Atishoo, Atishoo! We drop  our 
pants down."

8.  The children are urinated upon frequently and excrement  [sic]  is 
wiped all aver their bodies including their defile innocent 
children  and ruin their purity. Urine and excrement [are] mixed  with 
blood  and  semen and the children are made to eat it  the  semen  and 
blood  [are]  also wiped all over the dishes before they  eat  out  of 
them. The blood can be human or from animals.

9.  After  the  blood ritual the children have  to  drink  the  blood. 
Sometimes they have to drink from human skulls of children and adults. 
The blood is also smeared over their bodies.

10.  These children are threatened with death if they tell  what  they 
are involved in. One way they are kept silent is by involving them  in 
the rituals themselves. Fear is a tremendous tool...

11.  Children are placed in coffins and buried alive...(perhaps  hours 
later) the satanist leader comes, to show them that he is the only one 
who really cares.

12.  Children are placed in cages. Some children state that they  have 
had an electric shock when they touch the bars.

13. Children are made to eat insects...and told that whenever they see 
these insects there will be someone watching them.

14.  Perverted  sex takes place...[and the children]...  have  objects 
such  as  live snakes, crosses, pieces of wood and  other  instruments 
placed up their anus or vagina.

15. Sex with animals, humans, and dead bodies takes place...with  some 
children  actually abusing others...the victim becomes the  victimiser 
in the rituals.

16.  Snakes  seem  to  play an important part  in  the  torture.  [The 
children]  that  when  they  are  screaming  the  adults  are 
laughing at them.

17.  Upside  down  crosses are used to  inflict  pain  or  punishment. 
Children  are left to hang on them for hours...satanists say the  pain 
makes them purer.

18. Sacrifice. The children have to witness and take part in a variety 
of sacrifices.

BROOD  MARES. In the temples or covens they have young girls or  older 
women  that  they call "Brood Mares"...[who]...are there  to  be  made 
pregnant  purely for sacrifices. When they are five and a half  months 
pregnant, the birth is induced. At this stage the foetus is alive  and 
can be sacrificed. The blood of the infant is then drunk, and the body 
eaten. What is not eaten is stored for the next ritual.

Full term babies whose births have not been registered.

Children  who have been born into the temple or coven before the  time 
of  registering  are also used as sacrifice. These leave no  trace  as 
they have not been registered.

OLDER  CHILDREN. The children have told me about older children  being 
sacrificed. This can be either by placing on an upside down cross  and 
slitting  their  throats, or by stabbing with a dagger  through  their 
heart, after which the bodies are set on fire. The children state that 
before a child is sacrificed, its mouth is taped so it cannot shout.

Another  disturbing  factor  that  has been  reported  to  us  is  the 
willingness of some of those who are going to be sacrificed. They  are 
promised  a better life after they have died because they  believe  in 

ADULT  SACRIFICE. The children state how someone goes "shopping for  a 
victim"  and  comes  back  with an individual  who  is  then  ritually 
murdered either by slitting the throat, stabbing through the heart, or 
by being burnt.

In  certain  cases  the children themselves take  part  in  sacrifice. 
Teenage  girls and adult women have to sacrifice their  own  children. 
This  makes  them guilty of murder which is then used to  bring  about 
another  aspect of fear, showing them that they are in the system  and 
can't get out.

After  the sacrifice they take out the heart, spleen and eyes and  eat 
them.  The children are also taught how to remove these parts  of  the 
body. The children state how bodies are chopped up. What is not  eaten 
of  the foetus is stored. Some of the bodies are melted down. The  fat 
is used for candles and the bones are ground down and the powder  used 
as an aphrodisiac.

What  I  have reported so far is only a partial picture. I  know  that 
there are other types of rituals which I have not mentioned. From  our 
information a lot of these rituals are videoed by the people involved.

[Larry  Jones  then  notes:] Mrs. Davies' article  also  deal  s  with 
symptoms  shown  by  ritually  abused  children,  significant  satanic 
festival dates, and inter-agency networking ideas. She summarised  her 
information by giving three case histories:

Example  1. One 19 year old rang up after being involved in a  satanic 
group  which she had been introduced to by her mother and father.  She 
had  been  made  pregnant four times since the age of  14  purely  for 
sacrifice.  When she was five months pregnant the birth  was  induced. 
The  live  baby was placed on an altar and sacrificed  by  stabbing  a 
dagger through its heart, drinking its blood then eating the body. The 
remains  were left in the deep freeze until another ritual. After  her 
last pregnancy, the birth was induced and she had to kill her own baby 
herself. She has now come out of the cult but her brothers and sisters 
are still involved.

Example  2. Two children now six and four were introduced to the  cult 
by  their  father. The little boy witnessed  human  sacrifice  through 
stabbing a dagger through the heart and the subsequent burning of  the 
victim's  body on a cross. They were also subjected to  sexual  abuse, 
physical and emotional abuse. The child was sent to his mother's house 
by the father to set it on fire.

Example  3.  A  15 year old was recruited  through  the  tarot  cards, 
enticed  back to a house and drugged. Perverted sex then  took  place. 
The  subject  was then blackmailed and then subjected to  black  magic 
rituals. Now she has horrific nightmares and a personality change.

CONCLUSION.  The part we have played is to help people have  a  better 
understanding  of the occult and what it means. We are convinced  that 
there  is  a supernatural realm, which is not imaginary and  which  is 
used for extremely evil and perverted ends. We are convinced that  the 
statements  the children made actually happen and we are beginning  to 
have a picture of this scene on a national level. By doing research on 
the  subject we are ready to inform the various agencies about  occult 
activity  in their area. We are also able to put people in touch  with 
those who are prepared to help the victims.

File 18 Quote Ends.