A Lesson In Faith

   A lesson in faith, in yourself. people around you try very hard living
their lives through your skin. in this instant, you'll find that people will
tell you throughout your life, you should not practice Witchcraft; but to
tell the truth, there are very few feelings on earth that can come even close
to the feelings you get when you are doing a ritual. It is similar to the
love between people of like mind and feelings. You know you are not alone.

   You know what you want and your mind and heart are clear and true. Remain
true to yourself and don't look back. Because, when everyone has gone, you
will have to live with your decisions whatever they may be.

   People of the Craft know what I'm talking about. You are at peace with
yourself and people around you. We have an understanding about life and
nature that most people do not. We know how to love without the guilt. We
know what most people only dream of. We are home.

   To me the craft is home. I have never been happier in my life. The peace
is more than I could have hoped for. the love again is something else.

   So the next time someone tells you that you should not practice the Craft
, don't listen. But do listen to yourself. Have faith. You can do it. Most
of us who practice the Craft don't listen to people who try to live our
lives for us. This is for the others who are not in control. I wish you
peace. Make up your mind, and have faith. After all it is your life; maybe
it is up to you after all.
                                            More Power To You

                                                Blessed Be.