DENVER AREA WICCAN NETWORK

        I.   PURPOSE
             The Denver Area Wiccan Network (hereinafter called DAWN) has 
        as its primary foci networking and the coordination of teaching 
        of matters pertaining to the Craft.  DAWN may also serve as a 
        central network for coordinating activities between and among 
        Wiccan groups within the Denver area.  Subsidiary functions will 
        be defined as necessary by the governing bodies of DAWN.  

        II.  SCOPE
             DAWN will restrict its activities within both topical and 
        regional limits.  Regionally, it will serve the area within a 
        reasonable driving distance of Denver, Colorado.  Topically, it 
        will serve only the Wiccan, or Craft, community within this area. 
        DAWN is willing to aid or work with other similar Pagan groups, 
        but DAWN is not willing to serve as a clearing-house for them, 
        nor for other Occult groups.

             DAWN will be made up of a Board of Directors (necessarily
        small), a Steering Committee (necessarily larger than the Board), 
        and the general membership which shall consist of any coven or 
        member of the Craft community wishing to be a member of DAWN.  
        The function of these bodies, and the rules which govern them, 
        will be covered by the Rules and the Bylaws of DAWN.  

             In order to amend this document, the proposed change must 
        receive the votes of at least 80 percent of the Directors and 
        must receive at least 80 percent of the votes cast at a proper 
        meeting of the Steering Committee,  both bodies having received 
        at least 20 days notice of the proposed amendment.  

        V.   DEFINITIONS

             A.   Craft, Wicca, or Witchcraft -- A magical Pagan or Earth 
        religion including diverse traditions derived from many cultural 
        sources.  This religion usually worships at least one primary 
        deity who is feminine, and may also have a masculine deity or 
        deities. Some extant sources include Alexandrian, Celtic, Circle, 
        Dianic, English Traditional, Faerie, Family Traditional, and 
        Gardnerian Witchcraft.  DAWN specifically excludes the Shamanic,
        Native American, and Native African religions from its definition 
        of these terms.  

             B.   Earth religion (or Paganism) -- A religion, possibly 
        prehistoric in origin, a major tenet of which is a belief that we 
        must live in harmony with the Earth and all its creatures.  


             C.   Coven -- Any small group of Pagans, affiliated
        primarily for religious goals and purposes, which meets regularly 
        for the purpose of holding Esbats, holding Sabbats, teaching, or 
        for any other activity having a direct connection with Paganism. 

             D.   Esbat -- Meetings held once or twice each Lunar month. 
        Most Covens hold Esbat at the Full Moon.  Many hold Esbat at the 
        New Moon or the Dark of the Moon (the three days preceding the 
        New Moon).

             E.   Sabbat -- Meetings held at the eight major seasonal 
        demarcations: the Equinoxes and the Solstices (commonly called 
        the Quarter Days) and at the "time of power" of each season 
        (commonly called Cross-Quarter Days); the Cross-Quarter days fall 
        at or about the beginnings of the months of February, May, 
        August, and November.  All individual names for these holidays 
        are optional. 

             F.   Magic -- The art of changing consciousness through 
        disciplined and systematic use of the will and other natural 
        forces.  Some common goals in magic are healing, guidance, 
        protection, and insight.  

             G.   Occult -- Occluded or hidden, secret; the study of 
        hidden or secret knowledge.  Secret societies include college 
        fraternities, the Masons, and the Rosecrucians.  DAWN is not a 
        secret society.  Its proceedings are open, but the privacy of its 
        members will be protected.