The Meeting Dance

    The Maiden should lead. A man should place both hands on her waist, 
    standing behind her, and alternate men and women do the same, the 
    Maiden leading and they dance following her. She at last leads them 
    into a right-hand spiral. When the center is reached (and this had 
    better be marked by a stone) she suddenly turns round and dances back, 
    kissing each man as she comes to him. All men and women turn likewise 
    and dance back, men kissing women and women kissing men.  All in time 
    to music, it is a merry game, but must be practiced to be done well. 
    Note, the musician should watch the dancers and make the music fast or 
    slow as is best. For the beginners it should be slow, or there will be 
    confusion. It is most excellent to get people to know each other at big 
    -Published in Janet & Stewart Farrar's "The Witches' Way", from GBG's 
     BOS (the same version exists in Text B and Text C of his BOS)