Cyber Wicca 
     Cyber Wicca-the art of living that integrates rational and 
 irrational process through mythopoetic structures primarily from
 Wicca, then neo-Paganism and other related religious belief 
 systems.  It should incorporate knowledge from newer and 
 emerging humanistic sciences. Principles of ethical 
 self-programming as written of by Timothy Leary, John Lilly, 
 Robert Anton Wilson, Antero Alli, and John Hyatt should be 
 incorporated into the relational processes, those setting 
 between solar and lunar knowledge. 
     It should be a political-religious-psychological system to 
 support and meet the needs of individuals who feel both a 
 romantic and classical approach is needed in their life. These 
 needs could be formatted into solar and lunar knowledge bases, 
 rational, irrational and relational process could all be used to
 a maximal degree. 
     CCyber Wicca could incorporate many of the concepts
contained  in Humanist Manifesto II. Cyber Wicca should be a
newer religious system that is more  importantly a mode of
thinking.  Smart thinking usually leads to  smart living.
Additionally the application of Cyber Wicca to mundane life
should be easy and seamless. Instead of taking the individual out
of the social complex it should enable them to integrate easily
with the social complex. 
     Cyber Wicca should appeal to the atheist as well as the 
 religionist as it focuses upon mythopoetic stories and 
 structures and the mystical connections between what is and is 
 not seen, as opposed to dogmatic theoretical structures. 
     Theoretical structures could be included as long as they are
 considered metaphorical structures or models existing within the
 human mind first and foremost.  These structures can then be 
 used to ferret out deep personal meaning. 
     Kingdoms or Domains are used metaphorically. More properly 
 they represent areas of interest. Higher and lower relate to 
 density of item more than social, cultural or ethical placement.
 Higher and lower display some cultural heritage. Higher should 
 normally refer to more dense, thus the Lower Kingdom. 
     _External_(Public)_Faces_ Religious Aspects--Low Domain 
     The low domain or Kingdom, the basis of the religious belief
 system, should reflect WoMankind's relationship to their home 
 planet. The Earth can be personified or considered the 
 Grandmother or Mother of WoMankind, depending upon personal 
 focus. It could be called Mom, Mother or the Matrix, the space 
 enabling the existence of all physical and non-physical local 
 planetary life forms. [The solar processes could consider this a
 "self check" to prohibit WoMankind from polluting their 
 environment to the detriment of all physical life forms. 
     Other Matrixes may exist. Cyber Wicca should be concerned 
 with local planetary manifestations without denying the 
 existences of other Matrixes. 
     Other personified or romantic entities could exist within
the matrix. These could be the Lady and Lord and be more
important or of a relatively more immediate nature being seen as
doorways to other entities; other spaces, physical energetic
natures or psychic spaces. 
                Working of the Craft--Mid Domain 
     The metaphorical mid domain or Middle Kingdom could be the 
 workings of the Craft. At the beginning level the emphasis could
 be upon physicality. Special tools could be selected for an 
 individual or group. These tools may or may not reflect 
 traditional usage but should be more appropriate for a culture 
 and/or geographical locale than for a traditional usage. 
     Special robes may be appropriate. Nudity could be more 
 useful for metaprogramming. The individuals background should be
 considered before choosing tools or coverings. If the individual
 were normally a naturist the metaprogramming tool could be 
 robes, etc. 
     Tools and rituals could be used for immediate 
 metaprogramming efforts. Dramatic ritual could be used to 
 advantage for both individual programming or group alignment. 
     Experiments in communication with non-physical or discarnate
 entities could be a major focus. New modes of relationship in 
 sexual or emotional life could be incorporated providing members
 feel comfortable with the activities. Safety, both physical and 
 emotional, should be paramount. Training of individuals for 
 incorporation may be needed to assist them in their growth into 
 unknown areas. 
          Physical Sciences Incorporated--High Domain 
     The metaphorical high domain or Kingdom could be the human 
 and physical knowledge systems, ie, health (birthing, child care
 and physical health), nutritional, exercise, cosmetic and 
 creative knowledge systems, ie. sewing, cooking, building 
 sciences, gardening and organic farming techniques, and personal
 defense techniques. 
     Cyber Wicca could define the extent or degree of immersion
in a Domain. The individual or group could decide for themselves 
what extent they need to go. 
     Cyber Wicca could attempt to incorporate proven techniques 
 of cell or smaller group management while retaining intimacy. 
 Cyber Wiccan leaders could be of either sex, of any sexual 
 preference, but must be emotionally sound. They may choose their
 own names and titles. Or Cyber Wicca may assign a title in order
 to establish a somewhat formalized but unrestricted tradition. 
     Group or cell size should be held to about 2 to 15. However 
 any number of cell members may be used providing genuine 
 intimacy is maintained. 
     Cyber Wicca should attempt to meet the economic and 
 political needs of its members. Resources are available that 
 address political activities in cells. An economic base must be 
 established in Cyber Wiccan method. Should a social threat 
 arise individual members may need to support themselves in a 
 strange or different environment. Personal enrichment and 
 empowerment as opposed to personal aggrandizement should be the 
 focus enabling the member to live well in any difficult or 
 strange economic or political environment. 
     These are internal considerations not usually presentable to
 the public at large. Pearls are delicate, we need not dirty 
 them. Internal faces can be determined at a later time. 
     Cyber Wicca is a game; the game of Life. Play it! 
     Ammond Shadowcraft, July 1989   
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