Note: sessions will be LONG (3 hrs. w/ break in the middle) and 
there will be many people (hopefully), so MUST start no later 
than 7:00 pm.  In fact, earlier is much preferable.  In any case, 
sessions have to start on time!

A. Historical Background
                               } one session
B. General overview of present sects & systems (specifically pagan)
C. Comparative religion - finding what is valuable in all Ways 
        (specifically non-pagan.  Kabalism goes here, among other things)
     D. Ethics
E. God/dess forms & names
                                } one session
F. Elements/Correspondences.  Tools (as link to the practical, which 
A. Ritual (teach basic NROOGD here, ONCE), Ritual Drama. (The outer 
        structure of a working)
B. Active Psychic Skills - visualisation, energy 
        manipulation, etc. (The inner force of a working)
     C. Psychic Healing
D. Trance/Astral Travel
E. Languages, Anthropology, Folklore.  (Material for rituals!)
F. Scrying & other passive Psi
G. Environment/Earth studies.  Primitive/wilderness skills.
     H. Herbal lore & medicines.
I. Votive Art (have Diana as guest lecturer?)  Pictures, 
           sculpture, etc.
J. Music/Poetry (forms, metres, tunes, chanting, drumming, etc.)
K. Spirits, Ghosts & other Bogeys (this one is for Don)
L. Magic & the Sciences (and this one is for Sean & David)
M. Do-it-yourself (incense/candle-making, equipment-construction, 
        ritual-writing, etc.).  Whatever else was left out.

Further notes:

Each session will consist of: 1) An "attunement" by Robin, 
lasting no more than 10 minutes (optional; depends on the desires 
of the lecturer); 2) A talk by the lecturer putting forth the 
issues, plus what s/he knows about them, lasting 30- 40 minutes; 
4) A break; 5) further discussion and/or hands-on practise, 
lasting 40 minutes.

Handouts will include: reading lists, outlines, and whatever else 
the lecturer provides in the way of xeroxes from books, pictures, 

During the warmer months, sessions can (and should!) be held 
outdoors.  "Field trips" to the UC Botanical Garden, Tilden Park, 
and the beach, should be arranged.

This makes 17 sessions.  At one per month, the program will last 
almost a year and a half, at the end of which, hopefully, 
everyone will have the theoretical basis for a white cord.  
Delivery of same is, of course, up to the discretion and/or whim 
of You Know Who.

There should be some way of evaluating progress, either self-
evaluation by the individual, or evaluation by us.  What should 
this way be?  Homework?  Essays?  Testing?

Progress, either self-evaluation by the individual, or evaluation 
by us.  What should this way be?  Homework?  Essays?