Rate each from 1 to 10, with 1 being Very Low and 10 being Very High

1- INTERNAL CONTROL: amount of internal political
                     power exercised by leader(s)
                     over members.                    1._____________

2-WISDOM CLAIMED: by leader(s); amount of infalli-
                  -bility declared about decisions.   2._____________

3-WISDOM CREDITED: to leader(s) by members; amount
                   of trust in decisions made by
                   leaders.                           3._____________

4-DOGMA: rigidity of reality concepts taught;
         amount of doctrinal inflexibility.           4._____________

5-RECRUITING: emphasis put on attracting new
              members; amount of proselytizing.       5._____________

6-FRONT GROUPS: number of subsidiary groups using
                different names from that of main
                group.                                6._____________

7-WEALTH: amount of money and/or property desired
          or obtained; emphasis on members' donations. 7.____________

8-POLITICAL POWER: amount of external political
                   inflience desired or obtained.      8.____________

9-SEXUAL MANIPULATION: of members by leader(s);
                       amount of control over sex
                       lives of members.               9.____________

10-CENSORSHIP: amount of control over members'
               access to outside opinions on group,
               its doctrines or leader(s).            10.____________

11-DROPOUT CONTROL: intensity of efforts directed
                    at preventing or returning
                    dropouts.                         11.____________

12-ENDORSEMENT OF VIOLENCE: when used by or for
                            the group or its
                            leader(s).                12.____________

13-PARANOIA: amount of fear concerning real or
             imagined enemies; perceived power
             of opponents.                            13.____________

14-GRIMNESS: amount of disapproval concerning jokes
             about the group, its doctrine, or
             leader(s).                               14.____________

                             * end *