Consecrating Other Working Tools
                        (except a sword or athame)

   Place tool on pentacle, and lay right hand(s) on it, saying:

        "Aradia and Cernunnos, deign to bless and to consecrate this
        White-Hilted knife (or whatever) that it may obtain the necessary
        virtue through you for all acts of love and beauty."

   Magus sprinkles, Witch censes. Then say:

        "Aradia and Cernunnos, bless this instrument prepared in your honour."
        (if Scourge or Cords, add "...  that it may serve for a good cause and 
        end and for your glory.")

   Again Magus sprinkles and Witch censes. (Hand tool to new owner as you 
would a sword or athame, with a Fivefold Salute.)

   All these weapons should be presented to the new owner with Salute.  If 
a Witch Queen, the downward pointing triangle as in the first Degree 
Initiation. (I rephrased the previous sentence, as the Farrar's version 
is untypeable.  --Sekhet) End ceremony with Fivefold Salute. The new owner 
should immediately use the new instruments, i.e. form Circle with Sword, 
then Athame, incise something with White-Handled knife, exhibit Pentacle to 
Four Quarters, cense to Four Quarters, use Cords and Scourge; and should 
continue to use all of them in a Circle as often as possible, for some 

   To mark out a new Circle, stick sword or athame in ground, make a loop in 
cord, and slip over; then, using cord, mark out a circle, and later mark it 
with point of sword or athame. Always renew the Circle with sword or athame 
when about to use, but have it marked so that you always retrace it in same 
place. Remember the Circle is a protection, a guard against evil influences, 
and to prevent power created from dispersing; but the Witch, not being evil, 
may enter and leave freely. But in Art Magic, it is a barrier against forces 
raised, and when once in the Magus may not leave without great danger. If any 
great danger is manifested it would be advisable to take refuge in the Circle; 
but ordinarily sword or athame in hand is perfect protection against anything. 
Those who make these tools must be purified, clean and properly prepared. When 
not in use, all tools and weapons should be put away in a secret place; and it 
is good that this should be near your sleeping place, and that you handle them 
each night before retiring.
-published in Janet and Stewart Farrar's "The Witches' Way"
-They say it comes from GBG's BOS (Text B/C)
-They say GBG's original (text A) may be found in "The Key of Solomon"
 and in "High Magic's Aid".