Ritual of Candlemas

        The HPS, carrying the Wand, leads the coveners with a dance step to 
        the chosen site.
        The Volta Dance follows: in other words, lively dancing in couples.
        HPS casts the Circle in the usual way.
        HP then enters the Circle, with a Sword in his right hand
        and a Wand in his left. He lays these on the altar.
        HP now salutes the HPS with the Fivefold Kiss.
        She says 'Blessed be' and gives him the Fivefold Kiss in return.

        HP assumes the god position before the altar as the HPS invokes:

        HPS: "Dread Lord of Death and Resurrection,
              Of Life, and the Giver of Life;
              Lord within ourselves, whose name is Mystery of Mysteries;
              Encourage our hearts,
              Let the Light crystallize itself in our blood,
              Fulfilling us of resurrection;
              For there is no part of us that is not of the Gods.
              Descend, we pray thee, upon thy servant and priest."

        Any initiations to be done are done at this point.

        The ceremony of Cakes and Wine follows.

        The Great Rite is done if at all possible.

        Feasting, dancing and games follow the closing of the ritual.


        -From Stewart Farrar "What Witches Do"; he derived it from 
         Alex Sanders' BOS.