Of Calls

    Of old there were many chants and songs used, especially in the dances. 
    Many of these have been forgotten by us here; but we know they used 
    cries of IAU, HAU, which seems much like the cry of the ancients: EVO 
    or EAVOE. Much dependeth upon the pronunciation if this be so. In my 
    youth when I heard the cry IAU it seemed to me to be AEIOU, or rather 
    HAAEE IOOUU or AA EE IOOOOUU. This may be but the way to prolong it to 
    make it fit for a call; but it suggests that these may be the initials 
    of an invocation, as AGLA used to be. And of sooth the whole Hebrew 
    Alphabet is said to be such and for this reason is recited as a most 
    powerful charm. At least this is certain, these cries during the dances 
    do have a powerful effect, as I myself have seen.  

    Other calls are: IEHOUA and EHEIE. Also HO HO HO ISE ISE ISE.  
    IEO VEO VEO VEO VEOV OROV OV OVOVO may be a spell, but it is more 
    likely to be a call. 'Tis like the EVOE EVOE of the Greeks and the 
    "Heave Ho !" of sailors.  "Emen hetan" and "Ab hur, ab hus" seem calls; 
    as "Horse and hattock, horse and go ! Horse and pellatis, ho, ho, ho !" 

    "Thout, tout a tout tout, throughout and about" and "Rentum tormentum" 
    are probably mispronounced attempts at a forgotten formula, though they 
    may have been invented by some unfortunate being tortured, to evade 
    telling the real formula.  
    -Published in Janet & Stewart Farrar's "The Witches' Way", from GBG's 
     Text B/C BOS.