Invocation to the Horned God

        "By the flame that burneth bright,
        O Horned One !
        We call thy name into the night,
        O Ancient One !
        Thee we invoke by the Moon-led sea,
        By the standing stone and the twisted tree.
        Thee we invoke, where gather Thine own.
        By the nameless shore, forgotten and lone.
        Come where the round of the dance is trod,
        Horn and Hoof of the Goat Foot God !
        By moonlit meadow, on dusky hill,
        Where the haunted wood is hushed and still,
        Come to the charm of the chanted prayer,
        As the Moon bewitches the midnight air.
        Evoke thy powers that potent bide
        In shining stream and the secret tide,
        In fiery flame by starlight pale,
        In shadowy host that rides the gale.
        And by the ferndrakes, faerie haunted,
        Of forests wild and woods enchanted.
        Come, O Come !
        To the heartbeat's drum !
        Come to us who gather below,
        When the broad white Moon is climbing slow.
        Through the stars to the heavens' height,
        We hear thy hoofs on the wind of night !
        As black tree branches shake and sigh,
        By joy and terror we know thee nigh.
        We speak the spell thy power unlocks,
        At Solstice Sabbath and Equinox !"

-Published sources include:
       -Doreen Valiente "Witchcraft For Tomorrow". Her version continues 
        beyond the part given here. I believe she says that she wrote 
        everything in this book, but I'm not sure.
       -"Grimoire of Lady Sheba" (This is her version.)