*** Marks especially good books. Read these FIRST!! All are
available through interlibrary loan. Generally anything by
Farrar, Valiente, Starhawk, Buckland, or Gardner is excellent.
Beware of the paperback books put out in the late 60's-early
70's. While there is some useful information in some of them such
as excellent tables of correspondence, most of them are full of
garbage, misinformation, garbled bits of ceremonial magick,
folklore, and wishful thinking. Many of them have some very
negative things. Watch out for Paul Huson. some of his stuff is
excellent, some is not. Keep in mind, this is simply a listing of
the books that we have found useful, or that friends have
suggested were useful to them.  Question everything.  

A.E.(GEORGE RUSSELL); "The Candle of Vision", Quest Books,
Theosophical Pub. 1975

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the U.S.A." 1987

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any others by this author are very good) ***

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1988 ***

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