Attainment through Magic
                     "Evoking the Higher Self"

                        by: William G. Gray

For the Ceremonial Magician in all of us.  This book can be a step-by-step 
system to find the inner self.  This book is also for the serious magical 
student who likes a structured path of learning.  This book has carefully 
explained instructions and illustrations for the self-seeker. 

William G. Gray painstakingly constructed this systematic theory to help 
others find a path they could follow.  This is an authorative guide book 
on creating a magical cosmos. 

Learn how to create a circle of living energy around you. Learn how to 
find your Magical Name.  Learn how to grow a metaphysical Tree of Life, 
and much more.  This is a advantageous book of magical learning for all. 


                        Planetary Magic
                 "The Heart of Western Magic"
                    by:  Denning & Phillips

"Planetary Magic" is a very educational and well written book on the 
essentials of planetary magic.  It gives you focal points on the Planets, 
Qubalah, the Archetypes and their planetary counterparts.  

This book also gives you planetary characters such as: the origins of 
the correspondences, the planetary character, and the magical character. 
Also covered is stimulating the deep mind and the planetary matrix of 
"the correspondences and creativity."  The times of power within the 
matrix and how it works is also included as well as insights on your place 
of Magical workings, what Equipment to use, the color changes, which Incense, 
what Power is to be raised, the Rites of Preparation needed, and contacting 
the deep powers of the psyche.

This is a well recommended teaching book for all. It reaches from the Earth 
to the Spirit.

P.S. This book was well enjoyed by the reviewer.