This bibliography is the one that was used by Fred Yoder and 
Moonbear in our class on neo-Paganism and Witchcraft in November 
of '87.  Many people have contributed to this bibliography but we 
would especially like to thank our dear friend Mike Mahoney,  the 
folks from Earth-Rite and from Thelema Net.

                          OUR TOP FIVE

"Drawing Down the Moon:  Witches, Druids, Goddess Worshippers, and 
       Other  Pagans in America Today" - by Margot Adler.  Beacon 
       Press, Boston, revised ed. 1986 

"Spiral  Dance:  A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of  the  Great 
       Goddess" - by Starhawk. San Francisco, Harper & Row 1979

"Positive  Magic"  - by  Marion  Weinstein.  Phoenix  Publishing, 
       Custer Wa. revised ed. 1981 

"Real Magic" - P.E.I.  Bonewits. Creative Arts Book Co., Berkeley, 
       Ca., 1979  

"The  Complete Book of Witchcraft" - Raymond Buckland.  Llewellyn 
       Publications, St. Paul, Mn. 1986 

                      GODDESS and RELIGION

1. "When God Was a Woman" - Merlin Stone
2. "Holy Book of Women's Mysteries" (vol. 1 & 2) - Z. Budapest
3. "Mother Wit" - Diane Mariechild
4. "The Great Cosmic Mother" - Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor
5. "Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood" (vol 1 & 2) - Merlin Stone
6.  "The  Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets" - Barbara  G. 
7. "The Great Mother" - Erich Neumann
8. "The Book of Goddesses and Heroines" - Patricia Monaghan
9.  "God  Herself:  The Feminine Roots of Astrology"  - Geraldine 

                      OUR BEST of THE REST
                   (Subject to personal whim)
1. "Earth Power" - Scott Cunningham
2. "The Tree - The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft" - Raymond
3. "Earth Magic - A Dianic Book of Shadows" - Marion Weinstein
4. "The Witches Speak" - Patricia and Arnold Crowther
5. "A Book of Pagan Rituals" - Herman Slater (ed.)
6. "Magical Herbalism" - Scott Cunningham
7. "Master Book of Herbalism" - Paul Beryl
8. "Eight Sabbats for Witches" and "Rituals" - Janet and Stewart 
9. "The  Way  of  the Shaman:  A Guide to Power and  Healing"  - 
          Michael Harner
10.  "Jambalaya,  The Natural Woman's Book of Personal Charms and 
          Practical Rituals" - Luisah Teish
11. "The Witches' Qabala" - Ellen Cannon Reed
12. "Futhark" - Edred Thorsson
13. "Goddeses  and  Gods of Ancient Europe,  6500 - 3500 BC."  - 
          Marija Gimbutos


1. "Witchcraft Today" and "The Meaning of Witchcraft"- Gerald B. 
2. "Dreaming the Dark: Magic, Sex, and Politics" - Starhawk
3. "Magical Rites from the Crystal Well" - Ed Fitch
4. "The  Witch  Cult  in Western Europe" and "The  God  of  the 
          Witches" - Margaret Murray
5. "Witches" - Erica Jong
6. "Celtic Heritage" - Alwyn and Brinley Rees
7. "The Politics of Women's Spirituality:  Essays on the Rise of 
    Spiritual Power  Within the Feminist Movement"  - (ed.) 
          Charlene Spretnak
8. "Prince of Annwn","Children of Llyr","Song of  Rhiannon","The 
    Island of the Mighty" - Evangeline Walton (One of the better 
          retellings of the Welsh Mabinogi)
9. "The White Goddess" - Robert Graves
10. "The First Sex" - Elizabeth Gould Davis
11. "The Norse Myths" - Kevin Crossley-Holland
12. "The Way of Wyrd" - Brian Bates
13. "The Mists of Avalon" - Marion Zimmer Bradley

                         ARTS and CRAFTS

1. "The Complete Crystal Guidebook" - Uma Silbey
2. "Fortune-Telling by Runes" - David and Julia Line
3. "I-Ching: The Book of Changes" - tran. James Legge
4. "The Crone's Book of Words" - Valerie Worth
5.  "Spiritual  Cleansing:  A Handbook of Psychic Protection"  - 
       Draja Mickaharic

                    CONTACTS for FURTHER INFO
      When contacting these groups please include S.A.S.E.

1. The Aquarian Tabernacle Church  
       The Center for Non-traditional Religion  
       publishes PANEGYRIA
       P.O. Box 85507
       Seattle,Washington 98145

2. CENTER for SHAMANIC STUDIES  founded by Michael Harner
       Workshops on shamanic training
        P.O. Box 673, Beldon Station 
        Norwalk, CT 06852

       Publishes "Circle Network News" and "Circle Guide to Pagan 
       Resources"   as  well  as  coordinating  several   contact 
       networks for the entire Pagan community.
        P.O. Box 219
        Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

4. COVENANT of the GODDESS (a multitraditional federation)  
        Nationwide  organization  of  covens  and  solitaries  of 
        various  traditons sharing in the worship of the  Goddess 
        and  the  old Gods and subscribing to a  common  code  of 
         P.O. Box 1226
         Berkeley, CA. 94704

        Educating  both  men and women about psychic  development 
        and feminist Witchcraft.  
         2441 Cordova St.
         Oakland, CA 94602
        Currently   involved  in  networking,   publishing   "The 
        Vigil" and "Moonkind". 
         P.O. Box 31250
         Omaha, NE 68132

        Organization  of  networking,  information  exchange  and 
        mutual support among Pagans who have children. 
         c/o Belinda
         P.O. Box 423-P  
         Bay Shore, NY 11706

        Publishes  "Of  A Like Mind"  newsletter  and  networking 
        forum for womyn's spirituality.
         P.O. Box 6021
         Madison, WI 53716
                    NEWSLETTERS AND MAGAZINES 

1. ARACHNE - pub.  by Matriarchy Research and Reclaim Network, a 
       network of women exploring spirituality and doing research.
       ARACHNE,  c/o A Woman's Place,  Hungerford House, Victoria 
       Embankment, London WC2 England.
2.  THE  BARD - A hereditary Welsh journal of Celtic religion.  A 
       family based journal.  Published four times a year $9/yr., 
       $3.50 for sample copy. Checks payable to: R.A. DeVowe 
       THE BARD, Annwn Temple of Gwynfyd, 5102 N. 16th Dr.,Lot #3,
       Phoenix, AZ 85015.

3. BROTHERSONG - A journal for brothers of the earth. A bi-yearly        
       journal,  pub.  by  Brothrs of the Earth,  an organization 
       open to males of all ages,  cultures,  and sexual orienta
       tions  who  are interested in exploring a  positive  male, 
       earth centered, and life-affirming spirituality.  
       BROTHERSONG - 2 issues and six bulletins/$20/year
       Brothers  of the Earth,P.O.  Box  13158,  Minneapolis,  MN 
4.  CAER RHIANNON - Networking, training, and support. One person 
       involved  with  Caer Rhiannon is  author  Ed  Fitch.  Four 
       issues a year. $6/year, Checks payable to Jo Ann Adams.
       CAER RHIANNON, P.O. Box 5261, Riverside, California 92517
5.  THE  CAULDRON  - "An  independent pagan journal  of  the  old 
       religion",  tries  to  present  a  broad  range  of  pagan 
       thought. Pub. four times a year. $6/year U.S.(bills only)
       THE  CAULDRON  - c/o  M.A.  Howard, 4 Llysonnen  Cottages, 
       Llysonen Road,  Carmarthen, Dyfed, SA 33 5ED Wales, United 

6.  CHILDREN OF THE EARTH - A newsletter by, for, and about Pagan 
       families. Subs. $5 for four issues.
       CHILDREN of the EARTH, P.O.Box 116, Berkeley Springs,W.Va. 

7.  CIRCLE NETWORK NEWS - One of the largest and best known Pagan 
       newspapers, emphasising Wicca, shamanism, Goddess worship, 
       positive  magic,   and  related  Pantheistic  ways.   Pub. 
       quarterly,  $9/yr  bulk mail,  $13/yr first class.  $3 for 
       sample copy.
       CIRCLE NETWORK NEWS, P.O.Box 219, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

8.  CONVERGING  PATHS - A newsletter focusing on the  traditional 
       ways  of Wicca,  its roots,  and current directions.  Pub. 
       four times a year. $13/yr
       CONVERGING PATHS, P.O.Box 63, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

9.  THE  DRUIDS PROGRESS - Ed.  by P.E.I.  Bonewits.  Journal  is 
       opinionated, intelectual, and fascinating. $20/yr for four 
       issues. Checks payable to P.E.I. Bonewits.
       THE DRUIDS PROGERESS, P.O. Box 9398, Berkeley, CA 94709

10.  GANYMEDE  - The  newsletteer  of the  Tayu  Center  for  Gay 
       Spirituality   Pub  four  times  a  year,  Free  to  those 
       requesting it. 
       GANYMEDE,  c/o Tayu Center,  P.O.Box 11554, Santa Rosa, CA 

11.  GODDESS RISING - A journal of Womyn's Spirituality. Focus on 
       Dianic  Wicce,  ritual,  and healing.  $5 a year for  four 
       issues, free to womyn in jail or who cannot pay.
       GODDESS RISING, 4006 First Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105

12.  HERESIES  - A  Feminist  publication  on  art,  and  politics. 
       $15 for four issues.
       HERESIES, 1306 Canal St. Station, New York, NY 10013-0867

13.   INNER   KELTIA   - "The  leading  journal  of  the   Keltic 
       renaissance" Articles,  poetry, history, rituals and other 
       related topics. Each issue is $6 U.S.
       INNER KELTIA,  Kaer Eidyn, 8 Annandale St., Edinburgh, EH7 
       4AN, Alban (Scotland)

14.  KINDRED SPIRITS QUARTERLY - An optomistic journal for Pagans 
       and  all  good  friends  of  Mother  Earth.  Published  in 
       Australia.  Subs are $6 a year U.S. for four issues.$2 for 
       sample issue.
       KINDRED  SPIRITS QUARTERLY,  P.O.Box 101 Bega,  New  South 
       Wales, 2550, Australia

15.   THE LITTLEST UNICORN - A Pagan journal devoted to children, 
       their parents,  and the child within each of us. Published 
       8 times a year, subs. $7/yr. 
       THE  LITTLEST UNICORN,  c/o The Rowan Tree,  P.O.Box 8814, 
       Minneapolis, Minn. 55408

16.   OF A LIKE MIND - A quarterly newspaper for spiritual womyn. 
       It  has  the  best feminist  spirituality  listings  found 
       anywhere.   Subscriptions:   sliding   scale;   $13/Nymph, 
       $21/Maiden, $33/Crone. Sample copy $3.
       OF A LIKE MIND, P.O.Box 6021, Madison, WI 53716

17.   PANEGYRIA  - Articles,   new,   letters,  legal  reports, 
       contacts,  reviews,  and  debate.  $8/yr for eight issues. 
       Sample copy free on request        
       PANEGYRIA P.O.Box 85507, Seattle, WA 98145

18.    PIPES  OF  P.A.N.  - Published  by Pagans  Against  Nukes. 
       Activist  orgainization  dedicated to  the  banishment  of 
       nuclear  technology  from  our  Earth.   A  political  and 
       spiritual  synthesis.  L7/yr for four issues international 
       money order or Sterling draft only.
       PIPES OF  P.A.N.,  "Blaenberem",  Mynyddcerrig,  Llanelli, 
       Dyfed, Cymru (Wales), SA15 5BL

19.    THE  PICTISH SHAMAN - "A periodical journal devoted to the 
       Druidical  Shamanistic techniques of the Picts."  Includes 
       poetry,  tree lore,  symbolism,  Celtic meditation methods 
       and more. $6 an issue.
       THE  PICTISH  SHAMAN,  Kear  Eidyn,  8  Annandale  Street, 
       Edinburgh, EH7 4AN, Alban (Scotland)

20.   SHAMAN'S  DRUM  - "A journal of  Experiential  Shamanism". 
       Published   by  the  Cross-Cultural   Shamanism   Network. 
       Dedicated   to  promoting  understanding  between  various 
       healing traditions, disciplines, and people. $15/yr U.S.
       SHAMAN'S DRUM, P.O.Box 2636, Berkeley, CA 94702

21.   THUNDERBOW - A National forum for Craft-Practitioner idea-
       exchange and interface between Craft and non-Craft persons 
       having common interest or concerns. Subscriptions $6/yr.
       THUNDERBOW,  Church  of Seven Arrows,  4385 Hoyt Street  # 
       201, Wheatridge, CO 80033

22.   THE  VIGIL - published for the purpose of "preserving  the 
       balance  of  nature  in  ourselves  and  our  environs  to 
       encourage and strengthen the common bond between all Earth 
       religions." Subscriptions $8.50/yr.
       THE VIGIL, The Oaken Door, P.O.Box 31250, Omaha, NE 68132

23.   THE  WISE WOMAN - A national quarterly journal of feminist 
       issues,  feminist spirituality,  Witchcraft,  and  Goddess 
       lore.  Articles, news, Pagan art and poetry, inspirational 
       women in the past and interviews. $6/yr $2 for sample.
       THE WISE WOMAN, 2441 Cordova Street, Oakland, CA 94602

24.   WOOD  AND WATER - "A Goddess inclined Eco-Pagan magazine". 
       Mythology, legends, folklore, poetry, art, and news. L6/yr 
       airmail equivalent cash only,  for four issues, sample 85p 
       WOOD AND WATER, 4 High Tor Close, Babbacombe Road, Bromley 
       BR1 3LQ, Kent, England, UK

25.   THE LANTERN'S LIGHT - a midwest journal written for and by 
       Pagans  including  news,   articles,  poetry  and  ritual. 
       Subscriptions $18/yr for eight issues.
       THE LANTERN'S LIGHT, c/o The Magick Lantern, 1715 Westport        
       Road, Kansas City, MO 64111

26.   THE  FAERIES LAMP - A new publication produced jointly  by 
       Kansas  City's  "Council of the Southwind" and The  Magick 
       Lantern.  Published 8 times a year. For subscription rates 
       and  further  info  contact Mike Nichols, c/o  The  Magick 
       Lantern, 1715 Westport Rd., Kansas City, Mo. 64111

27.   GREEN  EGG  - 4  Quarterly issues at $12.  Return  of  the 
       famous  and  infamous  Green Egg journal one  of  the  top 
       newsletters  in  the  field,  highly  reccomended.  Checks 
       payable   to  GREEN  EGG.   Mail  to:GREEN  EGG  c/o  CAW,        
       P.O.Box 1542, Ukiah, CA 95482