The ritual of Beltane

        Two white candles are on the altar with a wreath of spring flowers.
        Quarter candles are green.

HPS leads the coven, riding poles if possible, about the Covenstead with
a quick, trotting step, singing:

All:    "O do not tell the priests of our Art,
        For they would call it sin;
        But we will be in the woods all night,
        A-conjuring summer in.
        And we bring you good news by word of mouth,
        For woman, cattle and corn,
        For the sun is coming up from the south
        With oak and ash and thorn."

A ring dance follows after which the High Priestess casts the Circle.
High Priest draws down the Moon upon the High Priestess.
All are purified in sacrifice before Her.
She then purifies the High Priest at her own hands.
All partake of Cakes and Wine followed by feasting and dancing and singing
and the Great Rite, if at all possible, in token or truly.

-Derived from Stewart Farrar's "What Witches Do", based on Alex Sanders' BOS
-Some parts expanded based on "The Grimoire of Lady Sheba" where Farrar is 
 unclear. (He rarely gives the actual BOS text, whereas she always does, 
 but from a slightly different BOS.)