"Five to Ten Year Fight" Predicted
	  The Brigham Town Board and the Iowa County Zoning Commission
     both voted unanimously to extend a church permit, and a church
     zoning variance, to Circle Sanctuary.  Circle is celebrating with
     a series of private dedication rituals (both personal and for the
     land) from Friday 29 January through Tuesday 3 February.  Selena
     Fox claims that hers is the first Wiccan Church (to her
     knowledge) ever to be granted a church permit after such lengthy
     public, government, and press scrutiny.
	  Unfortunately, the harrassment of "The Witches of Barneveld"
     (as some of the town-folk call them) is continuing, and could
     take up to five years or more to finally resolve.  The Brigham
     Zoning Commissioner, with the support of the Town Board, has
     reportedly filed a complaint alleging that Circle Sanctuary is in
     violation of their church zoning.  At the heart of the complaint
     (which has not yet been forwarded to Circle or to the ACLU) is a
     claim by the Zoning Commissioner that Circle's national
     networking efforts and living quarters for non-family assistants
     exceeds permissible activities for a "local parish" and would
     require an "office" classification.
	  The American Civil Liberties Union will continue to provide
     legal assistance to Circle Sanctuary in resolving this matter, so
     the worst of the legal fees are over (however, contributions to
     the ACLU are certainly not un-called-for).  Press coverage has
     almost without exception been favorable.  However, the outcome in
     uncertain and there are hints that even if Circle wins this
     round, the Town Board has other forms of harrassment in mind.
	  Pagans and magical folks should NOT send letters or
     petitions to any of the principles in this case, Selena Fox
     insisted, as the she feels (and the ACLU concurs) that outside
     political pressure on local politicians is the worst possible
     thing that could happen to this case.  If you have in mind some
     way to help Circle with these matters, please send a letter to
     Circle Sanctuary, Box 219, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin 53572, USA, so
     that it can be discussed first with their lawyers.
	  Selena Fox expressed her thanks to all of the "wonderful
     folks" who have beamed supporting energy to the Sanctuary, and
     claims that without that magickal support, they could never have
     survived the grueling negotiations and legal and political
     battles.  She asked that all magical folks who care about
     religious freedom please continue to send magickal support,
     especially (if possible) as a part of the upcoming Imbolc
     celebrations. (If a precise time is desired, Circle will be
     holding a special dedication ceremony and energy-raising session
     for the upcoming fight starting at approximately 1:00 PM Central
     Time on Sunday, February 2nd.)
	  One unfortunate consequence of this fight has been that
     Circle has not had time or energy for their regular fund-raising
     efforts, so financial support will be welcomed.
		    Secretarial Opening at the Sanctuary
	  Circle has an urgent need to fill an upcoming vacancy on the
     staff, especially as correspondence related to the zoning fight
     and other Pagan Rights cases snowballs.  Any Pagan or person on a
     Pagan-oriented path with good typing and secretarial skills who
     is interested should apply immediately.  Send a resume and a
     letter explaining why you are interested in the position to
     Circle Sanctuary at Box 219, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572.  Due to space
     problems and issues related to the zoning fight, no one with pets
     or dependents will be considered (sorry!).  For more information,
     please call the Sanctuary at (608) 924-2216 on a Tuesday or
     Thursday between 1:00 and 4:00 PM Central Time.
	       Planning for 1988 Pagan Spirit Gathering Begun
	  Contrary to some rumors which have been distributed by
     unknown parties, there =will= be a 1988 International Pagan
     Spirit Gathering.  It is scheduled for June 21-26, at the same
     location where it has been held for the past several years,
     approximately one hour's drive from Madison, Wisconsin.  If you
     wish to lead a workshop or a ritual at this year's PSG, please
     try to have your proposals in to Circle Sanctuary at Box 219, Mt.
     Horeb, WI 53572 by March 1st.
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