To Those who are interested in the Wiccan

The Four Airts is a Gaelic term for the
four points ofthe compass, north, south,
east and west.  The magick circle usually
has a candle or lamp at each of the four
quarters (N,S,E and W) and the Four Airts
are connected to the Four Elements.

The _true_ relationship of the Elements to
the four Airts is dependant on the prevailing
winds where the circle is cast. In example,
my circle is cast in Portland, Oregon. The
West wind comes right off the Pacific and
is the source of water.  Very much like the
Britain or Western magickal tradition the
Northern wind comes down from the Arctic
cold front and is easily associated with the
cold dark Element of Earth.  Unlike Western
magickal tradition, for my local, the warm
and hot winds come down the Columbia Gorge
from the aired high plain deserts further
east--the Airts of fire.  The South wind is
cool and dry thus the nature of the Element
of air.  In other localities this may be
quite different; so the truly talented
magician, unlike one who simply has read up
on the subject, will note the nature of the
prevailing winds and invoke the Elements

The Gaelic Airts had a traditional
association with colors attributed to
them. The east took the crimson of dawn;
the south the white light of high noon;
west the brownish-grey of twilight; and
the north the black of midnight. Again,
it will depend on your locality and
personal observance; for me crimson goes
to the magnificent Pacific sunsets
(especially spectacular in the fall) in
the west; to the east, the land of the
rising sun goes the blue-white/gray color
of dawn the dawn.

It is notable that the magickal ideas of
dancing or circumambulating _deaseil_ or
_tuathal_ are connected with the Four
Airts. _Deaseil_, or sunwise (turning
right-handed), is fortunate, and a
movement of blessing; but _tuathal_, or
widdershins (turning left-handed) is
generally the movement of advirse magick
and cursing.  These names come from the
Scot Gaelic words for the four cardinal
points; _tuath_, north; _aiet_, east;
_deas_, south; and _iar_, west. _Airt_
(east) is the starting point of invocations;
so deas is for the good and tuath is for
the sinister side of magick.