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	  UFO/ETI SUBJECT: A Brief Summary
		by Steven M. Greer, M.D. 
		    Copyright 1995

National security implications of the UFO/ETI subject
are profound and far-reaching, albeit currently 

These implications may be considered in separate but 
related aspects: those intrinsic to extraterrestrial 
activity and those arising from current covert 
management of the issue.

Historical Background:

Early national security considerations dealt with 
concern over public panic arising from the detection 
of near-earth and earth-landed extraterrestrial 
spacecraft (ETS), and from the technological 
implications of advanced extraterrestrial material as
it may impact the arms race and Cold War.  Additional
concerns were related to the impact on religious 
belief systems, the political order and economic 

Importantly, once actual ETS were retrieved in 1947, 
thereby allowing extraterrestrial hardware to be 
studied and back-engineered for possible human 
military applications, the need for complete secrecy
regarding the matter was deemed paramount by
authorities at that time.  Given the tensions of the
early atomic era and the mounting "Cold War" with 
the USSR, it is understandable that the introduction
of extraterrestrial technology was thought to be 
destabilizing to an already dangerous situation.
Moreover, given the history of technological secrets
related to atomic and hydrogen weapons being stolen by
agents of the USSR, there was understandable concern 
that any technological breakthrough related to 
extraterrestrial technology might find its way into 
Soviet hands.  If such an event enabled the USSR to 
produce actual military applications before the US, 
obviously this would have placed the US military 
capability in a potentially catastrophic disadvantage.

Since the 1970's, we have reason to believe that a 
degree of cooperation on this matter has evolved with
the USSR and the US and perhaps other nations.  
Certainly the end of the Cold War has largely removed 
earlier concerns vis a vis technological breakthroughs
and the fear of Soviet aggression.

Moreover, the psychological reasons for secrecy related 
to public panic are not valid today.  At least 57% of 
the population accept that UFOs are real and are of
extraterrestrial origin. And 30-40 years of space
exploration by human society has prepared the population
for the possible existence of other extraterrestrial
civilizations capable of space travel. In short, the
previous concerns motivating secrecy are not relevant

Intrinsically, there is no reason to believe that the
extraterrestrial presence pose a threat to the national
or world security. If hostility and aggression were 
related to their purpose here, it is likely that events 
congruent with hostility would have transpired long before
now. It is our assessment that the extraterrestrials are
not hostile, but are very concerned with human capability 
related to warfare and the militarization of space. 
Activity by extraterrestrial assets related to the 
neutralization of ICBM facilities and to containing
military-oriented space exploration should be understood
in light of their concern over a known history of human 
aggression which has been coupled with the advent of 
weapons of mass destruction and space exploration.  
Indeed, given the past history of human military assets 
focusing on and pursuing extraterrestrial spacecraft, we 
believe the extraterrestrials have responded with 
remarkable restraint.

Ironically, the threat to national security exists 
not with the extraterrestrial presence, but the current 
covert management of the subject. In the absence of 
extra-terrestrial hostility over 50 years, current 
secrecy cannot be justified on the basis of fear of 
extraterrestrial aggression. A disclosure related to 
the extraterrestrial presence, if calmly and rationally 
presented, will not cause panic in the USA or elsewhere.
1995 is not 1945, and world society has evolved to the 
point where this information can be assimilated in a 
positive fashion.

In contrast, the covert and apparently extra-
constitutional management of this matter is a real 
threat to national and world security, and undermines
constitutional freedom and democracy.  Unless it is
terminated, this covert management will greatly harm
US national security and the chances of a lasting 
world peace. 


It is our assessment that the current covert management 
of this issue involves the following elements which are 
a direct, immediate and ongoing threat to the national 

1.	The continued denial of the extraterrestrial 
presence creates a situation where a sudden, undeniable
public extraterrestrial event could induce panic, since
proactive disclosure efforts which could ameliorate 
public fears are non-existent.  It is likely that such 
a public extraterrestrial event will transpire within 
the next 2-10 years or sooner.  Therefore, secrecy and 
denial are a real threat to national and world security. 

2.	The current covert management of this issue 
appears to be operating independently and outside of the
constitutional chain of command. The group controlling
these operations, which involves reconnaissance, extra-
terrestrial technology back-engineering, and space-based
targeting of ETS (among others) is non-responsive to 
congressional or Executive Branch oversight and control.
This constitutes a real and grave threat to national
security and to constitutional democracy and freedom.

3.	We have credible, first-hand sources who insist
that extraterrestrial spacecraft have been targeted by
human covert space weapons and on at least two occasions
have been destroyed. If true, the risks to world peace
and security are real and imminent, and the continuation
of these covert activities constitute the gravest dangers
to national and world security.  Hostile actions taken by 
human covert assets against extraterrestrial assets 
constitute a grave and immediate threat to the national 
security.  A relatively small, covert entity, acting
without consultation with the United Nations, the Congress,
the President of the United States, or the public is 
engaging in actions on behalf of all humans which endanger
the earth and world peace.  Unless controlled, these 
actions could precipitate interplanetary conflict and a
disaster for the world generally and the United States
specifically. This covert management must be terminated 
and control of this issue returned to constitutional
authority and to public domain.

4.	The concentration of the technological advances
related to the back-engineering of extraterrestrial 
technology into the hands of a small covert operation 
constitutes a grave and immediate threat to the national 
security, to world security, and to the future of the 
earth.  These extraterrestrial technologies, which have
been the object of covert research and development for 
over 45 years, are potentially of great benefit to 
humanity if used wisely for peaceful purposes, but are 
of immense danger when concentrated into a small covert 
operation which is unresponsive to the public or the 
legal and constitutional chain of command.  The threat 
this poses to the US and world security is great, and
the longer this situation continues, the greater the 
concentration of advanced technological power in the 
hands of a relative few.  The secret control of such 
powerful technologies is inherently a threat to freedom,
democracy, and to our nation and the world.  Its 
utilization for covert agendas outside constitutional
control represents a grave danger to the US and must be
restrained and reversed.

5.	Importantly, secrecy and covert operatives per
se constitute a real threat to the national security,
since national security in a constitutional democracy
can only be legitimately related to freedom and 
democratic government.  Only in very rare and well-
justified circumstances can extreme secrecy and covert
operations exist, since by nature freedom and democracy
cannot coexist with unrestrained secrecy and secret
power.  The profound implications of the detection of
extraterrestrial civilizations cannot be allowed to
be the exclusive domain of covert operations which are 
unrelated to public discourse and consultation.  To do 
so is to undermine the US Constitution, democracy and 
freedom, and this constitutes a real and grave threat 
to national security.

6.	Finally, exclusive covert control of this 
matter has resulted and continues to result in the 
loss of opportunity for the world to come to terms 
with the extraterrestrial presence in a peaceful and 
mutually beneficial fashion.  This means that the people 
of the world, the United Nations and other international
and national institutions are deprived of the opportunity
to deal rationally with this issue.  National and world
security are therefore negatively impacted by the loss 
of opportunities in the following areas:

	>  The environment, which is seriously at risk
for large-scale collapse over the next 100 years, would 
be profoundly improved if extraterrestrial technologies 
could be peacefully deployed.  So-called zero point or 
free energy systems, which are non-polluting, would 
permit a sustainable technological civilization to exist 
on earth and would transform the earth environmentally 
and economically.  Establishing peaceful and mutually 
beneficial relations with extraterrestrial civilizations
would eventually permit us to understand and apply such

	>  World unity and peace will be enhanced by the 
global realization that we are not alone in the universe.
The acknowledgement of this fact will enhance the awareness
that we are really one people living on the shared homeland
of earth, and many of the conflicts currently afflicting
the earth will be seen in a new perspective.  This can be 
achieved without either deifying or demonizing the
extraterrestrial presence, but rather placing it in a fair,
scientific, and neutral light. Eventually, world peace and
a significant enhancement in the current geopolitical 
situation may result from the disclosure that we are not 
alone.  An international infrastructure, and institutions
capable of dealing peacefully with relations with extra-
terrestrial civilizations would, of necessity, evolve, and
this in turn would strengthen world unity and cooperation.

	>  World culture, ideas, science and many other
diverse areas may benefit through the development of 
peaceful relations with other worlds.  While this process 
may take decades, if not centuries, its delay only puts 
off the time when the people of the earth will be united 
not only globally, but with other planetary civilizations 
as well.

In summary, it is imperative to the national security that 
the President and Congress undertake measures to terminate 
the secret, covert management of the UFO/ETI subject.  
Failure to place this matter in open, public discourse and
control constitutes the gravest failure of democracy and 
government in the history of the world.  That we do this
is a test of our faith in democracy and our faith in the 
people.  As the 21st century approaches, we must roll up 
the cancerous excesses of secrecy which are the legacy of 
the Cold War and unfurl a new era wherein democracy is 
reaffirmed and a lasting world peace is given a chance.

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