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FIRE FROM THE SKY: Battle of Harvest Moon & True Story of Space Shuttles

by "One Who Knows"



Based on that ONE Space Shuttle flight, we were then being told on all
sides that we were once again on top in space. We were told that now we
were five to ten years ahead of those poor, stupid Russians.

The Shuttle which we all saw land at Edwards Air Force Base in California
was the training Shuttle *Enterprise.* I had simply been relabeled with the
name "Columbia" on the side. When the Shuttle landed in California April
14, we were initially told that it would be flown immediately back to
Florida, but as the days went by, the Shuttle just stayed in California.
NASA created one excuse after another to explain away the delays to the

Meanwhile, frantic meetings were going on, involving key, joint military
and NASA personnel. Things had not gone according to plan, and they were
not sure what to do next. One faction insisted that NASA should go ahead
according to the original plan. That plan called for a switch in Shuttles
between California and Florida. On Day One a modified "747" would take off
from Edwards Air Force Base, California, with the Shuttle *Enterprise*
riding piggyback. News cameras would be on hand to record the take-off. The
*Enterprise* would then be flown to its home base at White Sands, New
Mexico. Meanwhile the public would be told that the "747" with the Shuttle
had made an overnight stopover. Then on Day Two another modified "747"
carrying a different Shuttle, would take off from White Sands and fly to

Once again, reporters would be on hand to watch the landing at Cape
Canaveral. The new Shuttle, of course, would have the name "Columbia" on
the side just as the *Enterprise* did. In that way the training Shuttle,
*Enterprise,* was to be returned to home base and a fresh orbital-only
Shuttle sent to Florida. The switch would be made without the public
suspecting a thing, and, after all, it is only the American public from
which the above top secret secrets are maintained. The participants, by
accident, believe the cover-up is in national security to prevent
acceleration of the obvious war under way. Who is going to tell?

In those meetings behind closed doors about the situation, others protested
that it would be foolish to go ahead as originally planned without more
information. It was obvious that somehow the Russians had destroyed the
*Columbia,* but the question was: "How?" The military Shuttle planning
group agreed that they needed the answer to that question, otherwise there
would be no way to devise countermeasures to give the next Shuttle flight a
better chance. You see, they never considered telling the truth and
shutting down the upcoming plans.

Finally, it was agreed all around that the first urgent need was to buy
time, so NASA spokesmen were told to give the press a series of stalling
stories about the post-flight Shuttle procedures in California. Meanwhile,
every available avenue of Intelligence world-wide was pressed to come up
with an answer to that crucial question: "What happened to the Space
Shuttle, *Columbia?*"

Day by day we saw well orchestrated brief new reports about the postflight
checkouts of the Shuttle at Edwards Air Base. The Shuttle was then lifted
onto the back of the "747," by the take-off kept being pushed back one day
after another. The military shuttle planning group was drawing a blank from
their intelligence sweep about the *Columbia.*

The Shuttle stayed on the ground a week longer than originally planned, and
still no answer came about the *Columbia.* You see, if by chance the
Russians turned up with the *Columbia* in tow the fallout would be worse
than disastrous because, for the first day or so, the exchange could not be
explained away as "preventing public panic."

NASA ran out of excuses for further stalling without raising unwelcome
questions. The secret Shuttle planning team was still in no position to
prepare for a second orbital mission, and yet appearances had to be
maintained at all costs and every passing day became more critical.

The U.S. Government was crowing loudly about the supposed stunning success
of the Shuttle because it was the only hope left for America in space. The
Space Shuttle was the only program, other than Defense, which was given
increased funding by the Reagan Administration. There was also the
incredible fear that if the Russians did, in fact, have the Shuttle intact,
the entire cover-up would be exposed world-wide. The Russians, on the other
hand, had no proof and couldn't come forward with actions which would have
caused all-out war.


Before the Shuttle *Enterprise* left California aboard its "747," the
Shuttle planning group had to make a decision: Should they, or should they
not, make the planned switch between Shuttles at White Sands? There were
three more orbital-rated Shuttles at White Sands, and a specific mission
was planned for each one.

One of the planners summed up the dilemma in these words: "How can we send
an orbital bird to the Cape?" STS-2, 3, and 4 may require major
modifications in order to get past the Russians. We won't know what those
modifications are until we get the missing feedback on STS-1. I say send
the *Enterprise.* We can keep it sub-orbital by faking an abort - shut-down
one engine before Press-to-MECO and let *Enterprise* return to Kennedy.
That will keep *Enterprise* out of danger from 'Ivan.' It will also keep
the ball rolling while giving us more time to set up a successful orbital

Someone else asked: "What about the public relations impact? One thing we
don't need is to abort a mission this early in the program."

The reply: "Would you rather lose another orbital bird to Ivan? Besides, if
we do it right, we could end up with even more public support. You know
what I mean - the idea that the Shuttle is safe even if something does go
wrong, and so on."

There was a very long silence, followed by more discussion, but finally the
suggestion was adopted.

On Monday, April 27, the "747" bearing the Shuttle *Enterprise* took off
from Edwards Air Force Base, California. The following day we were shown
the same Shuttle, the training Shuttle *Enterprise,* landing in Florida.
There was no switch made.

The secret Shuttle planners were still feeling their way and they left open
an avenue for plan changes. Therefore, it would be the training Shuttle
*Enterprise* that would later roll off the launch pad in Florida, that
summer. It would look just like the *Columbia* did before its April launch,
mated to a giant fuel tank and huge solid-rocket boosters.


NASA was then shooting for the very early launch date of September 30,
1981. According to the plans the launch would proceed smoothly for the
first few minutes. Unlike the *Columbia,* the *Enterprise* would not veer
north toward the kind of orbit forbidden by Russia.

Then, one engine would shut down prematurely. It would be earlier in the
flight than the point at which contact with *Columbia* was lost in April.
Then, as we were still watching on television, the *Enterprise* would
return for its alleged "emergency" landing at Kennedy.

By that time, the *Enterprise* had made so many computerized landings that
NASA had confidence that the landing would be made safely. If other plans
could be substituted as the summer progressed, so could the "flight"
sequence be changed, even to aborting the launch at the pad.

There would, of course, be an uproar about the aborted space flight, but it
would not last long because no citizen would risk the lives of astronauts
to a possible accident. The entire scenario of an abortion would "only
prove the efficiency of the computer check system and safety measures."

The hopes were, of course, to buy time and gain information regarding the
first launch.


Let's go back to December of 1978 when air blasts at sea began shaking
homes and frightening thousands along America's East Coast. For a while
government spokesmen tried to ignore them; but the booms, now known and
recognized as Air Quakes, would not go away. In fact, they steadily
increased in number and were also soon experienced on the West Coast and
inland U.S., as well.

As no explanations could be offered, they were next ridiculed in the
controlled major media, but that tactic quickly changed, too, because too
many people were hearing them to accept it all as a big joke. Then the
tactic was to simply report them, promising follow-up and then simply never
following up.

The news projectors never move from the scripts given them and there would
be practically no fear of slip-ups. NOte this for yourselves during prime
time newscasts; flip channels and you will hear the verbatim new items
being read from the master script.

After these quakes had been going on unexplained for several months, the
government tried to explain it all away by blaming the whole thing on freak
weather conditions. Alleged experts were trotted out to impress the public
with the mumbo jumbo about unusually cold air layers, ozone depletion,
northern lights, electrical disturbances, and so on, ad nauseum.

Waving their arms about in master performances, other experts were touting
that the booms were due to military aircraft, perhaps a hundred miles out
to sea since nothing showed up on any radar screens.

Others managed to actually keep a straight face as they told you that the
booms were caused by the *Concorde* supersonic transport and all but
grounded the *Concorde* forever. They told you that the shock waves from
that plane were striking America's East Coast more than an hour ahead of
the plane itself, and with incredible force, having "built up incredible
sonic force as it traveled."

Explanations like these were ridiculous on their face; yet most Americans,
eager to be pacified, accepted these insults to their intelligence at face
value and even marched to stop the *Concorde* from landing in the U.S.
Facts are that most of the quakes taking place nationwide were kept out of
the press, and people calmed down.

For instance, there are almost daily Air Quakes in areas around an Air
Force Base where you might find sophisticated aircraft capable of
supersonic speeds. Usually, the later seen jet craft are not the cause of

Those of you who do not believe such a thing could be, had better think
back to some unexplained booms you have noted and the media could give no
explanation. As the phenomenon continued, people simply returned to sleep
and ignored the interruption in their thoughts - simply no longer caring
one way or another.

As early as December of 1977 it was told publicly, and suppressed
governmentally, that the quakes were caused from newly operational Russian
Cosmospheres firing their Particle Beam weapons in a defocused mode into
the air over the Atlantic Ocean - and later over the Pacific. This
information came forth right out of our top intelligence systems.

In 1977, there were some seven Cosmospheres hovering over the U.S., but in
the months that followed the numbers grew into the hundreds worldwide. Now
you can find out more if you can get your hands on the materials from the
Mitre Corporation because the government sponsored a study done by them.
The material was quietly released and then faded into oblivion.

The report listed 594 air quakes of major impact between December 1977 and
the following June. By June, of course, those alleged "freak cold air
layers" had to be long gone. The study did its best to blame the booms on
aircraft noises, anyway, but 181 air quakes were impossible to link to
anything, even artificially, or to any acceptable excuse, so the report
lamely concluded that they must be of some natural origin, and yet the
government and military were fully aware of the origin.

The Cosmospheres are Russia's version of the Hovering Weapons Platforms of
which the late General Thomas Power tried in vain to give a warning over 15
years ago. General Power was former head of Air Force Research and
Development and then of the Strategic Air Command. He knew what he was
talking about and made every effort possible to alert the American people
over the ensuing years but his efforts were suppressed and went ignored.

As the numbers of Cosmospheres multiplied worldwide during the following
year, UFO sightings likewise mushroomed. Is it any wonder that the U.S.
officially does not recognize UFOs and calls them weather balloons or swamp


The "panic" which the government is trying to keep from us is not from
"aliens;" if aliens were the problem then we would have been conquered long
ago. The problems come from very Earth-oriented, physical humans at the

Most UFO sightings are in fact Identified Flying Objects; they are Russian
Cosmospheres. This is not to say that alien flying saucers do not exist,
for the same intelligence that identifies and tracks the Soviet
Cosmospheres has confirmed the existence of craft that are not from Earth.

Every astronaut of our moon landing programs has said they were followed by
flying saucers, before Russia developed their Flying Platforms. Does this
give you a hint as to the REAL reason why the astronauts were quarantined
after they came back from the "moon?"

They had to undergo "debriefing" - they had to be taught how to keep their
mouths shut about what they saw. Neil Armstrong said that when he stepped
onto the moon, there were at least two "flying saucers" already sitting
there watching him. He later had a mental breakdown. However, some of the
moon program was also "smoke and mirrors."


The Center spread of the September 5, 1994, issue of *Spotlight* newspaper
has an article by a man who points out some of the obvious problems with
the moon program. The author, who used the name R. René, has written a book
which he points out some scientific facts such as the space ships and space
suits do not provide enough radiation protection for the astronauts to
accomplish what they claim to have done (if the suits work, why don't they
use them with nuclear reactor accidents?). He says that "the landings were
faked and that the Apollo program was a very successful and expensive
government hoax - a hoax that is about to be repeated using Mars as the new
'celestial' target." The Hubble Telescope is another NASA hoax - try
reading *THE HUBBLE WARS* by Eric Chaisson.


Why does our government give massive aid in money, food and technology to
Russia? Could it be to keep those Cosmospheres stationed in appropriate
orbit to take out every major dam, fault line, populated city and military
base in our nation? The International Banker Elite know what is going on
and have situated themselves to take advantage of the destruction of five
out of every six persons on earth (according to their OWN PLANS). The only
reason it has not happened already is that "They" have held off until they
could finish gold-plating their commode handles and stocking their
underground warehouses.


On this subject, here are some hints for UFO researchers. There are sonic
quakes over Southern California that have been traced to an Aurora aircraft
and OTHER CRAFT going to Groom Lake, Nevada. If you plot that course
backwards, you come to Australia. Check out the underground facilities at
Pine Gap, Australia, if you want to know more about one of the hideouts of
the "Elite." The research shows that one of these craft flies over 4,000
miles per hour, but one who should know says they can fly over 8,000 miles
an hour. That craft can get to Australia quicker than I can get home from

UFOs have always been attracted by aircraft, rockets, and spacecraft,
especially when those are new or experimental. The Cosmospheres are not
exception to this rule. Wherever Cosmospheres are congregated UFOs will
always show up and there is no exception to this rule. The "alien" craft
observe and monitor the human craft.


A good example of this monitoring was witnessed in New Zealand as the
secret bases there were under surveillance by the Russians. On December 30,
1978, an Australian television news crew made headlines worldwide by
filming what they called UFOs from an airplane over New Zealand. The film,
some seven minutes long, was purchased by the BBC and by the CBS TV
Network. On January 2, CBS showed less than 50 SECONDS of the film which
showed a glowing spherical object, and most of the objects sighted that
evening by the camera crew and other observers were described as spheres of

However, as the film clip was shown, a soundtrack was played. The
Australian newsman described a different object. He said it looked like a
flying saucer. Walter Cronkite did not say whether or not the soundtrack
had been recorded simultaneously with the film clip that was being shown.

In any case, the spherical object in the film was a Russian Cosmosphere,
but the attempts to discredit the film were an echo of the ridiculous
government stories about the air quakes the prior year. On the evening of
January 25 Walter Cronkite of CBS News reminded viewers of the New Zealand
UFOs; then he went on: "Well, the New Zealand Air Force reported today that
freak atmospheric conditions, not visitors from outer space, were
responsible. Investigators said one definite cause was an unusually bright
"Venus" rising in the eastern sky."


The "friendly" "alien" craft will show strobing "COLORED" lights of red,
green, yellow, blue. They are stationed in non orbiting sequence in
strategic placements. The Cosmospheres do not strobe, and are stationed to
appear as stars and planets. This is the real reason that there is a lot of
hocus pocus involved with the Hubble Telescope, they cannot afford to let
us see what that can see.