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by "One Who Knows"

PART 30:


JFK's father, Joseph Kennedy, had a reputation of being pro-Nazi or at
least pro-Hitler. Joe was a bootlegger and a member of the Mafia, although
he hated the Jewish Mafia (Mishpucka) boss Meyer Lansky (real name Maier
Suchowljansky). He was U.S. Ambassador to Britain but was recalled because
of his pro-Hitler viewpoint. His code clerk was Tyler Kent, which is a
story in itself.

In the book *Final Judgment* by Michael Collins Piper, you will find a
story about DeWest Hooker. Hooker was a good friend of both Joseph Kennedy
and George Lincoln Rockwell, Commander of the American Nazi Party. Piper
tells of the arrangement made with Hooker and Rockwell to help JFK get
elected. Hooker said, "Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, it was my work
that got Johnny Kennedy in the White House." I suggest you read the book,
it is available from *Spotlight* Newspaper or Liberty Lobby. If I quote
small portions from it you probably would find it too hard to believe! I
assure you the story is true, for I know well the man who was the bodyguard
and stenographer/scribe to Commander Rockwell.

When Senator Joe McCarthy was conducting the hearings on Communists in the
government, his assistant, seated at the same desk beside him, was Robert
Kennedy. The Senator at the desk beside McCarthy was Senator John F.
Kennedy. JFK was an *insider* who KNEW the source of the problems. When he
became President, he fired the CIA heads, installed his brother as Attorney
General, and said he was going to put the United States back on the silver
standard, stop the Vietnam War, eliminate government involvement with the
Mafia, and eliminate the Federal Reserve problem. It has also been reported
that he was going to tell the truth about UFOs. Ten days after he gave a
speech at Columbia University making these statements, he was murdered.


When Dornberger went to work for Bell, Bell recruited another former German
army scientist, Krafft Ehricke, "who had been an adviser on the German
wartime atom bomb project" according to Jack Manno, *Arming The Heavens*
(Dodd, Mead & Co., 1948). We read a book that says Germany had no atomic
bomb project, we read another that says they did. Manno said that Wolfgang
Noggerath was brought in and put in charge of what became the Polaris
missile. Willy Fiedler was brought in and made chief of planning of the
underwater launch systems for submarines.

Let me summarize for you the story as presented. We Americans were far
ahead of the stupid Nazi Germans,although we had not yet made any atomic
bombs. As the war was ending, we sent in teams and frantically searched for
the German atomic scientists. We captured some of those dumb, incompetent
scientists, quickly brought them to the United States in top secret
programs that are still highly classified, we put those stupid losers in
CHARGE of our projects, and we suddenly started making Atomic Bombs. An
missiles - and satellites - and whatever else.

I just want to be sure you got the story straight.


Speaking of lies and deception, it would be reasonable to think that if our
spy satellites were destroyed in 1977, as stated in *Fire From The Sky,*
then there would have been all kinds of repercussions and a lot of people
who depend on those satellites would know about it. How was the truth kept

One part of the answer is revealed in a book called *The Falcon And The
Snowman* by Robert Lindsey (Pocket Books, New York, 1979). This book tells
the story of Christopher John Boyce. Boyce went to work for TRW on July 29,
1974. TRW is the company that made the Viking probe that went to Mars and
the satellites which provided General George Keegan with information on the
Russian activities at Semipalatinsk and such.

Boyce worked in the top-secret "black box" section, he was the man with the
keys and codes to access the vault. He had access to Projects Rhyolite,
Argus, Pyramider and "Project 20,030" files, projects which involved spy
satellite data coming to the American base at Pine Gap (code named Moreno),
Australia, near Alice Springs. He learned things that upset him, such as
the CIA interference in Australian elections, the U.S. was lying to other
governments, etc. Read the book for more of the story. He began stealing
and selling secret documents to the Russian Embassy in Mexico and in
January, 1977, he was arrested and charged with espionage.

"It came out during the Boyce-Lee trial that data from these satellites
goes to a readout station in Australia - but *not* the one that monitors
the early warning satellites. Instead, the data goes to a CIA-run complex
in a valley called Pine Gap. After the Pine Gap computers have processed
the data, it goes to the TRW Defense and Space Systems headquarters in
Redondo Beach, California" (p.111, *The New High Ground* by Thomas Karas).

It was claimed that as a result of his selling secrets to the Soviets, the
Soviets changed and encoded their transmissions, camouflaged their
facilities, etc., so that the spy satellites suddenly no longer worked.
Stansfield Turner, director of the CIA, said the results of Boyce's spying
were "distressing, perhaps appalling."

As a result of his spying, we are told, the CIA no longer had satellite
coverage of Iran, for instance, leading to the Iranian hostage crisis. Do
you remember when the CIA was criticized for being surprised at the fall of
the Shah and for not foreseeing the Iranian Hostage Crisis? In truth the
U.S. DID know beforehand, as they orchestrated those events, but it is too
much to try to cover here. Oh, what a tangled web... NOTHING is as it is
presented to the public by our media and leaders.

"Our intelligence community is in disarray. A major satellite intelligence
system, developed and deployed at a cost of billions of dollars over the
past decade, without Soviet knowledge, has been compromised by intelligence
procedures as porous as Swiss cheese." This was a statement made on
December 8, 1878, by William Clements who was Deputy Secretary of Defense
at the time Boyce worked in the Vault and who later became governor of

Would you be surprised to learn that Boyce may have been
manipulated/set-up? Even the author of the book noticed mysteries: "Why TRW
would place a $140-a-week, twenty-one-year-old college dropout in such a
sensitive national-security position in the first place is, at least in
retrospect, a puzzle. Circumstantially, TRW's decision to leave the
Pyramider papers unlocked in the vault where Chris could read them shortly
before his departure suggests they could have been left as bait. And there
was the mystery of Daulton's [Boyce's assistant in crime] fingerprints on
the circuit boards.

An FBI fingerprint expert testified that he had found Daulton's prints on a
circuit board from one of the encrypting machines in the vault. Yet both
the two spies, when denials meant nothing regarding whether they might be
convicted or not, insisted that Daulton had never entered the vault nor had
he ever touched the circuit boards. And certainly, the presence of a U.S.
Embassy official at the Soviet Embassy on the morning of Daulton's arrest
added another curiousity to the case" (p. 422).

Boyce's partner Daulton claimed that all along he was working undercover
for the CIA. "The affair of the snowman and the spy who called himself the
Falcon was an episode that demonstrated amazing ineptitude on the part of
the Central Intelligence Agency" (p. 423).

Boyce's defense attorney George Chelius later developed a lucrative law
practice in Orange County, California, catering to businessmen and land
developers (p. 427).

A similar event was when William Kampiles sold the Russians a complete
manual on the KH-11 (sometimes called the Big Bird, but technically not the
same) satellite in March 1978. Kampiles was an operations clerk at CIA
headquarters and resigned in October 1977, just after the Russian
destruction of our satellites. In February 1978 he went to Athens, Greece.
On February 23, he went to the Soviet Embassy and started making
arrangements to sell them the documents. He was arrested and went to trial
in November 1978 and was sentenced to 40 years.

The facility at Pine Gap, Australia, is something that needs a closer look.
Stan Deyo, in *The Cosmic Conspiracy,* tells of a multi-national consortium
at Pine Gap that have "radical atmospheric vehicles." In other words, UFOs
have been seen going in and out of Pine Gap. Deyo mentions that Dr.
Vannevar Bush (claimed to be a member of MJ-12) made repeated visits to the
area. Deyo says they are conducting research on crashed UFO residue at Pine

I will close this section with something to ponder: Astronomer Dr. James
Greenacre and four colleagues at a conference on "Moon Problems" in New
York in 1964 said that on 29 October 1963 they observed several colorful
spots on the moon that moved in formation. One month later Greenacre
observed the same phenomena.

The May 1966 issue of *UFO Nachrichten.* Vol. 117, said: "Prof. Dr.
Greenacre saw on or close to the moon at least 31 space craft of gigantic
size. Some were from 300 meters to 4.8 kilometers long. They were in motion
while being observed through the telescopes. Also, clearly discernible were
numerous smaller craft approximately 150 meters in diameter, which moved
past or alongside the huge craft, the 'mother craft' occasionally changing
color, as in the often-reported, pulsating style."

Keep looking up.