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O. H. Krill (Krll) Intro:
Aside from the William Milton Cooper material, these 4 files are
considered to be highly controversial in the field of UFOlogy. The
"author" of this work, "O. H. Krill" is believed to have been a joint
effort of John Grace and John Lear. As the story goes, this file was
put together (according to sources close to John Lear) to "smoke out
the dis-informants in the field". For many of us who have been into
this field for awhile, this file is held in low esteem. Discussions
by UFO "newbies" on this text has often degenerated into vast flame
wars on the various UFO "echoes" of the BBS world, as there might be
some truth in it and possibly a bit of BS. I will leave it up to you to
sort out which is which. If there is such a thing as a "black sheep"
of a UFO text, then *this* file would easily qualify.

These files are a bit large so I will give you the size info here:
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Please note: I only post these files to educate people what is currently
available. They are for informational purposes only and as such, should
NOT be taken at face value. There is NO substitute for research and
investigation. If you want to ridicule the information, fine...but I
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avoid ad homenim attacks and we will get along fine. Let's endeavor
to be a notch above the sci.skeptics and alt.paranormal obnoxiousness :-)

As a rule, I try to avoid any editorilizing and pretty much leave it up
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This information is presented for your persusal and is a continuation 
of my policy of informing the public what is currently available. The
content of this information does NOT necessarily reflect the personal
views of the poster,nor should the views,opinions,statements or claims
represented in the following be accepted by anyone reading these texts
at *face* value. If this interests you, please endeavor to research it
yourself and investigate it to *your* satisfaction, and as such I will
leave it in your hands to either prove it or de-bunk it :-)
As I do not have a great amount of time available to pursue follow-ups
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                          * CONFIDENTIAL *


                            JANUARY 1988

                             O.H. KRILL


     Throughout the forty year period when UFO have been actively
observed in our civilization, a lot of data has been gathered --
data which has often pointed to aspects of the phenomena that have
been supressed. As a result of the suppression and
compartmentalization of the information, our culture has been
fragmented into several levels of "reality" which both co-exist
and oppose each other. Part of our culture does not or will not
believe in the existence of other species; part of our culture
acknowledges their existence or the probability of their
existence; part of our culture is actually interacting with the
other species. These simultaneous realities contribute to the
condition of extreme confusion in which we find ourselves.
     Research into UFO's follows a similar pattern. Some view the
matter in a completely empirical perspective; others search for
patterns and functional relationships in events; still others go
out and ask the right questions at the right time and get answers.
Some of those answers that have appeared are, to some people,
quite disturbing and fantastic.
     All in all, we are dealing with new concepts in physics, new
concepts in psychology, and the gradually growing awareness that
we are not only not alone here, but we have never been alone here.
As if that were not enough, it turns out that factions of our
society have known this, and apparently have been interacting with
some of these alien species for quite a while.
     The bottom line is that all along, humanity has been led down
a false path, a path that has been plagued by layer upon layer of
conspiracies and disinformation. Technological knowledge and
absolute power have been the motives on the human side. Survival
has been the motive on the alien side, or at least as far as the
predominant alien visitors are concerned.
     The intent of this paper is to bring much of the details
regarding this into the open. You are not being asked to believe
it, but to consider it in the light of what has happened, what is
happening, and what may be developing right under our very noses.
If you find that you cannot stomach such thoughts, or that you
cannot deal with it, read no further.

     It is quite evident, or it should be, that the UFO situation
is both complex and dangerous. The UFO problem is a multi-
situational and multi-dimensional phenomena. We have established
the following as having a basis in fact:

          o  Craft from other worlds have crashed on Earth.
          o  Alien craft are from both ultra-dimensional sources
             and sources within this dimension.
          o  Early U.S. government efforts at acquiring alien
             technology were successful.
          o  The U.S. government has had live alien hostages at
             some point in time.
          o  The government has conducted autopsies on alien
          o  U.S. intelligence agencies, security agencies, and
             public agencies are involved in the coverup of facts
             pertaining to the situation.
          o  People have been and are currently abducted,
             mutilated, murdered and kidnapped as a result of the
             UFO situation.
          o  There is a current active alien presence on this
             planet among us that controls difference elements of
             our society.
          o  Alien forces maintain bases on Earth and on the Moon.
          o  The U.S. government has had a working relationship
             with alien forces for some time, with the express
             purpose of gaining technology in gravitational
             propulsion, beam weaponry and mind control.
          o  Millions of cattle have been killed in the process
             of acquiring biological materials.
          o  Both aliens and the U.S. government are responsible
             for mutilations, but for different reasons.
          o  We live in a multi-dimensional world that is
             overlapped and visited by entities from other
             dimensions. Many of these entities are hostile.
             Many are not hostile.
          o  The basis of our genetic development and religions
             lies in intervention by non-terrestrial and
             terrestrial forces.
          o  Actual technology far exceeds that perceived by
             the public.
          o  The United States space program is a cover operation
             that exists for public relations purposes.
          o  People are being actively killed in order to suppress
             the facts about the situation. The CIA and the NSA
             are involved so deeply that exposure would cause
             collapse of their overt structure.
          o  Facts indicate alien overt presence within five to
             ten years.
          o  Our civilization is one of many that have existed in
             the last billion years.

You will probably have more conclusions. To see, just read on....

                  Animal Mutilations and UFOs

General Chronology

     In the middle of 1963, a series of livestock attacks occurred
in Haskell County, Texas. In a typical case, an Angus bull was
found with its throat slashed and a saucer-sized wound in its
stomach. The citizenry attributed the attacks to a wild beast of
some sort, a "vanishing varmint." As it continued its furtive
forays through the Haskell County outback, the bloodluster assumed
somewhat more mythic proportions and a new name was destined to
endure: The Haskell Rascal.
     Throughout the following decade, there would be sporadic
reports of similar attacks on livestock. These attacks were
occasionally described as "mutilations." The most prominent of
these infrequent reports was the mutilation death of "Snippy" the
horse in southern Colorado in 1967, accompanied by area UFO
sightings, a Condon Committee investigation and worldwide press
     It was in 1973 that the modern animal mutilation wave can be
said to have begun in earnest. That year is generally thought of
as the year of the last concerted UFO flap, although there may be
reason to question that contention, given the events of two years
     In 1973 and 1974 the majority of the classic mutilation
reports originated in the central United States.
     In 1975, an unprecedented onslaught spread across the western
two-thirds of the United States. Mutilation reports peaked in that
year, accompanied by accounts of UFOs and unidentified
helicopters. In 1978, the attacks increased.
     By 1979, numerous livestock mutilations were occurring in
Canada, primarily in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Attacks in the
United States leveled off.
     In 1980, there was an increase in activity in the United
States. Mutilations have been reported less frequently since that
year, though this may be due in part to an increased reluctance to
report mutilations on the part of ranchers and farmers. The
mutilations still continue. Over ten thousand animals have died in
the United States; although the mutilations have been occurring
worldwide, the same circumstances are always present.

General Observations

     Any investigation which intends to probe the systematic
occurrence of the mutilation attacks upon livestock and other
animals must include within its purview certain factors which may
or may not be directly related to the acts of mutilation
themselves. These mutilations -- the killing and furtive removal
of external or internal parts -- have been directed at literally
thousands of animals (primarily livestock) since the 1960s. The
surgery on these animals is primarily conducted with uncanny
precision, suggesting the use of highly sophisticated implements
and techniques. The numbing and persistent regularity of the
mutilations and the seemingly casual disposal of the useless
carcasses all hint at extreme confidence -- even arrogance -- of
the mutilators. It is an arrogance which appears to be justified
by the freedom and impunity with which these acts have been
carried out.
     The pertinence of a specific element of the problem is
shortly revealed in the course of any thorough investigation into
the mutilations. I refer to the appearance of unmarked and
otherwise unidentified helicopters within a spatial and temporal
proximity of animal mutilation sites. The occurrence of the two has
been persistent enough to supercede coincidence.
     These mystery helicopters are almost always without
identifying markings, or markings may appear to have been painted
over or covered with something. The helicopters are frequently
reported flying at abnormal, unsafe or illegal altitudes. They may
shy away if witnesses of law officers try to approach.
     There are several accounts of aggressive behavior on the part
of the helicopter occupants, with witnesses chased, "buzzed,"
hovered over or even fired upon. At times these choppers appear
very near mutilation sites, even hovering over a pasture where a
mutilated carcass is later found. They may be observed shortly
before or after mutilations occur -- or within days of a
mutilation. The intention here is merely to stress that the
"mystery helicopter" element is a part of the issue which deserves
     The idea of "mystery helicopters" did not develop
concurrently with the animal mutilations themselves. Such
helicopters -- unmarked, flying at low levels, soundless (or
sounding like helicopters) -- have been reported for years, and
have been linked to an even more widespread phenomenon -- the
"phantom" (fixed wing) aircraft. The helicopters themselves have
been seen in area where UFOs were reported, in many countries. In
some of the more interesting accounts, the mystery helicopters
were seen with UFOs, or shortly after the UFOs were sighted.
     The most apt case I can think of, but certainly not the most
isolated, is a case described by Virgil Armstrong in his lecture
on "What NASA Didn't Tell Us About the Moon." He discusses
helicopters and UFOs in general.
     Armstrong describes a friend of his that had invented a
special camera arrangement with the idea that it would increase
the chances of getting good pictures of UFOs. The camera was
mounted on a gunstock along with a laser. The idea was to fire the
laser at the UFO, if one appeared, and hopefully the UFO would
come to a halt, enabling him to take some quality pictures.
     Not too long after they were set up in the desert, a UFO did
in fact appear, and they fired the laser and the disk stopped in a
hovering mode. They took quite a few good pictures of it. Shortly
thereafter, the disk flew away. Within minutes, they heard the
unmistakable sound of helicopters coming their way. The
helicopters landed strategically around their group, and out of
the choppers came a croup of Black Berets, which are strategic Air
Force security forces. The commander of the Berets walked up to
the group and said, "What are you doing here?" "Obviously, we are
photographing flying objects, and we just saw a flying saucer and
we got some very very good pictures of it." The commander then
asked the leader of the group if he knew where he was. The group
leader replied "No." The commander then said, "We suggest you get
out of here right now!" The group leader then asked, "What right
do you have to tell us to get out of here? Is this government
land?" The commander of the Black Berets replied, "Indeed it is.
It is Andrews Air Force Base, and if you are not out of here in
ten minutes, you are under arrest." With that, the Berets removed
the film from the camera, and the group left.
     Not only does this illustrate one kind of instance where UFOs
are seen in relationship to helicopters, but it also illustrates
the fact that either some of the disks are ours, or we have a
military/government relationship with those who fly them. The
helicopters mentioned above are not the mystery ones, but were
United States military ones.
     Another case of military helicopters and United States-owned
disks comes from the book "UFO Crash at Aztec," by Wendell
Stevens. In the book he relates the incident where an Indian was
backpacking in the mountains in the vicinity of Area 51, Groom
Lake, on the Nellis AFB range north of Las Vegas. He heard
approaching helicopters and hid out of sight. The helicopters were
broadcasting a warning over public address systems for anyone in
the area to show themselves because they were going to conduct a
"dangerous military test." The Indian maintained his hidden
posture, and the helicopters flew overhead and back down toward
the Groom Lake facility. Minutes later, two helicopters were seen
flying up the canyon with a black disk flying between them and
slightly above them. They flew overhead and then the helicopters
turned around and flew back towards the base, followed shortly
afterward by the disk. The individual's name and how to contact
him for further details is given in the book.

The Mystery Choppers

     Situations involving the mystery helicopters appear to be a
little more insidious. A good example is an event which occurred
in Madison County, Montana, between June and October of 1976.
Twenty-two confirmed cattle mutilations had occurred during that
period, and they were accompanied by reports throughout the county
of silent, unmarked, jet-black helicopters, flashing or steady
anomalous lights in the air and near the ground, unmarked fixed-
wing aircraft and white vans in remote and previously inaccessible
     Toward the latter part of this period, in early autumn of
1976, a hunter from Bozeman, Montana, was out alone around 3:00pm
one day in the Red Mountain area near Norris. He watched as a
black helicopter without markings flew overhead and disappeared
below a small hill. The curious hunter climbed to the top of the
hill. There was the black chopper (a Bell Jet Ranger, he thought)
on the ground, the engine still running. Seven men had apparently
exited from the craft and were walking up the hill toward the
observer. As the hunter advanced toward the seven, he waved and
shouted congenial greetings. It was then that he realized there
was something about the men -- they were all Oriental. They had
slanted eyes and olive skin and were jabbering among themselves in
some indecipherable language. They wore "everyday" clothes, not
uniforms. Suddenly they began to return to the helicopter. The
hunter, still waving and shouting friendly greetings, started
after them. The Orientals quickened their pace. When the hunter
approached within five or six feet, they broke into a dead run,
crowded into the chopper and took off.
     In a documented "mystery helicopter" wave in England,
accounts place Oriental-appearing occupants in an unidentified
chopper. Slant-eyed, olive skinned, Oriental-seeming occupants
have been a staple at the heart and at the periphery of UFO
accounts for years. Significant numbers of the infamous "men-in-
black" (MIB) have a similar appearance, but very often they are
seen as very pale and gaunt men who are sensitive to light.
     In STIGMATA No. 5 (Fall-Winter 1978) Tom Adams outlined the
most prominent speculative explanations accounting for the
mutilation/helicopter link, including the following:

          o  The helicopters are themselves UFOs, disguised to
             appear as terrestrial craft.
          o  The choppers originate from within the U.S.
             government/military and are directly involved in
             conducting the actual mutilations.
          o  The helicopters are government/military and are not
             involved in the mutilations but are investigating
          o  The helicopters are government/military, and they
             know about the identity and motives of the
             mutilators and by their presence, they are trying to
             divert attention to the possibility of involvement
             by the military.

     The answer, as far as Tom Adams is concerned, could be a
combination of the above explanations. There also has been
speculation that they are involved in biological experiments with
chemical or biological warfare or the geobotanical pursuit
of petroleum and mineral deposits. On one occasion, an army
standard-type scalpel was found at a mutilation site. Since the
disks have been mostly involved with the mutilations, it is
thought that this was a diversionary event.
     These events, or the discussion of them, is just the
precursor to the actual revelations of what is behind the
mutilations: alien acquisition of biological materials for their
own use. To discuss this in a logical and sequential manner, we
must review what has been really happening right under our noses:
direct interaction with extraterrestrial biological entities
(EBE's). To discuss that, however, we must attempt to start at the
beginning with what we now know to be true.

                         The Saga Begins

     It seemingly all began thousands of years ago, but for the
purposes of this discussion, let's start with some events that we
all are familiar with. In 1947, two years after we set off the
first nuclear explosion that our current civilization detonated,
came the Mantell episode, where we had the first recorded incident
of a military confrontation with extraterrestrials that resulted
in the death of a military pilot. It is quite evident now that our
government did not known quite how to handle the situation. In
1952, the nation's capital was overflown by a series of disks. It
was this event which led to the involvement of United States
security forces (CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI) to try to keep the situation
under control until they could understand what was happening.
During this period, the government established a working group,
known as Majestic Twelve (MJ-12). The original members were:
Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, Dr. Vannevar Bush, Secretary
James Forrestal, General Nathan P. Twining, General Hoyt S.
Vandenburg, Dr. Detlev Bronk, Dr. Jerome Hunsaker, Mr. Sidney W.
Souers, Mr. Gordon Gray, Dr. Donald Menzel, General Robert M.
Montague, and Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner.
     The MJ-12 group has been a continuously existing group since
it was created, with new members replacing others that die. For
example, when Secretary Forrestal was upset at seeing the United
States sold out in World War II, he wound up being sent to a Naval
hospital for emotional strain. Before relatives could get to him,
he "jumped out a 16th story window." Most persons close to him
consider his suicide contrived. When Forrestal died, he was
replaced by General Walter B. Smith.
     In December of 1947, Project Sign was created to acquire as
much information as possible about UFOs, their performance
characteristics and their purposes. In order to preserve security,
liaison between Project Sign and MJ-12 was limited to two
individuals within the intelligence division of the Air Materiel
Command whose role it was to pass along certain types of
information through channels. Project Sign evolved into Project
Grudge in December, 1948. Project Grudge had an over civilian
counterpart named Project Bluebook, with which we are all
familiar. Only "safe" reports were passed to Bluebook. In 1949,
MJ-12 evolved an initial plan of contingency called MJ-1949-04P/78
that was to make allowance for public disclosure of some data
should the necessity present itself.
     Majestic Twelve was originally organized by General George C.
Marshall in July, 1947, to study the Roswell-Magdalena UFO crash
recovery and debris. Admiral Hillenkoetter, director of the CIA
from May 1, 1947, until September, 1950, decided to activate the
"Robertson Panel," which was designed to monitor civilian UFO
study groups that were appearing all over the country. He also
joined NICAP in 1956 and was chosen as a member of its board of
directors. It was from this position that he was able to act as
the MJ-12 "mole," along with his team of other covert experts.
They were able to steer NICAP in any direction they wanted to go.
With the "Flying Saucer Program" under complete control of MJ-12
and with the physical evidence hidden away, General Marshall felt
more at ease with this very bizarre situation. These men and their
successors have most successfully kept most of the public fooled
for 39 years, including much of the western world, by setting up
false experts and throwing their influence behind them to make
their plan work, with considerable success. Until now.
     Within six months of the Roswell crash on 2 July 1947 and the
finding of another crashed UFO at San Augustine Flats near
Magdalena, New Mexico, on 3 July 1947, a great deal of
reorganization of agencies and shuffling of people took place. The
main thrust behind the original "security lid," and the very
reason for its construction, was the analysis and attempted
duplication of the technologies of the disks. That activity is
headed up by the following groups:

          o  The Research and Development Board (R&DB)
          o  Air Force Research and Development (AFRD)
          o  The Office of Naval Research (ONR)
          o  CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence (CIA-OSI)
          o  NSA Office Of Scientific Intelligence (NSA-OSI)

     No single one of these groups was supposed to know the whole
story. Each group was to know only the parts that MJ-12 allowed
them to know. MJ-12 also operates through the various civilian
intelligence and investigative groups. The CIA and the FBI are
manipulated by MJ-12 to carry out their purposes. The NSA was
created in the first place to protect the secret of the recovered
flying disks, and eventually got complete control over all
communications intelligence.
     This control allows the NSA to monitor any individual through
mail, telephone, telexes, telegrams, and now through online
computers, monitoring private and personal communications as they
choose. In fact, the present-day NSA is the current main extension
of MJ-12 pertaining to the "Flying Saucer Program." Vast amounts
of disinformation are spread throughout the UFO research field.
Any witnesses to any aspect of the program have their lives
monitored in every detail, for each has signed a security oath.
For people who have worked in the program, including military
members, breaking that oath could have any on of the following
direct consequences:

          o  A verbal warning accompanied by a review of the
             security oath.
          o  A stronger warning, sometimes accompanied by a brow-
             beating and intimidation.
          o  Psychologically working on an individual to bring on
             depression that will lead to suicide.
          o  Murder of the person made to appear as a suicide or
          o  Strange and sudden accidents, always fatal.
          o  Confinement in special "detention centers."
          o  Confinement in "insane asylums" where they are
             "treated" by mind-control and deprogramming
             techniques. Individuals are released with changed
             personalities, identities, and altered memories.
          o  Bringing the individual into the "inside," where he
             is employed and works for "them," and where he can be
             watched. This is usually in closed facilities with
             little contact with the outside world. Underground
             facilities are the usual place for this.

     Any individual who they perceive to be "too close to the
truth" will be treated in the same manner. MJ-12 will go to any
length to preserve and protect the ultimate secret. As we will see
later, the characteristics of what this ultimate secret would turn
out to be would change drastically, for it was something even MJ-
12 could not predict -- actual contact with alien groups.
     How the actual contact between the government and aliens was
initially made is not known, but the government was made aware
that it could be done by a civilian using the right equipment.
Dr. Paul Bennewitz,  civilian scientist, did so using computer
equipment and informed the government he had done so, not
realizing that by then, in 1983, that the government was in truth
as deep into dealing with the aliens as his communications with
them revealed. Dr. Bennewitz lives next to Manzano Weapons Storage
Area in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He observed UFOs constantly over
the area and initially decided that they were a threat to the
installation. He proceeded to figure out a coding system and
attempted and was successful in communicating with the aliens that
were flying over that area.
     What he found out is that after initial contacts with the
aliens years ago, we agreed to to provide them with bases
underground in the United States in return for certain
technological secrets which the aliens would reveal to us. The
aliens would also be allowed to carry out certain operations,
abductions, and mutilations without intervention.
     The original contact between the government and the
extraterrestrial biological entities, who are grey in color and
about 3.5 to 4.5 feet high (hereafter referred to as the Greys),
was achieved between 1947 and 1951. We knew that the Greys were
instrumental in performing the mutilations of animals (and some
humans) and that they were using the glandular substances derived
from these materials for food (absorbed through the skin) and to
clone more Greys in their underground laboratories. The government
was also aware that the Greys performed some of the abductions to
secure genetic materials. The government insisted that the Greys
provide them with a list that would be presented to the National
Security Council.
     Through all this, the government thought that the Greys were
basically tolerable creatures, although a bit distasteful. They
presumed at the time that it was not unreasonable to assume that
the public would and could get used to their presence. Between
1968 and 1969 a plan was formulated to make the public aware of
their existence over the succeeding twenty years. This time period
would culminate with a series of documentaries that would explain
the history and intentions of the Greys.
     The Greys assured us that the real purpose of the abductions
was for monitoring of our civilization, and when we learned that
the abductions were a lot more frequent and insidious than we were
led to believe, the government became concerned. Their concern was
also based on additional information regarding the purposes for
the abductions:

          o  Insertion of a 3mm spherical biological monitoring
             device through the nasal cavity into the brain of the
          o  Implementing subliminal post-hypnotic suggestions
             that would compel the abductee to perform some
             specific act at a time to be within the next two
             to five years.
          o  Genetic crossbreeding between the Greys and human
          o  Insertion of discoid monitoring devices into the
             muscle tissue of the abductees. Presence of these has
             been verified by x-ray.

     By the time we had found out the truth about the intentions
of the Greys (they intend to stay here and stay in control of our
world) it was too late. We had already "sold out" humanity. Not
that it would have made any difference, because they were here
doing what they were doing anyway.
     In 1983, a story was outlined by government sources that said
that the Greys are responsible for our biological evolution
through manipulation of the DNA of already evolving primates on
this planet. Various time intervals of the DNA manipulation were
specified for 25,000, 15,000, 5,000, and 2,500 years ago.
Originally, the government thought that the Greys meant us no
harm, but today, in 1988, the picture that is emerging is exactly
the opposite. The story now is one of great deception at several
different levels: the Greys Trojan Horse-style manipulation and
lying which allied MJ-12 forces with them four decades ago; the
government's disinformation of the subject of UFOs in order to
perpetuate the agreement with the Greys free of public scrutiny;
the lies to the abductees; the Greys on-going abduction of people
and mutilation of animals in order to harvest enzymes, blood and
other tissues for their own survival needs; and a genetic blend of
the Grey race and a tall Nordic race to enable Grey interface with
humans to be done with greater ease.
     Information from a source at a southwest Army base reveals
that these multiple levels of deception are true. It is also
indicated that the goal of SDI (Star Wars) is actually to follow
through with an attack, proposed by the Greys, on the Nordics when
they arrive en masse between now and 1992. This time schedule
seems to match with the post-hypnotic programming of many
abductees for actions between the next two to five years.
     This same source sees the world dominated and controlled by
the Greys in a way similar to that portrayed in the "V" television
series -- they are concerned only for their own survival agenda,
and this agenda requires biological substances from other life
forms on our planet.
     The apparent reasoning for the Grey preoccupation with this
is due to their lack of a formal digestive tract and the fact that
they absorb nutrients and excrete waste directly through the skin.
The substances that they acquire are mixed with hydrogen peroxide
and "painted" on their skin, allowing absorption of the required
nutrients. It is construed from this that some weaponry against
them might be geared in this direction.

Observations by a Visiting Nordic

     In October, 1987, UFO researcher George Andrews was 
successfully able to contact one of the Nordics not associated 
with the Greys, through a woman in California. What follows are 
the comments made by the alien:

     "Were you a culture about to invade, you would not do it with 
a flourish of ships showing up in the heavens and undergo risk of 
being fired upon. That's the type of warfare slightly less evolved
beings get into. You would create intense confusion and 
disagreement with only inferences to your presence -- inferences 
which would [in turn] cause controversial disagreement.
     "The Greys are insidious little fiends. They did exactly [to 
us] what they're doing here [to you]. You are not on the verge of 
an invasion. You are not in the middle of an invasion. The 
invasion has already taken place. It's merely in its final stages.
     "What would you invade? [Here he describes the operational 
plan of the Greys from the beginning.] You would go to the most 
secret of communities within a society. In the case of the United 
States, you would go and infiltrate the CIA. You would take over 
some of them and you would take over part of the KGB.
     "You would create great dissension and disagreement between 
factions of the public at large -- some groups saying they have 
seen UFOs, others saying 'No, no, this is not possible.' You would 
involve two major countries in an on-going idiotic philosophical 
disagreement so that while the Soviet Union and the United States 
constantly battle back and forth about who has which piece of 
territory or whether one invades Iran or whether one invades 
Afghanistan or whatever... whether one dismantles one nuclear 
warhead or the other dismantles another group of warheads -- you 
would sit back and laugh if you had the capacity to laugh.
     "You would present yourself indeed to some in a group who 
would protect you [CIA or MJ-12] thinking they had a secret more 
secret and more perfect knowledge of something than anyone else on 
this planet had, and they would covet you and you would trust 
their own greed and you would trust their own mass stupidity to 
trap them. And you'd do it on both sides.
     "You'd show yourself to some of the mass populace to further 
involve [factions of] the government in an attempt to shut them 
up, to keep them even more busy quieting them and trying to 'stop 
more information about UFOs from getting out.' You'd have the mass 
populace to a state where they distrusted the government. 'Oh, why 
don't they believe us? Why can't they understand that these things 
are really happening? We're not crazy!'
     "So you would have battles constantly about whether UFOs 
exist or they don't exist. You would have the public and the 
government at each other's throats. You would set two major 
superpowers at each other's throats. And you would have set up 
groups like 'haves' -- the wealthy but contented -- and the 'have-
nots.' You would plant the seeds of massive discontent.
     "Eventually you might have some show of ships landing in the 
1990s. One or two. By the time they have landed, be assured they 
will be in complete control. You will start doing crossbreeds and 
more crossbreeds, generation after generation.
     "You bribe the government with a few tidbits -- a Star Wars 
system. You tease and tempt the Soviet Union with a laser system 
far finer than any of their own scientists could think of. And you 
always have that subtle inference -- just on the borderline of 
consciousness so that UFOs don't seem to believable, yet you keep 
it couched in secrecy and make it seem quite so insane that no one 
would believe them. On top of it, you would unleash forces that 
would want to kill them [UFO contactees] if they disclosed that 
the CIA is dealing with the exact same things the [contact victim] 
     "Maybe one or two hundred years from now, some of the Greys 
will even physically mingle and you may have some creatures 
walking around who are pretty much hybrids between Greys and your 
own race. For now, anything that walks around will look much like 
yourselves. It's simpler. It holds down on mass panic.
     "Everyone who has experiences with them [Greys] will be at 
odds with the government. To add to that, we will go into a 
complete phased of earthquake after earthquake and upheaval after 
     "The inner core of the CIA is deeply controlled by the Greys. 
The CIA sees interaction with the Greys as a path to greater 
scientific achievement.
     "One reason you are seeing so many different kinds of UFOs is 
that other cultures are watching with extreme interest. Scientists 
from other cultures arrive to watch. The Greys have not only taken 
over the intelligence agencies, they have also taken over what 
those agencies call 'lunatic fringe groups.'"


     Well, that's what they Nordic had to say. The source of this 
also makes the following commentary:

     "The ultimate evil is that masked form of psychological 
complacency that leads one to adhere to a group philosophy rather 
than eke out one's own horizons. As soon as you acquire an 
awareness of being a so-called 'chosen special group,' you are on 
the way to a fall. That is the seed of destruction in any society 
and any culture and it leaves it vulnerable. It will be the 
eventual undoing of the Greys as well. They see not their error -- 
it is the very weakness they seize upon that is their own inherent 
weakness. To try and change a Grey, or a cultish type of 'Star 
Person,' or a CIA member is futile. It will happen, but all in its 
own good time... it is the spirit that makes anyone stand up and 
disagree with something that is untrue and incorrect that will be 
the thorn in the side of the Greys, and the other forces that have 
allied with them."

     During the occupation of the Greys, they have established 
quite a number of underground bases all over the world, especially 
in the United States. One such base (among others in the same 
state) is under Archuleta Mesa, which is about 2.5 miles northwest 
of Dulce, New Mexico. Details about that base have come across by 
way of two sources. The first source is by way of an abduction of 
a woman and her son who witnessed the pickup of a calf for 
extraction of biological materials.
     "In May, 1980, a most interesting case occurred in northern 
New Mexico. A mother and her son were driving on a rural highway 
near Cimarron when they observed two craft in the process of 
abducting a calf. Both of them were then abducted and taken on 
separate craft to the underground installation, where the woman 
witnessed the mutilation of the calf. It was alleged that she also 
observed vats containing cattle body parts floating in a liquid, 
and another vat containing the body of a male human. The woman was 
subjected to an exam and it was further alleged that small 
metallic objects were implanted into her body as well as into her 
son's body. More than one source has informed us that catscans 
have confirmed the presence of these implants."
     The above extract is from a transcript of a conversation 
between Jim McCampbell and Dr. Paul Bennewitz on July 13, 1984. 
Bennewitz reports that through regressive hypnosis of the mother 
and child (required only in about 30% of abduction cases)and his 
own follow-up investigation (including communications receive via 
his computer terminal, which are ostensibly from a UFO-related 
source), he was able to determine the location of the underground 
facility: a kilometer underground beneath Archuleta Mesa on the 
Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation near Dulce, New Mexico (since 
1976, one of the area of the U.S. hardest hit by mutilations). 
Bennewitz' information is that this installation is operated 
jointly as part of an on-going program of cooperation between the 
U.S. government and EBEs.
     There are also underground bases at Kirtland AFB and Holloman 
AFB, as well as at scores of other bases around the world, 
including Bentwaters, England.
     Back to the base under discussion.... After Bennewitz briefed 
Air Force officials on what he had found, a trip to the area 
revealed the following data:
     The base is 2.5 miles northwest of Dulce, and almost 
overlooks the town. There is a level highway 36 feet wide going 
into the area. It is a government road. One can see telemetry 
trailers and buildings that are five-sided with a dome. Net to the 
domes, a black limousine was noted -- a CIA vehicle. These limos 
will run you off the road if you try to get into the area. To the 
north there is a launch site. There are two wrecked ships there; 
they are 36 feet long with wings, and one can see oxygen and 
hydrogen tanks. The ships that we got out of the trade are atomic-
powered with plutonium pellets. Refueling of the plutonium is 
accomplished at Los Alamos. The base has been there since 1948.
     Some of the disks are piloted by the NSA. The base is 4,000 
feet long and helicopters are going in and out of there all the 
time. When it became known that Bennewitz was familiar with this, 
the mutilations in the area stopped. In 1979, something happened 
and the base was temporarily closed. There was an argument over 
weapons and our people were chased out. The aliens killed 66 of 
our people, and 44 got away.
     One of the people who in fact got away was a CIA agent who, 
before leaving, made some notes, photos, and videotapes, and went 
into hiding. He has been in hiding ever since, and every six 
months he contacts each of five people he left copies of the 
material with. His instructions were that if he missed four 
successive contacts, the people could do whatever they want with 
the material.
     This agent calls an individual known to MUFON. Somehow, a 
description of the "Dulce Papers" was issued, and was received in 
December, 1987, by many researchers. The "Dulce Papers" were 
composed of 25 black and white photos, a videotape with no 
dialogue and a set of papers that included technical information 
regarding the jointly occupied (U.S.-Alien) facility one kilometer 
beneath the Archuleta Mesa near Dulce, New Mexico. The facility 
still exists and is currently operational. It is believed that 
there are four additional facilities of the same type, one being 
located a few miles to the southeast of Groom Lake, Nevada.


     "A general description of what these papers contain is that 
they contain documents that discuss copper and molybdenum, and 
papers that discuss magnesium and potassium, but mostly papers 
about copper. Sheets of paper with charts and strange diagrams. 
Papers that discuss UV light and gamma rays. These papers tell 
what the aliens are after and how the blood (taken from cattle) is 
used. The aliens seem to absorb atoms to eat. They put their hands 
in blood, sort of like a sponge, for nourishment. It's not just 
food they want; the DNA in cattle and humans is being altered. The 
'Type One' creature is a lab animal. They know how to change the 
atoms to create a temporary 'almost human being.' It is made with 
animal tissue and depends on a computer to simulate memory, a 
memory the computer has withdrawn from another human. Clones. The 
'almost human being' is slow and clumsy. Real humans are used for 
training, to experiment with and to breed with these 'almost 
humans.' Some humans are kidnapped and used completely. Some are 
kept in large tubes, and are kept alive in an amber liquid.
     "Some humans are brainwashed and used to distort the truth. 
Certain male humans have a high sperm count and are kept alive. 
Their sperm is used to alter the DNA and create a non-gender being 
called 'Type Two.' That sperm is grown in some way and altered 
again, put in wombs. They resemble 'ugly humans' when growing but 
look normal when fully grown, which only takes a few months from 
     "They have a short life span, less than a year. Some female 
humans are used for breeding. Countless women have had a sudden 
miscarriage after about three months' pregnancy. Some never know 
they were pregnant, others remember contact some way. The fetus is 
used to mix the DNA in types one and two. The atomic makeup in 
that fetus is half human, half 'almost human,' and would not 
survive in the mother's womb. It is taken at three months and 
grown elsewhere."


     Well, that's what the "Dulce Papers" review says. There are 
some pen and ink reproductions of some of the photos made in the 
laboratories (3), an illustration of what one of the wombs looks 
like (2' x 4'), an illustration showing one of the tubes where one 
of the "almost humans" is grown, a page showing a simple diagram 
of crystalline metal, pure gold crystal, and what looks like 
either a genetic or metallurgical diagram or chart. Also attached 
is what looks like an x-ray diffraction pattern and a diagram of 
hexagonal crystals, with a comment that they are best for 
electrical conduction.
     It would appear that the last half of material in the 
"review" applies to the supercrystalline metal used for hull 
structure, or something along that line.


     Obviously, this is all rather bizarre from a certain point of 
view -- any point of view, in fact. Nevertheless, material that is 
supported by years of descriptions and multitudes of 
corroborations must mean something, especially when bumped against 
what is seen to be going on.
     It is apparent from this and other data that has been 
accumulated over the years, that there are underground bases and 
tunnel complexes all over the world, and that more are being 
constructed all the time. Many of you may recall the "Shaver" 
mysteries and inner-earth city stories. Well, all that is true. 
There are cities down there, amongst other things, and some of 
them have nothing to do with the main subject of this paper. 
They've been there for a long time.

     Let's change direction for a moment. One individual by the 
name of Lew Tery has been working on some ideas regarding UFOs and 
geomagnetic anomalies. I will go into what he has discovered 
(although the concept of the relationship is not new) and let you 
judge that for yourself.
     After purchasing aeromagnetic and gravitational anomaly maps 
from the United States Geological Survey, it becomes evident that 
there was indeed a valid connection between these areas and UFOs. 
Mr. Tery gave a lecture in Arizona about that relationship, and 
was subsequently harassed by the FBI, and told that the 
information is "sensitive." Mr. Tery took the hint and declined to 
talk publicly about it to the degree that he had been doing.
     Both the aeromagnetic and gravitational (Bougier Gravity) 
maps indicate basic field strength, as well as areas of high and 
low field strength. Interestingly enough, the areas of maximum and 
minimum field strength have the following:

          o  All have frequent UFO sightings.
          o  All are either on Indian Reservations, government
             land, or the government is trying to buy up the land.
          o  Many of them, especially where several are clustered
             together, are suspected bases areas and/or areas
             where mutilations and abductions have historically
             taken place.

     In these observations, Mr. Tery has gone far, but he has gone 
a little farther in noting that there are times when the UFOs are 
seen in these areas. Through painstaking research, Mr. Tery found 
that the sightings, as well as many abductions and mutilations, 
          o  On the new moon or within two days before the new 
          o  On the full moon or within two days before the full
          o  At the perihelion (moon closest to earth) or within 
             two days before the perihelion.

     A glance at the nearest farmers' almanac will give you the 
information you require as far as the days for this year or any 
other one. There seems to be no concrete explanation for the 
coincidence of the times and the events, but it is true.

The Men in Black

     All things considered, UFO research has become pretty much of 
a circus today, and the most intriguing and controversial sideshow 
skirting the edges is the question of the "silencers," or the 
mysterious "Men in Black." There is a strong subliminal appeal in 
these accounts of visits by mysterious dark-suited figures (I have 
been visited myself, as have others I've known) attempting to 
silence UFO witnesses. A typical situation would be that a witness 
has a UFO sighting or UFO-related experience. Shortly thereafter 
he is visited by one or more "odd"-looking men who relate to him 
the minutest details of his experience, even though he has as yet 
told no one for fear of ridicule or other reasons.
     The men warn him about spreading the story of his experience 
around and sometimes even threaten him personally, sometimes 
obliquely, sometimes directly. Any evidence, if it exists, is 
confiscated in one way or another. Sometimes the visit is for some 
totally meaningless reason and the subject of UFOs is hardly 
mentioned, if at all. But again, the men all seem to look alike.
     We actually seem to find ourselves in close proximity to 
beings who obviously must be directly connected in some way with 
the objects themselves or the source behind them, yet they seem to 
be functioning unobtrusively within the framework of our own 
everyday existence.
     The classic conception of an MIB is a man of indefinite age, 
medium height and dressed completely in black. He always has a 
black hat and often a black turtleneck sweater. They present an 
appearance often described as "strange" or "odd." They speak in a 
dull monotone voice, "like a computer," and are dark-complected 
with high cheekbones, thin lips, pointed chin, and eyes that are 
mildly slanted.
     The visitors themselves are often on absurd missions. They 
have reportedly posed as salesmen, telephone repairmen or 
representatives from official or unofficial organizations. Their 
mode of transportation is usually large and expensive cars -- 
Buicks or Lincolns, sometimes Cadillacs, all black, of course.
     I might note at this point that their physical appearance 
also has included beings that have pale-greyish skin, and that 
some of them have been seen to have blond hair, yet they wear the 
clothing and drive the cars previously described.
     Their cars often operate with the headlights off, but ghostly 
purple or greenish glows illuminate the interior. Unusual insignia 
have been seen emblazoned on the doors and the license plates are 
always unidentifiable or untraceable.
     The fabric of their clothes has been described as strangely 
"shiny" or thin, but not silky -- almost as if they have been cut 
from a new type of fabric.
     Their often mechanical behavior has caused them to be 
described by some as being like robots or androids (think back to 
the Dulce lab).
     A lot of descriptions of some of these "folks" are pretty 
bizarre. A businessman's family in Wildwood, New Jersey, was 
visited by an unusually large man whose pants legs hiked up when 
he sat down, revealing a green wire grafted onto his skin and 
running up his leg.
     There are other cases of MIB appearing on the other side of a 
wet, muddy field after a heavy rain, but having no mud whatever on 
their brightly shined shoes and in the bitter cold, out of 
nowhere, wearing only a thin coat. Their shoes and wallets all 
seem new and hardly broken in.
     They are not alone. They seem to have faceless conspirators 
in the nation's post offices and phone companies. Researchers and 
witnesses often report their mail going astray at an unusually 
high rate and being bothered by bizarre phone calls where they are 
spoken to by metallic, unhuman-sounding voices.
     Unusual noises on the phone, intensifying whenever UFOs are 
mentioned, and voices breaking in on conversations, have all led 
many people to suspect that their phones are being tapped.
     One can't discuss the MIB for long without mentioning the 
name of John A. Keel, an author who has written much about them. 
Keel has done more than any other writer to publicize this bizarre 
aspect of the UFO situation. Keel suggests that the UFO are part 
of the environment itself and come from another time-space 
continua; that most of the UFO phenomena is psychic and 
psychological rather than physical. Well, I personally would not 
define it that way, although those two components are certainly 
deeply involved in what's going on.
     The first noted appearance of the MIB was in 1947, at the 
scene of the Maury Island incident, where some debris was ejected 
from a disk, and subsequently recovered by officials, who loaded 
them on an Army bomber which crashed on takeoff.

     To illustrate a little how bizarre some of the incidents are 
regarding the MIB, I have assembled a short list of some of the 
more interesting factors in some cases:

          o  An ex-Air Force man is gassed and interrogated by MIB 
             after he has learned classified NASA secrets.
          o  Closeup photos of UFOs were seized from a teenager
             who is also directly threatened by MIB.
          o  MIB sighted in the lobby of the U.S. State Department
             leave a mysterious artifact.
          o  MIB pose as Air Force officers to silence witnesses.
          o  MIB tries to buy before-hours Coke and sings to birds
             in trees.
          o  MIB disintegrates a coin in a witness' hand and tells
             him that his heart will do the same if he talks.


     Throughout all this information, I have neglected to mention 
some aspects of the psychology of the Greys. Dr. Paul Bennewitz, 
in his original report to the government entitled "Project Beta," 
goes into some detail, which I will now discuss:

          o  The alien, either through evolvement or because the
             humanoid types are "made," will exhibit tendencies
             for bad logic. They appear to have more frailties
             and weaknesses than the normal Homo Sapien.
          o  They are not to be trusted.
          o  Because of the aliens' apparent logic system, a key
             decision cannot be made without higher clearance.
             All are under control of what they call "The Keeper,"
             yet it would appear that even this is not the final
             authority. Delays as long as 12-15 hours can occur
             for a decision.
          o  Because of this apparent control, individual
             instantaneous decision-making by the alien is 
             limited. If the "plan" goes even slightly out of
             balance or context, they become confused. Faced with
             this, possibly, the humanoids would be the first to
          o  Psychologically their morale is near disintegration.
             There is pronounced dissension in the ranks -- even
             with the humanoids.
          o  Because of their own internal vulnerability mind-wise
             to each other, there is a basic lack of trust between
          o  They appear to be totally death-oriented, and because
             of this, absolutely death-fear oriented. This is a
             psychological advantage.
          o  The prime, and weakest area discovered, probed and
             tested is exactly what they have used, thinking it
             their key strength -- that being the manipulation of
             and control of the mind. Manipulated in reverse-
             psychology they face a situation where they have a 
             vulnerable, integrated weakness.
          o  They totally respect force.


Grey Physiology and Anatomy

     The approximate height of most specimens is between 3.5 and 
4.5 feet. The head, by human standards, is large in comparison 
with the body. Facial features show a pair of eyes described as 
large, sunken or deeply set, far apart or distended more than the 
human, and slightly slanted as Oriental or Mongoloid. No ear lobes 
or apertures on the side of the head were seen. The nose is vague. 
One or tow holes have been mentioned. The mouth area is described 
as a small slit or fissure. In some cases there is no mouth at 
all. It appears not to function as a means for communication or 
for food. The neck area is described as being thin, in some 
instances not being visible at all because of the tightly-knit 
garment. Most observers describe these humanoids as being 
hairless. Some of the bodies recovered have a slight hair-patch 
atop the head. Others have what appears to be like a silver 
skullcap. There were no breathing attachments or communications 
devices. This suggests telepathy with higher intelligence. In one 
instance there was an opening in the right frontal lobe area, 
revealing a crystalline network. This network implies the 
development of a third brain.
     The arms are described as long and thin, reaching down to the 
knee section. The hangers each contain four fingers, with no 
thumbs. Three fingers are longer than the other. Some are very 
long. Some are very long. Others are very short. No description is 
available of the legs and feet. Some pathologists indicate that 
that section of the body was not developed as we would anticipate, 
showing that some of these beings were adapted to life in the 
water. There was a webbing effect between the fingers on most of 
the specimens.
     According to most observers, the skin is grey. Some claim it 
is beige, tan or pinkish-grey. No reproductive organs or 
capabilities were discovered. No phallus. No womb. Confirms 
cloning mentioned by other sources. The humanoids appear to be 
from a mold, sharing identical racial and biological 
characteristics. There is no blood as we know it, but there is a 
fluid which is greyish in color.

     The "Taxonomy of Extra-Terrestrial Humanoids," another 
offering by George Andrews, yields some other observations:

          o  Working under the instructions of the humanoids
             from Rigel (the Greys), CIA and former Nazi 
             scientists have developed and deployed malignant
             strains of bacteria and viruses, including AIDS, in
             order to exterminate undesirable elements of the 
             human population.
          o  The Greys are almost entirely devoid of emotions,
             but can obtain a "high" by telepathically tuning in
             the different kinds of intense human emotion, such
             as ecstasy or agony. (Does that explain why UFOs
             have always been seen in regions of war and human
          o  There are over 1,000 humans in the United States
             alone who are the offspring of intergalactic or
             extragalactic beings and terrestrial humans. (The
             son of an acquaintance of [deleted in original]
             is one.)
          o  Throughout recorded history, as well as during
             prehistoric times, there has been constant genetic
             manipulation of and interbreeding with humans in
             order to breed out the less evolved simian traits.
             The Nordic races have participated in this from the
             beginning, and we are as much a part of them as we
             might suppose.
          o  Greys have the ability to camouflage themselves as
             tall Blonds through mental energy projection. Blonds
             never project themselves as Greys. Some Blonds seen
             with the Greys are physically real, but are 
             prisoners of the Greys who have either paralyzed 
             them or have destroyed their ability to teleport
             through time and other dimensions. Note: A lot of
             the material obtained by George Andrews has as its
             source a Blond that is a time traveler that escaped
             the Grey takeover of their system.
          o  Both Blonds and Greys have the ability to
             disintegrate matter into energy and then
             reintegrate the energy back into matter. This
             ability allows them to pass through walls and to
             transport abductees out of their cars with the 
             doors still locked.
          o  The original Rigelians were the Blonds until they
             were invaded by the Greys, a parasitic race, who
             took over and interbred with them. The original
             Rigelians were the ones who seeded the earth. It
             is because of this common ancestry that terrestrial
             humanity is of such interest to both the Blonds and
             the Greys.
          o  Terrestrial human females can be impregnated either
             on board ship or while they sleep in their homes.
             Males need not be manifested in visible form for
             this to occur.
          o  The Blonds now habitate the Procyon system. The
             conflict between the Blonds and the Greys is in a
             state of temporary truce, although the conflict
             between the Rigelian and the Sirius system is being
             fought actively.
          o  The Blonds with speech abilities will respond
             violently if attacked or threatened, but the
             telepathic ones will respond peacefully.
          o  Blonds were sometimes mistaken for angels in
             earlier centuries. They do not seem to age, and
             consistently appear to be from 27 to 35 human years


     Confused? Well, now you can see why the natural diversity of 
the way things are are hard to sort out for the average 
researcher. The probability that this information is true or 
partially true remains fairly high, based on analysis of what we 
know about abductions and general contact between humans and EBEs 
that has been documented.


Real Esoterica -- Sirius and the MIB
     Let's regress for a moment back to the MIB. According to John 
Keel, the MIB often state that they are representatives of the 
"Nation of the Third Eye."
     Based on some of the info we have already researched, it is 
apparent that Sirius has been in contact with us for a long time. 
According to George Hunt Williamson (one of the early contactees) 
in his book "Other Tongues, Other Flesh," the earth allies of 
Sirius, i.e., the secret societies, use the Eye of Horus as an 
insignia. This symbol has also been seen on the MIB. Secret 
societies believe that there is a Great White Lodge on earth. They 
call it Shamballa -- and consider it to be the spiritual center of 
the world. Now, theosophists such as Alice Bailey say that the 
Great White Lodge is on Sirius. If the All-Seeing-Eye is a symbol 
of Sirius' earth-allies and the MIB wear that symbol, and if 
Shamballa represents the Great White Lodge on earth -- then the 
MIB are emissaries of Shamballa. Sirius and Shamballa are two 
sides of the same coin. This is verified in the book "The 
Undiscovered Country," by Stephen Jenkins. Jenkins was told by 
Buddhist priests that Shamballa was located in the constellation 
of Orion.
     The entrance to Shamballa on earth is usually placed in the 
trans-Himalayan region. Some assert it is in the heart of the Gobi 
Desert (where there have been allegations of crashed disks and 
bases). According to the explorer Nicholas Roerich, there are 
caves in the Himalayan foothills that have subterranean passages. 
In one of the these passages, there is a stone door that has never 
been opened, because the time for its opening has not yet arrived.
In 1930, Doreal founded the Brotherhood of the White Temple. He 
says that the entrance to Shamballa is far underground. he goes on 
to say that space bends around Shamballa, and that there is a warp 
which leads into another universe.


     Let's get back to something we can have more of a direct 
handle on. Many times psychics have been called upon by 
investigative authorities to evaluate situations, and in many 
cases what they have contributed has been very helpful.
     This was done in the case of animal mutilations back in 1980 
by Peter Jordan, who engaged several psychics to render their 
impressions from photos and maps of mutilations and mutilation 
areas. What follows is a condensation of what was found during 
this exercise.

Name of Psychic: Ronald Mangravite

          o  This animal has been dead a few days.
          o  Some parts are decaying faster than others.
          o  There is an overload of electrolytes in the body
             possibly due to injection of a citrate.
          o  Something wrong with blood. Picking up higher
             portion of plasma which may be lymphatic fluid.
          o  Two men working on the animal. Very sharp surgical
          o  Men dressed in black. Jumpsuits. Shiny black nylon.
          o  Winch line coming down from chopper.
          o  Men are skilled ex-military.
          o  Something is going to be done with the tissue.
          o  Flurometry connection. Spectrophotometers.
          o  Choppers are brown or grey.
          o  Underground implications.
          o  Experimentation with different analytical techniques.

Name of Psychic: Elisabeth Lerner

          o  Paramilitary forces.
          o  A serious invasion of American privacy.
          o  Non-American Indians part of secret project.
          o  The word "Annide."
          o  The word "Carmine" or "Karmine."
          o  The symbol "dk."
          o  A new wave of mutilations will strike near southwest
             New Mexico.
          o  The Hobart Company is involved in this. 
             (Refrigeration equipment?)
          o  Three huge, doughnut-shaped objects will be seen in
             conjunction with these new mutilations.
          o  Breakthrough in research.
          o  Muscle relaxant injections.
          o  Someone with the name "Empeda."
          o  This is a Mexican operation.
          o  Names "Kielman" and "Kelman."
          o  Institution with many Lincoln Continentals and
          o  Laboratory underground.
          o  Lilly Pharmaceuticals.
          o  Roman numerals IVIII [sic].
          o  Name "Stephano."
          o  The number "1714."
          o  Last name "Audler."
          o  First name "Mase."
          o  Last name "Audli."
          o  Jet rocket labs nearby.
          o  Domes above the ground.
          o  Vehicle ID # MP 1936. Small jeeps.
          o  Last name "Plento."
          o  Initials "C.B.P." heads operation. Wears brown
             military shoes. Army.
          o  Number "1161."
          o  Around an oil field.
          o  Place where oil crosses in an "X" pattern.
          o  Chemical engineering connections.
          o  Mustard.
          o  Periscope device on bottom of craft. Chopper called
             "The Shark."
          o  Man with blond hair. English features. High forehead.
             Wears square ring. Insignia reads "C.B.P." Has
             something to do with ammunition. Colonel.

Name of Psychic: Nancy Fuchs

          o  Dusk scene. Men talking about some animal's throat.
             Something missing.
          o  Cylindrical object.
          o  Long thick object inserted into jugular vein.
          o  Powerful energy flow emanating from device used to
             kill cattle.
          o  Feeling of tremendous anger and hostility.
          o  Research implication. Minerals needed for research.
          o  Intimidation of rancher Gomez.
          o  Embryos.
          o  Thousands of samples needed for this breeding effect.
          o  Crossbreeding.
          o  Animal dies in seconds.
          o  Jolts of electricity through animal.
          o  Breeding and genetics involved.
          o  Army background.
          o  Liquid-filled shoes leave no prints.
          o  Marshall. Army. Cap with black rim and gold braid.
             Pompous. White-haired. Very influential. Walks into
             Pentagon whenever he pleases. Commission given 15-18
             years ago for mutilation project when he was 
             overseas. Grand Marshall. Friend of General
             MacArthur. Lives in Dakotas. Money invested. High-
             priority issue. Tall. Heavyset. Only 17 people know
             of this.
          o  Project with $2.5 million allocated early in game for
             breeding experimentation. Late 1960s through 
             Pentagon. More and more money invested every year.
          o  Land wanted. Want to destroy ranchers prime source
             of income.
          o  John Mitchell connected to this.
          o  Howard Hughes.
          o  Uranium connection.
          o  Picture complex. Faction-ridden.
          o  Interest in speeding up growth of cattle.
          o  Importance of pancreas.


     Well, there you have that little presentation. I don't know 
what exactly to make of it, but there it is. Certainly a non-UFO 
implication here, however, it only relates to THREE mutilations. 
How about the other 10,000 -- most of which have the UFO 
connection? What did I tell you about a multi-level reality?


     At this point, I will put some references and excerpts from 
some volumes that I believe are relevant to all the things we've 
been talking about. Where I feel it is applicable, I will comment 
on them.

"The Goblin Universe"

     (p222) The ability to materialize mental constructs is not 
unknown. Suppose one creates a field with the mind that is strong 
enough to attract supercharged particles. The particles are real 
but unstable in their assemblage since the stability depends on 
the intermediate mental component.

     (p223) Physical aspect of UFOs and other phenomena lie in the 
behavior of electromagnetic fields.

     (p124) If all UFO incidents were chance encounters, someone 
would have obtained a filmed record or a series of stills years 
ago. The only way that such episodes can be engineered so that 
they remain total mysteries is for the entities to have advance 
knowledge of any situation before it occurs.

     (p117, referencing John Keel) These entities labor to 
cultivate belief in various frames of reference, and then they 
create new manifestation which support those beliefs.

     (p120) Illness is common after close contact with some 

     (p122) Guy Underwood classified primary geomagnetic currents 
into three classes: water lines, aquastats, and track lines. Some 
magnetic signals appear as spirals, others are linear. Gnats and 
flies congregate above magnetic patterns.


"Extra-Terrestrials Among Us"
     (p2-3) On several occasions after UFOs flew over missile 
sites, it was found that the targeting of the missiles had 
changed, and the warheads had to be replaced.

     (p3) On 22 June 1980 a UFO that was 10 miles in diameter was 
reported over the Kuwait oil fields.

     (p4) On July 30, 1985, a UFO over Mongolia that was 10 km in 
diameter was reported heading south. It was sighted by a Chinese 
jet and reported in the "Japan Times." The Unites States ignored 
this report.

     (p8) JANAP-146 specifies up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 
in fines for anyone in government service who makes unauthorized 
public statements about UFO phenomena. The British Official 
Secrets Act makes similar provisions.

     (p9) Many routes of UFOs take the form of an isosceles 

     (p16) On September 14, 1978, a UFO as big as an ocean liner 
flew over Italy, and over Rome on the 15th and 16th.
     Comment: This was two weeks before Pope John Paul I was found 
dead under suspicious circumstances. He was killed between 
September 28-29. Autopsy was refused. It was rumored he intended 
to reveal the Fatima message of 1917.

     (p 20) UFOs dart around in daylight at speeds which cannot be 

     (p22) An individual having one CE experience usually has 

     (p24) There is no basis to support psychiatric pathology for 
UFO witnesses.

     (p24) Dr. Brian T. Clifford (Pentagon) announces on October 
5, 1982, that contact between U.S. citizens and extraterrestrials 
on their vehicles is illegal. Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code 
of Federal Regulations (adopted July 16, 1969, before the first 
manned lunar landing) says that anyone guilty of this becomes a 
wanted criminal to be jailed for one year and fined $5,000. The 
NASA administrator is empowered to determine WITH OR WITHOUT A 
HEARING that a person has been "ET-exposed" and impose 
INDETERMINATE quarantine under armed guard, which cannot be broken 
even by court order.

     (p89) Mars has a history of transient phenomena.

     (p90) Temporary brilliant spots on Mars were reported by 
astronomers in 1890, 1892, 1900, 1911, 1924, 1937, 1952, 1954, 
1967, and 1971. The distribution was non-random. Intensely dark 
spots, transient in nature, were reported on Mars in 1925, 1952, 
and 1954.

     (p93) About 33% of abductees are able to remember the 
experiences without hypnotic regression. 66% of the abductees were 
alone when abducted.

     (p94) Some abductees did not return but vanished permanently 
or were found dead after a UFO encounter.

     (p25) Records of the 687 B.C. battle between the Assyrians 
and the Hebrews indicate that "a blast from heaven" reduced the 
bodies of 185,000 Assyrians to ashes but left their clothes 

     (p145) Morris K. Jessup died under mysterious circumstances 
after a copy of his book "Case for the UFO" was sent to the Chief 
of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Washington.

     (p146 -- comments from "Case for the UFO")

          o  Falls from the sky of flesh, blood, reptiles, etc.,
             were due to either spoiled food or cleaning of
             holding tanks.
          o  Comments describe TWO different space races who share
             the planet with us without our knowledge. They are 
             not visitors -- they have been here longer than we
             have. They feel more at ease in the ocean.
          o  The little men were almost wiped out by a serpent
             race identified only as the "S-men." S-men are
             ravenous for red meat, extremely materialistic, and
             are greedy for power. Comment: Sounds like the Deros
             of Shavarian fame.

     (p147) Thanks to Allen Dulles in partnership with Reinhard 
Gehlen, the Gestapo was transplanted intact into the United States 
system as the CIA, without the knowledge or consent of American 
citizens. Comment: Remember Reagan placing wreaths on graves of SS 
stormtroopers at the 40th anniversary of WWII? Roots of that 
symbolic gesture go deep.

     (p147) Reference the Intelligence Identity Protection Act of 
1981: Freedom to speak about anything but the CIA. Some claim that 
concentration camps have already been built. Activation was sealed 
by Executive Order Rex 84. The next REX exercise in in 1988.

     (p148) Jessup: "I believe that space structures of 5-10 miles 
in diameter are sufficiently large to produce intelligently 
directed storms."

     (p150) Alleged alien comment in annotated edition of "Case 
for the UFO": "Men frozen helpless make good prey."

     (p151) Dr. James E. McDonald thought that the Federal Power 
Commission was evading the evidence concerning UFO involvement in 
the total power failure that paralyzed New York on July 13, 1965, 
and dared to say so in front of a Congressional committee.

     (p152) On June 13, 1971, James E. McDonald was found dead 
under mysterious circumstances, shot through the head with a 
pistol by his side.

     (p153) Murder disguised as suicide is one of the well-known 
specialties of the CIA.

     (p153) There is ample documentation suggesting that among the 
highest-priority covert operations of the CIA are those supplying 
heroin to the Mafia. The "war on drugs" is in fact a war on the 
independent drug dealer who constitutes a threat to the Mafia 
monopoly. Comment: Additional ways to subdue the population or 
eliminate undesirables?

     (p156) Karen Silkwood's murder disguised as auto accident.
     (p159) George Adamski, contactee in the 1950s had a special 
government passport. Possible CIA disinformation agent.

     (p162) Although mutilations were reported in England as early 
as 1904-1905, ("Winter of Weirdness"), the large-scale operations 
there began in 1973.

     (p163) A rancher and his sons saw a UFO as big as a hotel 
which was accompanied by four smaller ones. Rectangular in shape, 
300-400 feet long, and 60 feet high. A helicopter approached it 
and turned into a small UFO.

     (p163) Phantom cars appear on roads, follow people, and 

     (p163) A rancher and his wife looked at a UFO 5/8 of a mile 
away and reported that two appendages emerged from the egg-shaped 

     (p164) Apparently UFOs have the capability of invisibility.

     (p164) Materialization of a Bigfoot before a witness.

     (p164) Dematerialization of Bigfoot before witness who shot 
it with a 16-gauge shotgun at point-blank range into its stomach.

     (p166) On August 21, 1975, a sheriff was chasing an unmarked 
helicopter in his plane in southwestern Nebraska at 0430 when 
the lights on the helicopter went out, and the only thing seem on 
the ground was a missile silo.

     (p166) About the time mutilations began in earnest (1973 
wave), a new branch of science was beginning to develop -- 
biogeochemistry -- analysis of mineral and oil deposits by 
analysis of tissues of herbivorous animals.

     (p168) An elderly lady in Arkansas in 1979 injured herself 
and was cut during a fall. The injuries were repaired by two 
aliens, who gave her a piece of metal with pyramids and six-
pointed stars on it. The aliens told her they "consumed juice," 
but not the kind consumed by humans. Six weeks later, she was out 
looking for her dog and spotted a horse lying on its side, 
     Two men in white, dressed like surgeons, were at work on the 
horse. There were two Air Force helicopters parked in the 
clearing, two men in Air Force uniforms, and the same two aliens 
who had helped her after her fall. The lady was spotted by the 
group and she was overtaken by a helicopter which flashed a blue 
light on her which burned her clothing. Help arrived as the 
helicopter retreated, and she was brought to the local hospital. 
People having nothing to do with the hospital staff began turning 
up to question her. After release she was harassed at all hours by 
strangers who insisted on questioning her, repeating the same 
questions over and over again. The couple moved to a different 
state, only to have it start all over again. MUFON began 
investigating this case, but as of 1986 had not yet made public 
its conclusions. Research into the case began in 1980.

     (p171) Tissue samples taken from a carcass revealed the 
presence of chlorpromazine, a tranquilizer.

     (p171 comment by Gabe Valdez) "Whoever is doing these 
mutilations are highly organized and have a lot of resources."

     (p172) The theory of biogeochemical basis for the mutilations 
fails to account for the fact that mutilations are worldwide.

     (p174) When FBI agent Rommel was given $50K to investigate 
the mutilations in one district in New Mexico, all mutilations in 
that district stopped during the year.

     (p177) The Condon Report, Rommel Report, and the Warren 
Report all have a resemblance.

     (p177) The human tendency to avoid facing unpleasant facts 
may allow parasitic entities to "farm us."

     (p178) A seven-year-old heifer was found whose unborn calf 
had been removed with breaking the placental bag.

     (p181) U.S. Senate lied to by Pentagon in 1968 during Senate 
hearings on UFOs.

     (p200) In an anonymous letter to a Denver paper on April 8, 
1983, it was told that the mutilations are being done by a secret 
government group called Delta. Animal parts are used to test 
effects of germ warfare and poison (cyanide and dioxin) they are 
testing on civilians in America. Testing is associated with black 
helicopters. Helicopters are also used to ferry heroin and 
cocaine. Delta bases said to be all underground on Indian 
Reservations. HQ for operations and where a lot of choppers are 
based in 28 miles east of Albuquerque on I-40, then 14 miles north 
on a dirt road into the Laguna Indian Reservation. Comment: 
Disinformation attempt?

     (p204, UPI story, February 2, 1984) Dr. James Womack at
Texas A&M University announced his discovery that humans share 
"perfect match" chromosomes with cattle. The perfect match is with 
portions of the 21st chromosome pair, a strand known to carry 
characteristics of Mongolism or Down's Syndrome, associated with 
mental retardation. Dr. Womack says, "We must have more in common 
than previously believed."

     (p205, 1984 letter) A recent arrival on the nutritional scene 
is protomorphogens, or glandulars -- ground up glands of cattle. If 
one takes these for a year you get "hooked" on them. Your own 
glands stop producing hormones.
     Many EBEs have no alimentary canals and no glands.
     In some cancer clinics, these glandulars are used to treat 
cancer victims, and so are glands from human fetuses.

     (p206) What is happening with the mutilations would make 
sense in human terms if the location on which the cattle grazed 
was important, or the parts taken could be used geobiologically 
(which they aren't).

     (p208) UFOs are: Extraterrestrial, ultraterrestrial, 
interdimensional, and time travelers.

     (p208) Some UFOs behave as if the UFO itself was a living 
organism. Comment: Refer to Trevor James Constable's book "Sky 
Creatures," for a discussion of biological aeroforms, of "Flying 
Saucers at Etibi-Raa," by Wendell Stevens for a discussion of just 
that subject.

     (p208) Entities with cyborg-like traits, having both 
mechanical and biological features, turn up quite frequently in 

     (p208) It is odd that among the viruses there are some that 
look like UFOs, like T. Bacteriophage. Do some UFO have the 
ability to operate in the micro-dimension of viruses? Comment: In 
the discipline of Yoga is noted the ability to become large or 

     (p209) Anyone with more access to even one more dimension 
than we have access to could evade our most carefully planned 
investigations indefinitely.

     (p210) Modern brain capacity: 1300cc
            Cro-magnon man: 1400cc
            Baskop man (megroid [sic] race): 1800cc

            The last two appeared quite suddenly.
     (p210) Theory of Max H. Flindt attributes paradoxically rapid 
development of the human brain to interbreeding between primitive 
humanity and ETs.
     According to Flindt, schizophrenia is caused by subconscious 
racial memory of the ET branch of the family tree, longing for 
home. Considerable differences between glandular and nervous 
systems between primitive humans and ETs would provide a basis for 
traumatic tension associated with regressed memory.

     (p210) Our civilization has forgotten the existence of other 
intelligent beings in the universe.

     (p211) The idea that Homo Sapiens is unique is becoming no 
longer tenable.


Well, as if this weren't enough, let's examine the basic 
allegations that were raised by Gary Stollman when he held an 
empty BB gun to David Horowitz on KNBC Channel 4, Los Angeles, in 
October, 1987. Gary clearly though that he was alone in his 
knowledge, and evidently turned to desperation to have the public 
become aware of what he knew. For the sake of brevity, I will 
simply summarize the allegations, and make comments where I wish 
to do so:
          o  His physical father is in fact a clone created by
             the CIA and alien forces.
          o  Cloning is a part of a plot to overthrow the U.S
          o  The CIA maintains mental-retraining hospitals.
          o  Phones were turned off at Rohlman Psychiatric 
             Hospital in Cincinnati for 48 hours after his
          o  A former CIA official had an interview on KPFK radio
             in which he told a college audience that the CIA has 
             towed barges across New York Harbor that were
          o  The CIA may have created the AIDS virus to wipe out
             the gay population. Comment: Hmmm, where have we
             heard THAT before?
          o  The CIA assassinated John F. Kennedy and the 22
             material witnesses who died with two years. Comment:
             Hmmmm, I have heard that as well.
          o  He demands that the Air Force release all
             information on UFOs.
          o  He demands that the information about Hanger 18 at
             Wright-Patterson [AFB] be released.
          o  He relates that he spoke to a girl at Florida Junior
             College who told him that seven of her friends had
             been "replaced."
          o  The CIA doesn't trust people on computers.
          o  Individuals at the Optimist Boys School in Pasadena
             were recruited by others and given false IDs and
             birth certificates.
          o  There is a secret group led by the President's own
          o  There are beings around with the power to teleport
             instantly and do the same to others; who can read
             and control minds, and transform matter into other
             forms and create it at will.
          o  He asks for a congressional investigation and
             federal protection.
          o  He states that he cannot harm anyone with an empty
             BB gun.


     Well, what do you think? [Name deleted in original, replaced
with the word "MUFON"] contacted Mr. Stollman's lawyer in
December, 1987, and told him that some of what Gary had said may
be true. His lawyer promptly made himself scarce.


     For some of you who keep an eye on the news, the President
(Reagan) has said some mighty interesting things in some speeches
of his:
To the students of Fallston High School in Fallston, Maryland, on 
December 4, 1985, he said:

     "I couldn't but -- one point in our discussions with General 
Secretary Gorbachev -- when you stop to think that we're all God's 
children, wherever we may live in the world, I couldn't help but 
say to him, just think how easy his task and mine might be in 
these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this 
world from some other species from another planet outside in the 
universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we 
have between our countries and we would find out once and for all 
that we really are all human beings on this earth together.
     "Well, I don't suppose we can wait for some alien race to 
come down and threaten us...."

To the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations, September 21, 

     "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often 
forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we 
need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this 
common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences 
worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from 
outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force 
already among us? What could be more alien to the universal 
aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?"

Comment: Apparently Mr. Reagan doesn't realize that war is NOT 
alien to the aspirations of peace -- it's always been here.


Does Mr. Reagan know something that we know but the general public
doesn't know about what is happening and what will happen within 
the next five years?

General Types of Entities

The Greys are known to be of three types:
o  Grey 1: 3.5 feet tall. Large head. Large slanted eyes. Worship 
           Technology and don't care about us. Type popularized in
           "Communion" by Strieber.

o  Grey 2: Same general appearance, although has a different
           finger arrangement and a slightly different face.
           More sophisticated than Grey 1. They possess a degree
           of common sense and are somewhat passive. It is not 
           known if they require the secretions needed by Grey 1.

o  Grey 3: Same basic type. Lips thinner. Subservient to other
           two types.

Other entities known to frequent this planet:

o  Blonds/Swedes/Nordics: Known by any of these names. Similar to 
           us. Blond hair, blue eyes. Will not break law of non-
           interference to help us. Would only intervene if the 
           Greys' activity would affect other parts of the

o Interdimensional: Entities that can assume a variety of shapes.
           Basically of a peaceful nature.

o Short Humanoids: 1.5 to 2.5 feet tall, skin bluish in color.
           Seen quite frequently in Mexico near Chihuahua.

o Hairy Dwarfs: 4 feet tall. Weigh about 35 pounds. Hairy.
           Neutral. Respect intelligent life.

o Very Tall Race: Look like us but 7-8 feet tall. United with
           the Swedes.

o Nordic Clones: Appear similar to us but with grey tinge to their 
           skin. These are drones created by the Greys. Child-
           like mentality.

o Men-In-Black (MIB): Oriental or olive-skinned. Eyes sensitive to 
           light. Eyes have vertical pupils. Very pale skin in 
           some types. Do not conform easily to our social 
           patterns. Usually wear black clothes, drive black cars, 
           and wear sunglasses. In groups they all dress alike.
           Sometimes time-disoriented. they cannot handle a
           psychological "curve-ball" or interruption to their
           plan. Often intimidate UFO witnesses and impersonate
           government officials. Equivalent of our CIA. From 
           another galaxy.

Although there are some 40 or more known types of aliens visiting 
our world at the present time, these are the most commonly seen 

Extract of information from: "UFO Contact from Undersea," 
Section 1: Regression session, Filiberto Cardenas (subject)
           Event date: 3 January 1979 UFO CEIII
           During the regression session(s) the following 
           information came forth:

1. Subject was taken to one of three pyramid bases. Two pyramid 
bases are under ocean, one on land. Subject was taken to base 
between Berin and Santiago of the coast of Chile. Other underwater 
base is in the Atlantic in an unspecified location. The base was
entered through an underwater tunnel. The aliens stated that they 
had been there 36 months at that time.
2. Aliens told the subject that there were six (6) other 
individuals whom the aliens had contacted.
3. Subject stated that the aliens voiced that they were eventually 
going to make themselves known to the world.
4. Aliens stated that they control the Chinese, and they have 
provided the Chinese with a device that can "paralyze cities and 
towns completely."
5. Aliens stated that the device will cause a change that "is 
going to be something for which the world cannot wait." The 
Chinese are to provoke certain unspecified changes, and that in 
those changes, "people who are negative will disappear."
6. Subject remembers seeing (future) scenes of people running 
disoriented along roads, and that there is a disaster coming. 
7. Details of underwater tunnel described as walls of " firmed 
water," not rock. The ship evidently generated a force field which 
repelled the water around it.
8. Devices were supposedly installed in subject's head by aliens. 
Subsequent x-rays revealed nothing.

(Session 3)

1. First contact with these groups of aliens began 4,000 years 
2. It has been thousands of years since this group last descended 
to earth.
3. If progress on earth does not continue, aliens will use more 
forceful demonstrations to get their point across that we must 
have peace and progress.
4. Subject was interrogated for 15 days after the events by US 
security and intelligence services.
5. Information from aliens had also to do with "an atrocity in the 
plans certain forces on earth had planned."
6. Subject was seven years old when contact with aliens first 
7. Aliens have ability to dematerialize their craft.
8. Aliens stated that we should beware of other alien groups who 
will present themselves in a good light but if they pursue "bad 
objectives against us they could do two things. They could destroy 
this planet with the same arms that this planet has, or on the 
contrary, transport away all our arms in one operation, which 
would take no more than 20 minutes of our time. They can be 
visible or not, whatever they choose."
8. [sic] Treatise references 81 other crossbreeds from (negative) 
aliens who have performed duties on earth. Half alien-half 
earthling = Crossbreed
9. Aliens spoke of great portions of land and whole cities will 
[sic] disappear. Mexico City and major cities in California.

History and Operations -- Operation Trojan Horse

     The amusing little mystery of flying saucers slowly evolves 
into a complicated series of coincidences and paradoxes as we 
plunge deeper and deeper into the data, excluding nothing, and 
considering everything as objectively as possible.
     Our skies have been filled with "Trojan Horses" throughout 
history, and like the original Trojan Horse, the SEEM to conceal 
hostile intent.
     Several facts are now apparent:

     o  The objects have always chosen to operate in a
        clandestine manner, furtively choosing the hours of
        darkness for their enigmatic activities over thinly-
        populated areas, where the possibility of being detected
        is slight.
     o  The hostility factor is further supported by the fact
        that the objects chose, most often, to appear in forms
        which we can readily accept and explain to our own
        satisfaction -- ranging from dirigibles to meteors and
        conventional-appearing airplanes.
     o  The objects of unusual configuration, undoubtedly
        constituting a deceptive minority of all the
        paraphysical objects flitting about in our atmosphere.

     In other words, flying saucers are not at all what we have 
hoped they were. They are a part of something else. John A. Keel
called that something else "Operation Trojan Horse."

     When one really digs into UFO literature, it readily becomes 
clear that the ultraterrestrials deliberately conveyed whatever 
impression that would meet the available frame of reference for 
that time.
     Until 1848, the religious frame of reference was constantly 
used by the phenomenon. As man's technology improved many of our 
old beliefs were discarded and the "phenomenon" was obliged to 
update its manifestations and establish new frames of reference. 
No more objects were seen in 1947 than had been seen in 1847. We 
were simply seeing them in a new way. A new game was being played 
with us.
     A new game has emerged: the artifact or hardware game. The 
phenomenon has always obliged us by planting false evidence all 
over the landscape.
     UFO cultists trapped themselves into a hopeless situation 
almost from the outset. The apparent purpose of most of the 
landings seems to have been to advance belief in the frame of 
reference, not to provide absolute proof that the frame of 
reference is authentic.

Physical Evidence
     All kinds of junk have fallen out of the sky throughout 
recorded history. Ivan T. Sanderson has in his files extensive 
lists that go back to Roman times. Ridiculous things such as stone 
pillars and heavy metal wheels have come crashing out of the blue, 
and there are countless cases of ice blocks, some weighing 
hundreds of pounds, dropping all over this planet. The flying 
saucers have been spewing all kinds of trash all over the 
landscape. In nearly every instance, these materials always prove 
to be ordinary earthly substances like magnesium, aluminum, 
chromium, and even plain old tin. Each of these incidents give the 
skeptics new ammunition.
     Mysterious hollow spheres have also been dropping out of the 
sky all over the world. Three such spheres were found in the 
Australian desert in 1963. They were about 14 inches in diameter 
and had a shiny polished surface. Efforts to open the spheres 
failed, and they were turned over to the USAF. Other metal spheres 
have dropped out of the sky in Mexico (1967) and Conway, Arkansas 
(1967). The Mexican steel ball was identified as titanium, the one 
in Arkansas steel.
     Smaller colored spheres were found scattered over the French 
countryside in 1966-67, as if it had been raining balls there. 
Where is all this stuff coming from? The same place as the stone 
pillars and blocks of ice. Innumerable cases of contact and 
landings have been flushed down the ufological drain because of 
the deliberate "negative factors." Sincere witnesses have actually 
been ruined because the amateur UFO investigators have accused 
them of being liars and worse.
     Another fascinating game which the ufonauts play with a 
vengeance is the "repair" gambit. Beginning in 1897, there has 
been an endless stream of stories and reports, many from reliable 
witnesses, on how they encountered a grounded UFO and observed the 
occupants making repairs of some kind. The basic details in all 
these stories are so similar that it seems as if the ufonauts are 
following a carefully rehearsed procedure.
     Generally speaking, there are three (3) types of beings 
observed in relation to UFOs:
     o  Normal-looking people, including females.
     o  Oriental, dark-skinned beings.
     o  Unidentifiable creatures, who have made a real effort to
        hide from witnesses.
     Oddly enough, when all the reports and the data is in, the 
scope of the phenomenon and the overwhelming quantity of reports 
negates its validity. An analysis of cases indicates that flying 
saucers are not, in most cases, stable machines requiring fuel, 
maintenance, and logistical support. Most of them are, in all 
probability, transmutations of energy from other dimensions and do 
not exist in the same way that this paper exists.
     The UFO phenomenon seems to be largely subjective: that is, 
specific kinds of people become involved and are actually 
manipulated by the phenomenon in the same way that it manipulates 
matter. These subjective experiences are far more important to our 
study that the "random" superficial sightings. We are obliged to 
forget about the sightings and concentrate on the claims and 
experiences of the contactees.

     Thousands of UFO photos have been taken since 1882. There's 
just one problem. With very few exceptions, no two UFO photos are 
alike. The sightings force two unacceptable answers upon us:
     o  All the witnesses were mistaken or lying.
     o  Some tremendous unknown civilization is exerting an all-
        out effort to manufacture thousands of different types of
        UFOs and is sending them all to our planet.
     The governments of the world overtly have maintained 
variations of the first proposal. UFO enthusiasts accept the 
second. There is a third proposal which merits some attention: 
some "hard" objects definitely exist as temporary materializations 
from other dimensions. They leave indentations in the ground when 
they land. Witnesses have touched them and even been inside them. 
These "hard" objects may be decoys to cover the multitudinous 
activities of the "soft" objects. The "soft" objects hold one of 
the keys of the mystery. There are countless sightings of objects 
which changed size and shape in front of witnesses who often get 
the impression that it was alive, that it was not behaving like a 
mechanical object at all.
     There is no question at all that there are intelligences that 
can manipulate or materialize any kind of object into our 
dimension. Let's take a look, for a second, at the electromagnetic 
spectrum. As you know, our visual spectrum makes up a small 
portion of the whole. Look at what's involved with UFOs:

Blue        UFO ENTRY FIELD    _________________
Cyan        ____________________________________
Green                           Visible
Red         __________________  Spectrum     
Magenta                        _________________
Heat           FIELD

     If you will relate this to cases that you are familiar with, 
as far as appearance, spectrum shift when in flight, etc., you 
will see the applicability of the above diagram.

     When UFO stabilize in our dimension they radiate energy on 
all frequencies and become glowing white. Radical maneuvers 
require a frequency alteration, which produces color changes. It 
is interesting to note that in Blue Book Report #14, they replaced 
the phrase "Electromagnetic Phenomenon" with the word "Unknown" in 
a majority of those cases. Why? There is no doubt that again, a 
situation exists where we have multiple realities within the UFO 
realm as well. It is clear that we are not dealing with random ET 
visitors. It has an extreme element of intention to do with all of 
it. Mutilations started in April, 1897, with the abduction of 
Alexander Hamilton's calf, witnessed by several people. That is 
one of the constants that has been with us that has not changed 
frame of reference. How many people give thought to the three 
dark-skinned wise men who appeared before the birth of Jesus, 
spread the reality of the happening, and disappeared again. All 
the dark-skinned men in threes. MIB. It makes you wonder. Hmmmm.

Charting the Enigma
     Well, here we are again. Taking a sample of 33% of 10,000 or 
so cases, or about 3,330 cases, we find that 730 are so-called 
Type I, a low-level object observed and reported by reliable 
witnesses. It was found that 2,600 were Type II, high-altitude 
objects performing in a controlled manner and distinct from normal 
aircraft and natural phenomena. The time of the sightings depends 
on where you are. If you are in a rural area, sightings 
conveniently begin after 10 p.m. A populated area would have them 
between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. For some reason, in many "flaps," 
Wednesday had about 20.5% of the sightings. Hmmm.
     Now, if the UFO phenomenon (and I dislike that word) had a 
purely psychic basis then I would think there would be more 
sightings on a Saturday, when people are statistically out and 
about than on Wednesday. There are notable exceptions to 
everything of course, one of which was the "flap" of August 16, 
1966, which was on a Tuesday.
     Reports seem to cluster within political boundaries of 
states, as if there were a methodical exploration of states from 
border to border. If the UFO were a natural occurrence, one would 
expect otherwise.
     Thousands of sightings can be fitted into the "great circle" 
route, and often the dates are staggered so that it appears that 
the phenomenon moves systematically from point to point.
     Every state in the United States has from two to ten 
"windows." These are areas where UFOs appear repeatedly year after 
year. The objects will appear in these places and pursue courses 
confined to sectors with a radius of about 200 miles. The great 
circle from Canada (not to be confused with the traditional Great 
Circle) in the northwest through the central states and back into 
northeast Canada is a major window. Hundreds of smaller windows
lie within that circle. Another major window is centered in the
Gulf of Mexico and encompasses much of Mexico, Texas and the
     As mentioned previously, many windows center directly over 
area of magnetic deviation.
     UFOs seem to congregate about the highest available hills in 
these window areas. They become visible in these centers and then 
radiate outward, traveling sometimes 100-200 miles before 
disappearing again.

     Among the great heaps of neglected and ignored UFO data, we 
find hundreds of "minipeople" accounts. These are very rarely 
published anywhere because they tend to be so unbelievable. Most of 
them are identical to the fairy and gnome stories of yesteryear. 
Witnesses to these events can experience conjunctivitis, akinesia 
(paralysis), amnesia, and the other effects often noted by 
witnesses to more conventional events. One notable event is one 
that occurred in Seattle, Washington, in the latter part of 
August, 1965. A woman awoke around 2 a.m. and discovered she could 
not move a muscle or make a sound. Her window was open, and 
suddenly a tiny, football-sized dull-grey object floated through 
the window and hovered over the carpet near her bed. Three legs 
lowered from the object and it settled to the floor. A small ramp 
extended from it and five or six tiny people clambered out and 
seemed to work on some kind of repairs on the object. They wore 
tight-fitting clothing. When they were finished, they got in and 
the object took off and sailed out the window. At that point, she 
was able to move. The case was investigated by J. Russell Jenkins 
of Seattle.
     You can readily see why almost none of these kinds of stories 
ever appear in print, except in occult-oriented literature. 
Nevertheless, if we hope to assess the true UFO situation, we must 
examine all these stories. We can learn nothing by considering 
only those incidents which are emotionally and intellectually 
acceptable to us.


     TIME is one of the most important aspects of the UFO thing. 
It plays a strange but significant role. Part of the answer may 
not lie in the stars but in the clock ticking on your fireplace.
     Our world exists in three dimensions. We can move in many 
directions within these dimensions. Space does not exist except 
when we make it exist. To us, the distance between atoms in our 
matter is so minute that it can only be calculated with 
hypothetical measurements. Yet, if we lived on an atom, and our 
size was relative to its size, the distance to the next atom would 
seem awesome.
     There is another man-made measurement called time. Unlike the 
other three dimensions, time has us seemingly trapped. Time 
becomes very real to us, and it appears that we couldn't live 
without it. Yet time doesn't really exist at all. This moment 
exists to us. Does this mean the same moment is being shared by 
other planets?
     The UFO phenomenon does seem to be controlled. It does follow 
intelligent patterns. If the objects themselves are manifestations 
of higher energies, then something has to manipulate those 
energies somehow and reduce them to the visible frequencies. Not 
only do they enter the visible frequencies, but they take forms 
which seem physical and real to us, and they carry out actions 
which seem to be intelligent.
     Thus we arrive at the source. The source has to be a form of 
intelligent energy operating at the highest possible point of the 
frequency spectrum. If such an energy exists at all, it might 
permeate the universe and maintain equal control of each 
component part. Because of its very high frequency, so high that 
the energy particles are virtually standing still, the source has 
no need to replenish itself in any way that would be acceptable to 
our environmental sciences. It could actually create and destroy 
matter by manipulating the lower energies. It would be timeless, 
because it exists beyond all time fields. It would be infinite 
because it is not confined by three-dimensional "space."
     Children. Children figure neatly into this, and they always 
have. The child's mind, especially before the so-called age of 
reason when the logic circuits begin to form, is a clear 
instrument, open and uninfluenced by opinions and conclusions. 
This is an important point in the UFO mystery.
     Perhaps if we were in a pure energy state, each particle of 
energy would itself serve as a synapse, and information could be 
stored by a slight alteration in frequency. All the memory 
fragments of a rose, for example, would be recorded at one 
frequency, and the whole energy form could tune into that memory 
by adjusting frequencies, as we might adjust a radio receiver. In 
other words, no complex circuitry would be required. No body would 
be necessary. The energy patterns would not need material form. It 
would permeate the entire universe. It could surround you 
completely at this very moment and be aware of all the feeble 
impulses of low energy passing through your brain. If it so 
desired, it could control those pulses and thus control your 
thoughts. Man has always been aware of this intelligent energy or 
force. He has always worshipped it.

     Our first conclusion is that the UFOs originate from beyond 
our own time frame or time cycle. Our second conclusion is that 
the source has total foreknowledge of human events and even of 
individual lives. Since time and space are not absolutes, these 
two conclusions are compatible.
     It is that all human events occur simultaneously when viewed 
by a greater intelligence. If a greater intelligence wants to 
communicate with a lower form, all kinds of problems are 
presented. The communication must be conducted in a manner which 
will be meaningful and understandable to the lower life form. An 
acceptable frame of reference must be found and utilized.
     UFO phenomenon, especially the "soft" ones, are frequently 
reflective; that is, the observed manifestations seem to be 
deliberately tailored and adjusted to the individual beliefs and 
attitudes of the witnesses. Contactees are given information 
which, in most cases, conforms to their beliefs. UFO researchers 
who concentrate on one particular aspect or theory find themselves 
inundated with seemingly reliable reports which seem to 
substantiate that theory.
     John Keel's extensive experiences with this reflective factor 
led him to carry out weird experiments which confirmed that a 
large part of the reported data is engineered and deliberately 
false. The witnesses are not the perpetrators, but merely the 
     The apparent purpose of all this false data is multifold. 
Much of it is meant to create confusion and diversion. Some of it 
has served to support certain beliefs which were erroneous but 
which would serve as stepping-stones to the higher, more complex 
truth. Whole generations have come and gone, happily believing in 
the false data, unaware that they were mere links in the chain.
     If it were all understood too soon, we might crumble under 
the weight of the truth. This earth is covered with windows into 
those other unseen worlds. If we had the instruments to detect 
them, we would find that these windows are the focal points for 
super high-frequency waves -- the "rays" of ancient lore. These 
rays might come from Orion or the Pleiades as the ancients 
claimed, or they might be part of the great force that emanates 
throughout the universe. The UFOs have given us the evidence that 
such rays exist. Now, slowly, we are being told why.


     It is also apparent that some entities are having a good 
laugh at our expense. As mentioned before, literature indicates 
that the phenomenon carefully cultivated the religious frame of 
reference in early times, just as the modern manifestations have 
carefully supported the extraterrestrial frame of reference.
     The Devil's emissaries of yesteryear have been replaced by 
the mysterious "men in black." A major, but little-explored, 
aspect of the UFO phenomenon is therefore theological and 
philosophical rather than purely scientific. The UFO problem can 
never be untangled by physicists and scientists unless they are 
men who also are schooled in the other disciplines.
     The earth was occupied before man arrived or was created. 
That's an important point to consider. The original occupants were 
paraphysical and possessed the power of transmutation of matter. 
Man was the interloper. The inevitable conflict arose between 
physical man and the paraphysical owners of the planet. Man 
accepted the interpretation that this conflict raged between his 
creator and the Devil. The religious viewpoint has always been 
that the Devil has been attacking man (trying to get rid of him) 
by causing havoc upon him. There is historical and modern proof 
that this may be so.
     It is interesting that parapsychologists have long concluded 
that the paralysis that contactees experience is a contributing 
cause; that the entity may materialize by utilizing energy from 
the percipient himself.
     John Keel has in his files hundreds of cases, some of which 
have now been investigated by qualified psychiatrists, in which 
young men and women obsessed with the UFO phenomenon have suffered 
frightening visits from apparitions, followed up by mysterious 
black Cadillacs which appeared and disappeared suddenly, and have 
been terrified into up their pursuit of the UFOs. The phenomenon 
is again reflective in nature; the more frightened the victim 
becomes, the more the manifestations are escalated. Think about 


The Other Side of the Coin
     There is a balance in nature, and there also seems to be a 
balance in the UFO picture. People have actually died after 
exposure to the gamma and UV rays from UFOs. But other people have 
actually had their ailments cured by similar rays. Occult 
literature is filled with accounts of this type.
     Except for those who might be specially constructed for 
incubus-succubus activities, it does appear that our "angels" and 
"spacemen" come from a world, in many cases, with sex -- and very 
probably, a world without an organized society; a world in which 
each individual is merely a unit in the whole and is totally 
controlled by the collective intelligence or energy mass of that 
whole. In other words, these beings, or some of them anyway, have 
no free will. They are slaves of a very high order. Often they try 
to convey this to percipients with their statements, "We are One," 
"We are in bondage."
     We face a great task in trying to isolate the UFO phenomenon 
from the larger and more important "big picture," the overall 
situation of which the UFOs are merely a small part.
     Elemental beings are another aspect of the world we live in. 
Children see them more than adults, perhaps for the reasons 
described before. Historical records certainly indicate that the 
little people have always existed all over this planet; that they 
possess the power of flight, the power of invisibility, and, to 
varying degrees, the power to dominate and control the human mind. 
Accounts of little humanoids with supernatural powers can be found 
in almost every culture.
     The manifestations have remained the same throughout history. 
Only our interpretations of those events have changed. It brought 
the birth of Spiritualism, which was in its heyday in the 1850s 
and 1860s, and was just another form of communication between the 
ultraterrestrials and ourselves.
     UFO flaps also parallel outbreaks of poltergeist cases. It 
all ties in together.
     Assuming that each discovered historical report represents a 
larger number of unpublished or undiscovered reports, just as 
today's UFO reports represent on the average 250 unreported or 
unpublished sightings, we can conclude that a flap condition 
existed, for example, in the years 1820, 1834, 1844, 1846, and 
1849. We also find that there was an outbreak of poltergeists in 
1835, 1846, and 1849.
     As the 19th century progressed, reporting improved, and we 
are able to make more precise correlations. A UFO flap took place 
in 1850, and there was also a series of poltergeist cases. A 
larger poltergeist outbreak occurred in 1867, following flaps in 
1863-64. UFO activity became more intense beginning in 1870, and 
there were notable flaps in 1872, 1877, and 1879. The 1880s 
produced a major explosion of all kinds of phenomena, including 
the sudden disappearance of people. Poltergeist cases were in 
abundance in that decade, particularly in the big flap years of 
1883 and 1885.
     Astrophysicist Morris K. Jessup labeled the years 1877-87 the 
"Incredible Decade" after scouring astronomical journals of the 
period. Astronomers made some remarkable discoveries during those 
years. The previously unobserved satellites of Mars popped into 
view in 1877, new craters appeared on the moon, all kinds of 
strange objects flitted around the upper atmosphere.


     The trance phenomenon deserves extensive study because so 
many aspects of it are directly related to the contactee 
phenomenon. In both, you will find the same contradictions. There 
seem to be both good and evil forces at work. The good guys latch 
onto people with particularly receptive minds and turn them into 
trance mediums and the bad guys use the same methods to tamper 
with the minds of contactees and even to commit murder indirectly. 
Since incidents of these types can be traced throughout history, 
it seems probably that these forces have always been here on this 
planet. do the ultraterrestrials really care about us? There is 
much evidence to suggest that they don't. They care only to the 
extent that we can fulfill our enigmatic use to them.
     There have been innumerable psychic hoaxes for the past 150 
years, and many of these parallel the UFO hoaxes. In ufology we 
have to contend with the teenager's hot air balloon, and in 
psychic phenomenon we have to worry about youngsters firing rocks 
at houses. There are, however, more UFO sightings than there are 
plastic balloons, and more poltergeists dumping rocks in living 
rooms than there are wild-eyed youngsters with slingshots. There 
are also more ultraterrestrial entities than either the occultists 
or the UFO researchers can dream of.
     Giant winged beings, usually described as headless, are an 
integral part of the UFO phenomenon. Winged human forms have been 
seen flying over many areas of the world. John A. Keel wrote a 
book called the "Mothman Prophecies" and Gray Barker a book called 
"The Silver Bridge" that go into some detail. They are usually 
described as having blazing red eyes set deep in their shoulders.


     On May 13, 1917, three girls in Portugal were in the meadows 
of a place called Cova da Iria outside of Fatima, Portugal, when 
they saw a flash of light in the clear sky. They ran for shelter 
under a tree, thinking that was lightning. When they reached the 
tree, they stopped in amazement, for there hovering just above a 
3-foot evergreen nearby, a brilliant globe of light hung 
     Within this globe there was an entity garbed in a luminous 
white robe with a face of light which dazzled and hurt the eyes.
     The figure stated that it was from heaven, and asked the 
girls to come there on the 13th day, for six months in succession. 
On October 13, 1917, an estimated 70,000 people had gathered at 
the site. Suddenly the crowd screamed, for something came through 
the clouds: a huge silver disk which rotated rapidly as it 
descended towards the crowd. It seemed to change color, going 
through the spectrum. These gyrations continued for ten minutes. 
Miles from there, others were also watching the same object.
     The incident at Fatima was obviously a carefully planned and 
deliberately executed demonstration. The major prophecies of 
Fatima had been written down and sealed in an envelope, and turned 
over to the Vatican. They were supposed to be revealed to the 
world in 1960. The secret of Fatima? One Pope was murdered after 
only 30 days in office when the Vatican thought he would reveal 
it. It is said to be a prediction of the end of the world. The 
demonstration was therefore a failure as far as the 
ultraterrestrials were concerned. Such demos proved highly 
effective in Biblical times, but times were changing and new 
methods were called for.
     A similar event such as Fatima took place in Garabandal, 
Germany, on July 2, 1961. Even more startling, on the entity's 
right side they could see "a square of red fire framing a triangle 
with an eye and some writing. The lettering was in an old 
Oriental script." The Third Eye. Haven't we heard of that before?
     Remember the Nation of the Third Eye -- the MIB. etc?


Gravitational Propulsion

     Well, I have gotten this far in explaining some things to 
you. I might as well turn to my favorite subject of all -- 
gravitational propulsion. The best place to start is with the 
efforts of a personal acquaintance of mine who had the good 
fortune to meet in England -- Mr. J. R. Searl. His investigations 
into gravitational propulsion have proven to be quite revealing -- 
he's done it, and I want to tell you about it.
     In 1949, he was employed by the Midlands Board as an 
electronic fitter. He was very enthusiastic about the subject of 
electricity, though he had no formal education on the subject 
other than was required by his job. Unhindered by conventional 
ideas about electricity, he carried out his own investigation into 
the subject. During work on electrical motors and generators, he 
noticed that a small electromotive force (EMF) was produced by the 
spinning metal parts -- the negative toward the outside and the 
positive toward the rotational axis.
     In 1950, he experimented with rotating slip rings and 
measured a small EMF on a conventional meter. He also noticed that 
when the rings were spinning freely and no electrical current was 
taken, his hair bristled. His conclusions were that free electrons 
in the metal were spun out by centrifugal force being produced by 
the static field in the metal. He then decided to build a 
generator on the same principle.
     It had a segmented rotor disc, passing through electromagnets
at its periphery. The electromagnets were energized from the 
rotor, and were intended to boost the EMF.
     By 1952, the first generator had been constructed and was 
about three feet in diameter. It was tested in the open by Searl 
and a friend. The armature was set in motion by a small engine. 
The device produced the expected electrical power, but at an 
unexpectedly high potential. At relatively low armature speeds a 
potential of the order of 10^5 volts was produced, as indicated by 
static effects on nearby objects.
     The really unexpected then occurred. While still speeding up, 
the generator lifted and rose to a height of about 50 feet above 
the ground, breaking the union between itself and the engine. Here 
it stayed for a while, still speeding up and surrounding itself 
with a pink glow. This indicated ionization of air at a much 
reduced pressure of about 10^-3 mm Hg. More interesting was the 
side effect, causing local radio receivers to go on by themselves. 
Finally, the whole generator accelerated at a fantastic rate and 
is thought to have gone off into space.
     Since that day, Searl and others have made some ten or more 
small flying craft, some of which have been similarly lost, and 
have developed a form of control. Larger craft have been built -- 
some 12 feet and two 30 feet in diameter.
     Once the machine has passed a certain threshold of potential 
voltage, the energy output exceeds the input. The energy output 
seems to be virtually limitless. We made some measurements when I 
was there, and as far as we could see, the estimated output is 
somewhere in the vicinity of 10^13 to 10^15 watts. Above what 
appears to be the threshold potential, some 10^13 volts, the 
generator and attached parts become inertia-free. There is also 
some "matter snatch" upon acceleration away from the ground, since 
it tends to take a little "turf" with it when it goes.
     Analyzing what is happening is fairly easy. What the 
generator is doing is placing a "stress" on the ambient space 
around it. The space breaks down to provide the magnetism to 
relieve the stress, but the energy by-product is absorbed by the 
generator, which reinforces the field.
     It should be noted at this point that only a very small 
amount of space fabric passes through the craft and an even 
smaller amount is converted for energy. However, I have noticed 
that small changes in etheric forces lead to large physical 
effects. It was aptly demonstrated and I was impressed.
     Recently, Mr. Searl had (1987) a brush with authorities, when 
he began simply generating his own power for his own house. Now he 
doesn't have a very large house, but the Utility Board didn't like 
the fact that they had lost their monopoly. Now he lives in 
Birmingham under an assumed name. Simple, eh?

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