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UFO Abductee in Stein Online
Conference with Leah Haley on Alien Abductions
13 Feb 95 at 22:00


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Leah Haley, a certified public accountant who says she has been
abducted by alien beings a number of times since childhood and
has received telepathic instructions from unknown sources.
Haley, who has two master's degrees and has taught university
accounting courses, also claims that she has been interrogated by
armed government officials trying to get information from her.

Haley, who has two master's degrees and has taught university
accounting courses, also claims that she has been interrogated by
armed government officials trying to get information from her.
During the Stein Online conference, she will provide meticulous
documentation of her experiences. CompuServe members are invited
to participate and ask questions of Haley.


The conference had already started for about 3 minutes.

(Eliot) as a result of having come out with this information, many friends 
dropped her, her husband divorced her (she is remarried) and her daughter 
won't talk to her so her revelations have taken quite a toll on her life!
Leah, thanks for coming. At what age did these alien abductions start 
in your life?

(Leah) The first encounter was at age 3. I have no memory prior to that.
I've had them throughout my lifetime AND they continue.

(Eliot) What happens during an abduction?

(Leah) Generally, I'm asleep and I'm awakened by a force field pulling out 
of my bed levitating me, pulling me out of the house and then there is a 
lapse in memory that follows. The next thing I remember is being aboard an 
alien space craft lying aboard a platform and being medically examined by 
chalky colored creatures who all look identical.

(Eliot) Are these the "GREYS" which we see pictured on many books written 
by people who have had the same experiences as yourself?

(Leah) Yes, many people call them "Greys" but they are an off-white color.

(Eliot) Please describe them.

(Leah) Between 4 and 5 feet tall, no hair, no ears, they have two little 
holes for a nose, huge almond-shaped BLACK eyes, 4 fingers on a complete 
hand, long thin neck, willowy body, no joints in their knees or elbows.

(Eliot) Do they have any reproductive organs?

(Leah) NO.

(Eliot) Then how do you think they reproduce?

(Leah) I really don't know.

(Eliot) How do they communicate ?

(Leah) Telepathically through their EYES!!!

(Eliot) In what manner?

(Leah) Mind to mind, they can read our thoughts and we can read theirs.

(Eliot) We are interviewing Leah Haley, author of "Lost Was The Key" 
and "Ceto's New Friends," both published by Greenleaf Publications, 
(615)896-1356 to order her books.

(Eliot) You have risked a professional career and many close relationships 
in order to reveal this information. You obviously feel quite strongly 
about it.

(Leah) Yes...I feel the public has a right to know what is going on.

(Eliot) What do the aliens communicate to you?

(Leah) They have told me that they are performing genetic experiences in 
order to allow for our mutual existence of both species.

(Eliot) Do the aliens ever show any emotions or transmit any to you?

(Leah) Yes. I have seen caring, love, fear.

(Eliot) Do they ever ask you any personal questions?

(Leah) No, I don't remember anything like that.

(Eliot) At what age did you start remembering these abductions?

(Leah) I remembered one abduction when I was in my early 30's, but I 
explained it away as a dream. I had never heard of alien abductions at 
that time in my life. So the only thing I could do was convince myself it 
was a dream. Then in 1990, I started having flashbacks of my abduction 
experiences. Then I underwent hypnotic regression to confirm the reality 
of my experiences.

(Eliot) With all due respect and just to confirm your seriousness, have you 
ever gone to a mental health professional to verify that you are completely 

(Leah) YES!!!! I went in an attempt to be pronounced crazy so I can be 
cured, however I visited 3 therapists who all verify that I am completely 

(Eliot) Isn't there a psychiatrist who deals with people who make the 
same claims as you?

(Leah) There are many psychologists and psychiatrists who have dealt with 
alien abductees. One of the therapists I went to see deals with alien 
abductees all the time, but the other two knew nothing about the 
phenomenon. They all say I am perfectly normal--but do suffer from Post 
Traumatic Stress disorder as of the result of these very "REAL" events!

(Eliot) Why do you think you have been selected for these abductions?

(Leah) I wish I knew. I don't have a crew.

(Eliot) Please describe the alien's spaceship.

(Leah) The one that I've seen most often is spherical in shape, has 
portholes around it, is extremely big inside, it is very clean streamlined,
very efficient. The equipment comes down from the ceiling and is stored 
on the walls. It is extremely bright inside. One CANNOT see the source 
of the lighting. I've also seen a nursery of hybrid babies: it looks like 
our hospital nurseries and the room was extremely bright. I felt it was much 
too bright for babies. I call it a baby greenhouse because it was almost 
like they were growing them! I remember seeing transparent containers 
suspended in the air and the babies appeared to be suspended in the 

(Eliot) Are these baby versions of the "GREYS"?

(Leah) They look like half-human half-greys, they look like human fetuses
except with the giant eyes!

(Eliot) Have you ever asked one of the aliens if you could bring back an 
unearthly object to prove that you are really experiencing this?

(Leah) If I've asked, I don't remember.

(Eliot) Let's start taking some questions from the audience.

(Greg Romines) How many time have you been abducted?

(Leah) Dozens of times.

(Greg Romines) How often does it occure?

(Leah) Sometimes, I have the earmarks of an abduction experience physical 
evidence. It occurs randomly. No set pattern.

(Eliot) What kind of physical evidence?

(Leah) Scars that appear and HEAL overnight. Bruises, injection marks,
punctures that appear overnight.

(Nirvana) Did you see anybody else, like Kurt Cobian?

(Leah) I do remember seeing other humans too. However, one of them was 
not Kurt Cobain.

(Beth) Did you see the movie Fire in the Sky and as far as Hollywood goes, 
do you feel it was an accurated depiction?

(Leah) Absolutely not an accurate depiction. It was accurate up to the 
point when Travis was taken aboard the craft.

(Beth) Good, that was scary.

(Leah) After that, once aboard the craft, it was not accurate. I've had a 
few offers to do movies of my story because of the way "Fire in the Sky" 
was handled, I've turned them down.

(Beth) As far as physical evidence, have you ever found implants? I saw 
a special where a woman was x-rayed and a small object was removed.

(Leah) I won't do it unless they do an accurate description. The 
experiences are so spectacular they don't have to be hyped up. I remember 
something piercing me behind my right ear. I remember something being 
pressed into my upper nostril. I also remember some U.S. govt. personnel 
doing something to my ear.

(Eliot) (NOTE: Leah also claims that a U.S. government secret squad 
abducted here, drugged her, told her to keep her mouth shut about her 
experiences and interrogated her).

(Glen Jamieson) You said that the space craft was very large. Are there 
any physical signs that such a craft has landed?  Can the existence of 
this craft be confirmed or supported by Air Traffic Control data in the 
area of the abductions?

(Leah) At one of my residences, there was a round circle of dead brown 
grass, and my husband and I could never figure out what caused it. It 
remained there the entire two times we lived there. Later, we visited the 
residence after we moved out and the circle of dead grass had disappeared. 
I have seen evidence of Air Traffic Control picking up UFO's on TV reports.

(David) Do you have any idea of what star system they originate from?

(Leah) No, I don't. They could be from another dimension or other time
instead of another planet.

(Eliot) What is your perception of time when you are aboard these 

(Leah) I don't think about time then but only after the abduction, I'm 
completely exhausted as if I've been gone many more hours than what the 
clock says.

(Gary Kennett) I was wondering if you know anything about the special 
hangar in Nevada?

(Leah) Yes. I've heard about it. I don't know any more than what people 
have read about or heard about on TV. I believe that hangar is where our 
military has space ships that they are testing.

(Chris C.-Sidekick) About your children's book, "Ceto's New Friends", do 
you really think it is right to be calling these creatures "friends" 
to kids?

(Eliot) Let me explain. Our guest has also written a "Children's 
style--picture book" which is quite controversial because it has two
average American kids being taken aboard a spaceship and meeting a friendly
alien. There has never been a book like it in the history of children's 

(Leah) I wrote the children's book in an attempt to alleviate fear of 
aliens because abductions are going to occur whether we like it or not. But 
if we are less fearful, the experience will be less traumatic. I have 
been criticized by some for writing this book and depicting the aliens 
as friendly.

(Mr. Stiffey) You claim you were abducted at age 3. Didn't anyone notice 
you were missing?

(Leah) No. They didn't. I saw the creature just inside the woods. My 
parents were lying on the grass nearby.

(Mr. Stiffey) How long do the abductions last?

(Leah) I assume that the aliens put them in a trance of some kind. There 
are many reports of aliens doing this. When I was three, I told the aliens 
that my mother would get mad if I went with him and he said, "Don't worry, 
we'll make things OK with your mother." My mother doesn't remember anything 
except my father being very ill. The abductions last one hour or so.

(Tom Culler) Two-parter, #1: any chance that they will ever meet humans 
in public?

(Leah) I think that is entirely possible. They told me they will be 
coming in greater frequency and in greater numbers. They want me to talk 
about this so the public won't be afraid.

(Tom Culler) #2: What was it about 'Fire in the Sky' you didn't like? It 
WAS scary.

(Leah) I didn't say I didn't like it--I said that it wasn't a true depiction.

(Tom Culler) I guess I'm asking what was wrong with the depiction.

(Leah) I've never seen bodies in plastic body bags. The medical experiments 
they perform are no worse than what one would experience in a doctor or 
dentist's office.

(Eliot) They don't make you cough do they?

(Leah) I don't remember coughing.

(R.C.) Do you wish to be abducted again?

(Leah) No. But I don't fear it.

(R.C.) The other human you spoke about, did you get to talk with him, and 
did he or she see you?

(Leah) I would like to learn more about these entities! There has been 
more than one instance. There was a man lying to my left on a platform.
I was also lying on a platform but we did not speak. It was as if we were 
in a drug state. On another time, I saw a man dressed in green fatigues. 
I spoke to him but I don't remember what we talked about.

(Eliot) That wasn't "Rambo" was it?

(Leah) NO (laughing)

(R.C.) Have you seen the same aliens more than once?

(Leah) YES!!!!

(Eliot) How do you know?

(R.C.) As if you reconized them?

(Leah) One of them always tranquilizes me. His name is CETO. I don't know 
how I know his name.

(Eliot) Do they have any kind of video aboard the spaceship?

(Leah) I don't remember, but other abductees have reported seeing things 
that resemble videos in relation to virtual reality scenarios.

(Eliot) Are you able to fight the aliens at all?

(Leah) NO. One feels much like a person feels right before he undergoes 
surgery, drugged and groggy. Incapable of fighting. I fought the military 
that interrogated me about the aliens.

(Eliot) Give us an address if anybody wants to write to you.

(Leah) P.O. BOX 8152 Murfreesboro, TN 37133

Free discussion period follows:

(Tom Culler) I think the government knows what would happen - mass 
hysteria - if this got too big. They may have a feeling, but to actually 
see it - that our government can't control it - would scare a LOT of folks.
(Tom Cantor) I am writing a school paper on alien abductions.  Does 
anyone live near San Diego? I'd like to chat or get an interview.
(K. Hett) I think that she's is well intentioned but does not necessarily 
know their intentions.
(Mike Wilson) Externally directed hallucination in my book!
(John) I represent a group of abductees in the Pine Bush, NY area.
(Val Ogonowski) I take her DEAD serious because my husband and his sergeant 
were underneath a spacecraft. It was never detected by NAFEC (close by) or 
at least it's what they say.
(Eliot) Yes. I've talked to people involved with that 1947 Roswell incident.
Many normal people that saw a crashed UFO and dead alien bodies were told 
by the government NEVER to talk about it.
(Val Ogonowski) AND many other people saw it within same few days. My 
husband was interrogated by the government too.
(Tom Cantor) Have you been abducted, John?
(John) yes
(Josh) if there apears to be so much technology (travel, etc,) then why 
is that abductees report the tools to be so primitive?
(Mike Wilson) Because that's all they can imagine!
(Tom Culler) Eliot - would you want this happen, if just once?
(Eliot) I would not personally want to be abducted by aliens--even once.
All the abductees describe the helplessness of the situation.
(Rob Danskin) I thought it strange that the GREYS have asked Leah to talk 
about them, but give her no evidence and information about themselves.
(John) I was taken along with other children from this area.
(Kevin) I wondered if any of you have ever read GRAPES OF WRATH?
(Tom Cantor) How old are you, John?
(Tom Culler) Val, any info on which military branch?
(John) I am 32.
(Tom Cantor) How many times have you been abducted?
(Tom Culler) What did you think about Fire in the Sky?
(John) I remember at least six times.
(Kevin) What do you mean abducted?
(Tom Cantor) John, how do your experiences compare to Leah's?
(John) I was taken against my will.
(Val Ogonowski) Where most abductees inside or outside at time of abduction?
Tom Culler: You mean who spoke to my husband and the others?
(Tom Culler) Yes, Val.
(Val Ogonowski) Tom Culler: I have no idea but I know they did (for SURE!!!)
Also: when people were abducted, were they inside their homes or mostly 
outside, yeard or something???
(Tom Culler) Might as well spit it out, Greg.
(Josh) Val, I think abductees go inside.
(John) They are very similar to what Leah described.
(Greg Martin) Hmm, did anybody get a feel for the physical abilities of 
these beings?
(Tom Cantor) John, (a question I wanted to ask Leah) how involved is the 
gov't in all this?
(John) To me, they seemed to be very strong for their size.
(Tom Culler) I believe you, Val. I'm just hoping to find out who they are.
(John) I have been involved with a women writing abook about Pine Bush.
(Val Ogonowski) Tom Culler: I live 15 miles from NAFEC (military 
installation) and they claimed they never detected a thing. But then, these 
official guys come along and play it all down and tell everybody they are 
full of bull. We KNOW the truth!!!
(Rob Danskin) Would you say, based on your experience, that the GREYS are 
a possible threat?
(Tom Culler) I wonder if it would be CIA, FBI, or some unknown group.
(Tom Cantor) John, what do you feel "their" motive is?
(Val Ogonowski) No, very official and with appointments from Washington.
(Tom Cantor) The FBI would be the most likely organization.
(John) I was told as a child, that they would come back and I was to play 
an important role.
(Eliot) Think about the implications if the U.S. government officially 
announced that.
(Tom Cantor) John, what do you feel is their motive in abducting?
(Eliot) There were UFO'S and they have proof!
(Tom Culler) Like I said, Eliot. Mass hysteria.
(Val Ogonowski) Yes, Eliot. But better to know than not to.
(John) I have already meet two of the other children I met in the ship 
as a child.
(Tom Culler) Val, for those who can handle it, yeah.
(Eliot) In addition to the mass hysteria, it would create a religious 
paradox with even more hysteria!
(Val Ogonowski) Who can handle most things? Who can handle war? But 
we have to. Who can handle other catastrophies? But we do.
(Rich) John, were they from your town?
(David) John, how has your experience affected your adjustment to the 
adult world?
(John) I believe there will be a catastrophe and they will come.
(Josh) John, you met two of the abductees?
(Tom Culler) But the big unknown here, is this is another species, with no 
history for us to rely on to predict their actions?
(Val Ogonowski) Well, they study us.
(Rob Danskin) Yeah. Anyone remember "V"?
(Val Ogonowski) We should have open ears to learn about them.
(John) I have intervied over 600 people from this area with similar 
(Tom Cantor) Do you guys think another species could have evolved, or it 
was created by God?
(Kevin) I think you guys worry to much.
(Josh) :(
(Tom Cantor) Kevin, easy for you to say.
(Tom Culler) I think God may have set evolution in action. But let's not 
open a different thread. We'll be here all night.
(Tom Cantor) OK
(Kevin) But all things come as you see them.
(Josh) Abductees always say that the aliens told them they are very 
important. But what role do they play?
(Val Ogonowski) If they meant us harm, they could have harmed us long ago.
(David) John, is your collaborator on the book a published writer?
(Tom Cantor) Good point, Val
(John) no
(Val Ogonowski) :)
(Alexander) Why is there no similar discussion such as this with the aliens?
(David) I'm concerned you will not have the book done in publisheable form 
(Tom Culler) True, Val. But they've also reported to abductees that 
they're coming in greater number and frequency. No need to panic, but I'm
trying to think this through.
(John) When it comes out, I am sure you wont miss it.
(Tom Cantor) John, do you want to be abducted again?
(Val Ogonowski) Wordly 'illegal aliens' are coming in greater numbers too 
and I fear them more.
(John) I would like to understand why?
(Tom Culler) :>, Val.
(Rob Danskin) I would say that performing surgical procedures on you, 
without your permission, and without explanation was a bit disturbing, 
anyone agree on that point?
(Val Ogonowski) :)
(Rich) Agree
(Tom Culler) Rob, Hear, hear.
(Val Ogonowski) yup
(John) I fear for my son.
(Tom Cantor) Question: If we made truly documented contact with aliens, 
could we tax them?
(Val Ogonowski) Hope so.
(Tom Culler) Fed will find a way, Tom.
(Tom Cantor) John, why do you fear for your son?
(Josh) To get really out there - I saw something where Nostradamus' 
prediction was interpreted as blood in the sky in 2040 or something.
A war maybe? whoa.
(Kevin) What do you mean?
(John) I was taken at age 3 and he is now three.
(Tom Cantor) War of the Worlds all over again.
(Tom Culler) Wonder what % of the population has gone through this.
(Tom Cantor) John, I'm praying for you and your son.
(Val Ogonowski) So am I.
(Josh) I heard a prediction that almost 1 million, actually an estimate, 
of course.
(John) I would say that half of the people in this town have been taken.
(Tom Cantor) Wow!
(Josh) Where is pine bush?
(Tom Culler) Wow, John! 
(Val Ogonowski) Why no there??
(John) Upstate NY.
(Rich) What town in NY?
(Val Ogonowski) Somewhere near Woodridge,NY?
(John) Near Middletown and Newburgh.
(Tom Culler) Did anyone find out if the abductees are generally at home 
or out?
(Val Ogonowski) Tom, was asking same question earlier.
(Tom Cantor) Oh.
(John) It has been documented on the TV show sightings.
(Val Ogonowski) John, I was in Woodridge, NY two days ago. Seems the kind 
of place for something like that.
(Tom Cantor) I'm writing a school paper and need an interview for it. 
I hope the teacher will accept this.
(John) I was born in Woodridge, NJ.
(Val Ogonowski) Woodbridge? Up by exit 123 on Garden State Parkway??
(Josh) How about an interview of John - or someone else with experiences?
(Tom Cantor) Yeah
(John) No near, Hackensack.
(Val Ogonowski) I was up on Rt 17, I believe, NY state.
(Tom Cantor) John, when was your last abduction?
(Josh) John? How about it?
(John) I believe last year.
(Val Ogonowski) John, how old are you?
(John) 32
(Tom Cantor) Was your experience the same as Leah's?
(John) Yes.
(Tom Cantor) And you, Val?
(Tom Cantor) John, what did the craft look like?
(Val Ogonowski) What? Age? 54 this year.
(John) When I saw them take my brother, I could ony see a bright light.
(Tom Culler) John, how does your brother feel about it?
(Tom Cantor) John, how many times was your brother abducted?
(John) He is ill and I don't discuss it with him.
(Rich) John, do they talk?
(John) I remember two times with him.
(Tom Culler) Val, what does your husband report?
(John) Yes, they talk.
(Val Ogonowski) Is he ill because of the abduction?
(David) Do you think his illness is realted to the abductions?
(Tom Cantor) John, what do they say?
(John) He has MS.
(John) Don't be afraid.
(rich) John, were they the gray's?
(John) Yes
(Tom Cantor) John, if you could choose to erase your entire experiences 
with aliens, would you?
(Josh) What others are there?
(John) Yes.
(Val Ogonowski) Tom, I'm sorry to hear about your brother.
(Tom Cantor) Me too.
(Val Ogonowski) My husband was on duty as police man and was hovered over 
close and called his sergeant for verification. It sat there all that time.
The patrol cars were OK, not like in the movies (power out, etc) and his 
sergeant saw it as well about 15 years ago. They were affraid to report 
it, for fear everyone would say they are crazy
(Tom Cantor) I have never had a close encounter myself, but many of my 
friends have and I am greatly intrigued by the subject.
(Tom Culler) I'm dying to see a craft, but that's as close as I want to get.
(Tom Cantor) Me too!
(John) If any one is interesed in Pine Bush, there is a telephone hotline 
at 914 895-4262.
(Rich) John, I read a paper that 3 million grays were in underground 
complexes called level 7 at Dulce.
(Val Ogonowski) There were a whole week of sighting here and a lot by 
a power station nearby and the rest all around NAFEC yet, they claimed 
nothing was on radar and that they don't know about them.
(Tom Cantor) What do you guys think about area 51 in Arizona?
(Josh) NAFEC?
(Tom Culler) Rich: what is Dulce?
(John) Pine Bush is involved with area 51 test flights.
(Val Ogonowski) Tom, I still have the newspaper clips from then too.
(Tom Cantor) John, how do you know?
(Val Ogonowski) Well, I believe that's the answer. Always close by 
something important
(Tom Culler) Val - any chance you could fax them to me?
(Val Ogonowski) Yes, I could.
(John) There are underground facilties here also.
(Val Ogonowski) E-mail me your fax number 73313,65.
(Tom Culler) Thanks, Val! It's on its way...
(Rich) Tom, I am not sure but they call it "NIGHTMARE HALL"
(Tom Cantor) Never mind.

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