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Does anyone in this group have any information regarding black turbine 
helicopters, which have no markings of ANY kind?

Hi Jeff,

Some time ago, I had downloaded the following text file from the UFONET area
within the Stairway to Heaven BBS, based in London. Rather than mail you direct,
I thought the contents of this file may be of interest to other subscribers who
have not come upon it before. I am not sure how old this posting is.

As you will note, some of the right hand side text has been truncated.


 Albertville-Animal owners who are finding carcasses with tongues, eyes,
 ears and hearts missing, have a new mystery for authorities, unlighted
 helicopters swooping out of the night sky.
 Albertville Chief Detective Tommy Cole is among those who in the past
 five months reported about a dozen cases of dead, mutilated
 animals-cows, goats and at least one dog.
 The animals were found in the pastures with no traces of automobile
 tracks, footprints or blood, he said.
 "On Jan. 9, I went to feed my steers and realized I was one short. The
 sexual organs and rectum was removed and the blood was gone," Mr. Cole
 said. All of the killings, including that of a calf found Tuesday, were
 within about four miles of this northeast Alabama city.
 "They take tongues, eyes, ears, hearts. Sometimes, they take blood," Mr.
 Cole said. He said there are no suspects.
 All of the animals have been found within 150 ft of power lines.
 The Marshall County Sheriff's Dept. received reports Tuesday night that
 one or more helicopters were flying at night over pastures near
 Albertville. The department pilot, Jim Pickett, said he and deputy Bob
 Norwood went up in the county helicopter but never located another one.
 "We kept getting reports of a helicopter flying at tree-top level with
 no lights on," he said.
 During the search for an unlighted helicopter, shots were fired from the
 ground at the sheriff's helicopter. No one was hurt. Deputy Norwood said
 a car signaled the department helicopter by flashing lights on and off.
 The helicopter flew close enough to the car to see that it was parked
 under power lines.
 "People were trying to lure us into high tension wires. I don't think it
 was purposely for us," he said.
 Doug Segers said he saw a helicopter forcing his 42 cattle into a corner
 in his pasture. He said he felt the wind and heard the engine.
 "The copter was behind my barn with a spotlight. Of course, I had a
 30-30 rifle over my shoulder. They saw me run to my truck." he said.
 "The cows were scared to death. One cow is real gentle and we couldn't
 even get around her."
 Some farmers are using spotlights and patroling their land, he said.
 John Strawn said he has seen helicopters land in pastures at night. He
 said he has 30 head of cattle, an investment of about $12,000.
 Mr. Strawn has organized farmers and said the group has been able to
 identify three turbine helicopters, one light blue and white with an
 orange sun, one dark blue and the other black.
2nd Post

 Tonight on WVTM-TV channel 13 out of Birmingham Alabama the Cattle mute
 was run again.  Additional information is that 31 cows have now been mut
 in the last few months.  The Sheriffs' dept. and Marshall county Rancher
 also report strange, black helicopters in the area at the time of some o
 the cattle mutilations.

 Odyssey HQ received videotape of some of the mutilations late this after
 from some of our researchers in NE Alabama.  In it was 5 mutilated cows.
 I must admit, the first one at first glance did not look like a 'classic
 mute case.  The hind quarters were gone but it appeared bloody and ragge
 However, it is -so- different from the others I entertain the thought th
 dogs or other predators -could- have gotten ahold of it after it had die
 and been mutilated.  The other four on the video was -classic- mutilatio
 All exhibited no blood, surgical procedure cuts and organs 'classically'
 The second cow, at least from the video was the most... well, terrifying
 A huge O was cut from the cow's abdomen starting from below the rib cage
 going down into the anal area.  Inside this huge cut in the skin was...
 don't know how to explain it but it looked like someone had 'steam strip
 the inside of the cow.  There was -no- meat or fat on the bones and the
 were pearly white.  What few intestines, etc. left within the cow was al
 'white' apparently totally devoid of blood.  The next 3 pictures was tho
 of the classic cookie cutter type.

 Late reports are that Dekalb and Marshall county Alabama Sheriffs' depts
 still have -no- leads on these mutes even tho 31 have now been committed
 has occured over a period of months in while not thickly populated, but
 populated regions.  Police depts. will try, evidently in vain, to pursue
 only lead they have of mysterious black helicopters in the area during t
 time of the mutes and the UFOs sighted over DeKalb county.


>These have been observed in my area, and I would like to know who they belong
>to, and how they get away without aircraft numbers/markings!

Have there been any reports of animal mutilations in your area!

James Easton

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