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     This is the traditional method of describing an event as a
distant or close encounter of the first, second or third kind.  The
investigator should be aware that, unless the case report can
reasonably rule out natural and man-made sources, the HYNEK rationale
declares it to be a non-case, and so no value is given.

HYNEK - __________

DE-1 - Nocturnal Light                CE-1 - Light/object in Proximity

DE-2 - Daylight Disc                  CE-3 - Physical Trace

DE-3 - Radar-visual                   CE-3 - Occupant

UFO reports differ in many details.  But there are a number of
similarities that recur in such features as shape, maneuverability,
appearance, disappearance, sound and color.  There are several basic
observational categories into which sighting reports may be

A. Relatively Distant Sightings

1. Noctunal Lights.  These are sightings of well-defined lights in the
night sky whose appearance amd/or motion are not explainable in terms
of conventional light sources.  The lights appear most often as red,
blue, orange or white.  They form the largest group of UFO reports.

2. Daylight Discs.  Daytime sightings are generally of oval or dis-
shaped, metallic-appearing objects.  They can appear high in the sky
or close to the ground, and they are often reported to hover.  They
can seem to disappear with astounding speed.

3. Radar-Visual cases.  Of special significance are unidentified
"blips" on radar screens that coincide with and confirm simultaneous
visual sightings by the same or other witnesses.  These cases are

B. Relatively Close Sightings (within 200 yards)

1. Close Encounters of the First Kind (CE-I).  Though the witness
observes a UFO nearby, there appears to be no interaction with either
the witness or the environment.

2. Close Encounters of the Second Kind (CE-II).  These encounters
include details of interaction between the UFO and the environment
which may vary from interference with car ignition systems and
electronic gear to miprints or burns on the ground and physical
effects on plants, animals and humans.

3. Close ENcounters of the Third Kind (CE-III).  In this category,
occupants of a UFO - entities that are human-like ("humanoid") or not
humanlike in apearance - have been reported.  There is usually no
direct contact or communication with the witness.  However, in recent
years, reports of incidents involving very close contact - even
detainment of witnesses - have increased.

The Kinds of Evidence

In addition to eyewitness reports, scientific evidence for the
presence of something very unusual falls in these categories:

1. Physical Traces.  Compressed and dehydrated vegetation, broken tree
branches, and imprints in the ground have all been reported.
Sometimes a soil sample taken from an area where a UFO had been seen
close to the ground will be determined, through laboratory analysis,
to have undergone heating or other chemical changes not true of
control sample.

2.  Medical Records.  Medical verification of burns, eye
inflammations, temporary blindness, and other physiological effects
attributed to encounters with UFOs - even the healing of previous
conditions - can also constitute evidence, especially when no other
cause for the effect can be determined by the medical examiner.

3.  Radarscope Photos.  A tape of traces from a radar screen on which
a "blip" of a UFO is appearing is a powerful adjunct to a visual
sighting, because it can be studied at leisure instead of during the
heat of the moment of the actual sighting.

4.  Photographs.  While it might seem that photographs would be the
best evidence for UFOs, this has not been the case.  Hoaxes can be
exposed very easily.  But even those photos that pass the test of
instrumented analysis and/or computer enhancement often show nothing
more than an object of unknown nature, usually some distance from the
camera, and very often out of focus.  For proper analysis of a photo,
the negative must be available and the photographer, witnesses and
circumstances must be known.  In a few exceptional cases, photos do
exist that have been thoroughly  examined and appear to show a
structured craft.


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