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Area : BAMA
Date : Aug 17 '95, 23:33
From : Ian Wilson, 88:88/1
To   : All
Subj : Abduction?

    A few months ago, I woke up suddenly when I heard footsteps by the
bed and light was shining into the room.  I tried to turn to face the
sound of the footsteps but strangely I could not move.  When the
footsteps left the room, the light dimmed.  I thought maybe my roomate
was up and looking for something in the room.  The time was 3:11am.

    Bewildered and confused as to why he would be in my room at that
time disturbed me.  I am a very light sleeper and wake up to sounds of
the building's foundation setting in.  This would be the first time my
roomate invaded my privacy especially that early in the morning.  And
that didn't explain the paralysis.  Since I am not afraid of pretty
much anything, my first reaction was look and see...possible burglar.
But I couldn't will my body to move.

    Still intent on figuring this one out I had the impulse to get up
and check out the room but the next thing I remeber is waking up in
the morning. I asked my girlfriend who was sleeping beside me if she
remebered hearing footsteps and seeing light.  She said she heard
footsteps walk around the edge of the bed and couldn't open her eyes.
She thought that she was dreaming and was surpised that it wasn't a

    I confronted my roomate in the morning but he claimed he was in
bed by one in the morning and would never enter the room uninvited.  I
suspected that there was possibly an abduction and discussed it with a
few close friends at work.

    A couple of months later, a week from when I decided to write
about this the down stairs neignbour's kid helped me push my car which
was having problems starting.  He asked if I had a super-nintendo and
wanted to trade games.  I said sure and got the car started and left
for work.

    I returned home after work and the kid was upstairs visiting with
my girlfriend.  This was the first time from the time I let him push
the car that I actually talked to him since they moved in.  My
girlfriend said he had something to tell me and she would fill me in

    He told me about a ufo which landed in the back yard.  He said a
couple of months ago, light was shining in his room so he stood up and
looked at the window.  When he stood at the window, he claimed that he
was suddenly frozen (eyes open) and saw a small egg like craft land.

    When a hatchway opened up, a mist rolled out from a lighted
landing pad.  He saw an "alien" in the mist and from that point he
couldn't remeber up until he saw the alien return to the ship and take
off instantly.  In the morning he had a hole in his ear (like a bee
sting) and he showed me where it was.  There was a clear indentation
like a scoop mark in the back of his ear.  From his discription of the
time, a few months ago, it seemed to  have occured the same time that
I heard footsteps in my room.  I can't say that is the case but it
appears to be somewhat connected.

    My girlfriend later told me after he left that he came over to
trade nintendo games and she allowed him to wait and they played a
game he brought over for trade.  While playing the game the kid (10
yrs old male) asked her if she ever saw an alien.  She told him of a
possible ship that we saw last year.  Then he told his story.  She
asked him if he ever told his mom.  He said no, he never told anyone
but just felt like telling us.

    Now...that is all fine (or is it).  It triggers a lot of questions
since I do have an interest in UFO activity and have seen a few
possible UFO's and in one instance had a conscious opportunity to have
a third encounter at the age of 15 where other people where present to
share in the experience.

    This would be the first instance where I

    a.) felt paralysis
    b.) heard footsteps and saw bright light
    c.) could not act of my free will to investigate
    d.) be compelled back into sleep when I had another clear willfull

    Which leads to these disturbing questions

    Was there a visitation?  Yes, that is very probible since I was
not the only person who had simular experiences/symptoms.

    The intellegence involved have the ability to supress my human
awareness and act in such a manner as to go undetected by others?

    I speculate that they emmite a broad band of energy on a frequency
that slows cognitive activity in the brain, particulatily in the area
of memory and body control.  A safety measure to make sure that no one
notices them  ( I live in a rural town near the town center).

    They do not want us to remeber?  No...that is clear by memory

    Not directly related but has some connection.

    1.) A female employee at a place where I work told me of an
        encounter when she was 12 years old and a small car sized
        craft landed in her driveway and she saw the alien.  Lots of
        light. Small zeta-reticulli grey type discription.

    2.) 2 girls ages 8 and 4 saw a small car sized ship land in their
        farm yard and saw a single occupant.  Lots of light. Same
        physical description from above.

    3.) A close personal friend chased down a small car sized ufo that
        was hovering over a house emmiting a broad wave of light.  As
        he approached the hovering object vanished.

    All the above three are from people who have no connection that I
can tell yet discribe the same thing.  A small craft, the size of a
car or small truck single occupant and all emmiting light energy.  All
within two towns.  They all match the discription of the kid who lives
in my four-plex.

    I am annoyed at the fact that I experiened something that I wish I
had more memory of, let alone a sense of mild anger that some agent of
intellegence deems it nessicary to act in such a manner to advoid
detection where neurological and possibly physical hampering energy is
being directed at the people involved.  (It could cause cancer and who
knows what it does for one's complextion.)

    Secondly, I am very unimpressed since I am more than willing to be
at the least part neighbourly to alien intellegence.  But
realistically these beings are not interested.  But why the cover up?

    Is this why they goverment cannot openly expose this?  Do these
aliens have an agreement (who knows maybe a military agenda demanding
it) that their involvment with humans is to be completely covert?  I
think by their action's it seems so.

    I guess I am kind of miffed since there is a violation of my free
will and I don't beleive that this stuff goes on where we have no say
in it...but I guess it does.  I'm not the one with the space ship.

    Remind me not to cage up any animals and I'm sorry for all the
biology classes where some helpless creature was on the dissecting
tray.  What goes around comes around..he he (morbid humor...sorry :) )

    Well, that's it...i feel better and next time, (if there is one)
I'll be better prepared to like steal their ship or something :)


... Aliens make terrible house pets.
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