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 1) Alien Type   : Hybrid ( Grey/Human )

 Hybrid Profile  : General
 Classification  : Intelligent and sensitive crosbreed species   

 Desciption : 

 A completly human featured body and appearance with some small anomalies
 like a pale white/grey skin and a somewhat larger and rounder head with
 big and bright( human) eyes.

 Forms of communication: Telepathy.
 (Human/Grey Hybrids are the result of Grey genetic experiments which have
 been performed during abductions.
 The Hybrid foetus is grown in the human female abductee for about three
 months and then removed and raised by the Greys.
 It is believed that the first phase of growing and developing of the foetus
 has to take part during a normal pregnanty.
 Contacts between the hybrids and humans:
 Some abductees are given the oppurtunity to bond emotionally with there
 hybrid child.
 Most of the time these contacts occur during abductions or dreams where
 the meeting is arranged and supervised by Greys.
 Some abductees are given the chance to name their child and to experience
 some physical contact.

 Public Opinion :

 The public opinion on Human / Grey Hybrids is still a topic that can be
 found on many Ufo related forums and newsgroups.
 Many abductees who have been part of this experiment feel the connection 
 between their hybrid child and themselves.
 The emotional bond seems to remain strong even if the contact are rare
 and temporarily .
 The overall public opinion expresses a lot of questions and theories about
 the Human / Grey Hybrids.
 One populair theory states that hybrids are under control of the Greys and
 are used to perform unknown tasks.

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 This sample is taken from the Alien Profile Pages.

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