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                          Grey Profile                           

Original Author          : LG
Uploaded by              : R.Weijers
Compuserve adress        : 101507,3252

Hi Everyone here is some info on Greys which I collected on the
Internet and during some private research on this particular species.

I hope you enjoy it...

1)  Alien type: Grey
Grey Profile: General

Orgin: The Zeta Reticulan star system

classification:intelligent,advanced, predatory and agressive species.

A Small human shaped type with anomalies 
A 3.5 t0 4.5 tall from grayish white to grayish blue being
Large egg shaped head (compared to body) with large black oval shaped
eyes,slith mouth and no obivous nose.
No facial expression..(often described emotionless)
no body or facial hair and no obvious external sexuals organs.

Forms of direct communication: Telepathy and eye contact.

Feed on: human emotions (life energy) and human fluids.

According to some psychic contactees and abductees: No or very faint aura.

2)  The Grey's way of initiating contact:


For many years now it has become clear that people have been abducted 
by the Greys. 
Many abductees were forced to take part in experiments which are believed
of a medical nature.
Genetic manipulation and crossbreeds between the two races seems to be 
the Grey's main main objectives besides the study of human's anatomy.
With no or little concern for the emotional impact on the abductees they
performed their tests using means of control like hypnosis and brainwashing
techniques which seemed to be very effective against possible resistance.
Implants which are believed to be controlling and tracking devices
were placed after or during the tests and in many cases the memory of the
abductee was erased or altered which caused the wellknown Missing Time
The psychological effects of the abduction are believed to be sleeping
disorders,stress,fear attacks,depression,alien tainted nightmares etc...
Therapy like hypnosis is believed to be very effective in restoring the
abductee's memory.

Most common Abduction sceneries:

a) During a sighting (outside)
b) During sleep (bedroom)

Abductions sometimes involve more people in one fammily

Abductions are believed to be repeative for the victims.

Abductions are believed to be a ongoing process.
(new victims report their experiences on a regular base) 

Other ways of contact:

Dreams,OBE's and supportive medical attention.

Some people experience encounters with Greys in dreams and during the 
experience of a OBE.
These encounters are most of the time believed to be of an informational
Some females abductees are faced with their hybrid child and have the
opportunity to bond emotionally.
Others recieve "inside information" from the Greys and are "informed" about
their intentions on this planet.
It is also believed that medical attention is given to some people.
Supportive Operations are not uncommon.

Contact between Greys and Gouverments:

It is believed that Greys have established contact with certain Gouverments
or secret groups also known as Black Gouverments.
Working together in secret world wide spread underground bases exchanging
technological information for whatever the Greys need from us.
Gouverments deny this and claim they have no knowlegde of a agreement or 
even the prescence of any visitors (despite the evidence presented in 
photograpic and video material).
Their policy is "you know what we want you to know" *
Even if they are not directly involved in a agreement they probably have
information on who does. *
* (this is the authors personal opinion)

3) Different Types of Greys:

Greys differ not only in lenght (3.5 to 4.5) but seem to have a different
approach towards humans.
The most common type varies from agressive and emotionless to more 
diplomatic and intelligent.

A other type seen in the field is the tallest type.
More intelligent and more gentle in their approach.
They are believed to be more technical advanced and to use their technology
more often in their contact.

The shortest type of greys are believed to be crosbreed (3.5 tall)
They seem to be very hostile and see humans clearly as a lower species
that serve their purpose in experiments etc.
Probably is this the less intelligent type compared with the two above.

4) Grey motives:

The most heard motives:

Genetic manipulation..crossbreed because they need our genetic material for

They were always here..humankind is the result of a experiment done by 
Aliens on this planet.

They are here to save our genetic material before we become instinct caused
by a disaster or a nuclear war.
Hybrids will populate a different planet chosen by them.
Crossbreed is needed for living on that planet.

Greys are here because they need this planet (they are homeless) and
are looking for ways to adept (crossbreed) to this planet.

Greys feed on human emotions and fluids (they are parasites)so humans are
easy "food" which they need before they move on.

Greys are on a militairy mission trying to gain control (if they aren't 
already ) and are meanwhile experimenting with our genetic material to
improve their own life.


5) Public opinion:

Greys are very well known by a part of the public.
But it is strange that the opinion differs since the "populairity" of greys
has become inmense.
Some people see them as the incarnated evil while others seem to be 
convinced of their good intentions.
But the overall opinion demands more knowlegde about this particular species
Information is the key to understanding.

6) Hybrids:

Hybrids and humans are connected by genetic material.
They are also connected in a emotional way with female and male abductees.
Grey's intention with the hybrids is still unknown and we can only 
speculate about the role they going to play in our history.
Are they victims and under control of the greys ?
Do they have a specific role in their way of initiating contact ?
A lot of questions remain...

7)Notes from Author:

This file is the product of collecting information and data on the Internet.
However the writing and selecting of info is probably done in a subjective
way (I'm only Human:-)
The meaning of this file to provide you with a piece of information in the
hope that you are hungry enough for more.
Every day new and interesting info about UFO/ET is brought on the Net.



If you have any interesting info about Hybrids please Email me !

Walk in Freedom and Light...


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