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                   GERMANY SIGHTING REPORT

[NOTE: I received this sighting report recently.  It is
provided here with the approval of the author/witness.]

3   About ten years ago I had a rather unusual experience    3
3that I've never discussed with anyone in much detail even   3
3though I think about it all the time. So, I thought I'd post3
3my little UFO story here and see what people could make of  3
3things:                                                     3
3                                                            3
3   In the Fall of 1981 I was a young teen serving as an     3
3Army tank crewman with Alpha Troop 1/10 Cavalry 4th         3
3Mechanized Infantry Division, Ft. Carson Colorado. I was a  3
3gunner aboard an M60A1, the antediluvian predecessor to the 3
3M60A3.                                                      3
3                                                            3
3   In early September of that year, my unit shipped out for 3
3West Germany as part of the annual Reforger exercises. We   3
3arrived on September 6th, drew our equipment, and headed    3
3straight for the field.                                     3
3                                                            3
3   After about three weeks into the exercise my Squadron    3
3took defensive positions around a little village called     3
3Ramrod or Butzbach, I can't remember which. In fact, the two3
3villages may be very close to each other, I've never checked3
3a map. (I'm pretty sure it's Ramrod)                        3
3                                                            3
3   Our tanks and M113s were placed in a thick little patch  3
3of forest on the edge of a 1/2 kilometer wide by one or two 3
3kilometer long field of thick green grass amidst slightly   3
3rolling hills. Our gun tubes faced North towards the village3
3some two kilometers away.                                   3
3                                                            3
3   The field itself was surrounded on all sides by thin-    3
3trunked German fir trees with an average height of 90 feet. 3
3A paved, two lane, road ran through my unit's position and  3
3down the middle of the field into the village.              3
3                                                            3
3   After waiting two uncomfortable days for the British to  3
3attack our positions, my Troop commander decided to let us  3
3take trips to the sportzplatz in the village below for      3
3showers. We hadn't bathed in over a week.                   3
3                                                            3
3   I went in on the second run with most of my platoon,     3
3about twenty guys. It was a cloudy, overcast, mid-morning. I3
3cannot remember the day or the date. We were riding on a    3
3full canopied 2 1/2 ton truck. I sat at the rear of the     3
3vehicle, near the tailgate, because I liked the view and    3
3didn't smoke. The back-flap had been rolled up and tied     3
3open.                                                       3
3                                                            3
3   If none of you here have ever ridden on a canopied 2 1/2 3
3ton truck, then understand that it is a jolting, jarring,   3
3noisy, completely deafening experience where all aboard     3
3acquire many bruises and stiff rearends after even the      3
3shortest of drives. Communication is achieved only by       3
3yelling to one another at the very top of your lungs.       3
3Communication with the driver, from the back of the vehicle,3
3is next to impossible.                                      3
3                                                            3
3   But I digress...                                         3
3                                                            3
3   As the truck made its way along the road at a 15 to      3
320mph clip, something moving in the air above the trees to  3
3the East (The directions given here are only for purposes   3
3of orientation) caught my attention. Less than 100 yards    3
3away, just above the treeline, moved what appeared to be a  3
3large (make that DOUBLE large) Glad Bag "rolling" about     3
3through the air as if caught by the wind.                   3
3                                                            3
3   Its speed must have been less than five miles an hour.   3
3                                                            3
3   Intrigued, I watched as the "bag" loped along            3
3southwards, skirting above the trees, and then chaotically, 3
3haphazardly, curved west towards the open field and began   3
3descending.                                                 3
3                                                            3
3   Now, this was all very unexciting until I noticed that   3
3the "bag" was changing shape and color.                     3
3                                                            3
3   As it made its westward "turn" and sloppy, rolling,      3
3descent (just as a large, half-inflated, giant, garbage-bag 3
3would if caught in a slipstream at 90 feet), its color      3
3changed from flat green, to flat red, to flat black, to     3
3flat blue and so on. As this was happening, so too did its  3
3baggy, bulky, shape, begin to smooth and flatten the closer 3
3it got to the ground.                                       3
3   Pay special attention to the word -smooth-. It was as if 3
3all turbulence had ceased and every crinkle, every ripple,  3
3every bump, every possible exterior surface distortion that 3
3might be caused by the slightest movement of wind "within"  3
3the "bag", had vanished.                                    3
3                                                            3
3   Indeed, it was elongating and flattening to become a     3
3smooth disk.                                                3
3                                                            3
3   At an altitude of scarcely twenty feet, all downward     3
3motion suddenly ceased as the "disk" made a precise and     3
3radical maneuver that sent it on a perfect horizontal       3
3glidepath above the field. At this very instant, in reaction3
3to the sudden and completely artificial maneuver, my Platoon3
3Sergeant, SFC Venero, said, and I quote him exactly: "What  3
3the f___ -IS- that thing?"                                  3
3                                                            3
3   To which I replied "It looks like a garbage bag that     3
3changes color!" (Brilliant words indelibly etched in my     3
3mind. )                                                  3
3                                                            3
3   I hadn't known he was watching, but he'd seen everything 3
3just as I had.                                              3
3                                                            3
3   As the disk then continued to descend again, this time   3
3with a very steady and controlled forward speed of ten      3
3miles an hour or so, my truck crested a hill. Moments       3
3before this "thing" would have landed, my view was blocked  3
3by the hill as we moved downwards towards the bottom.       3
3                                                            3
3   I did not say a word. I did not scream "STOP THIS        3
3TRUCK!" I did not in anyway try to jump off the moving      3
3vehicle and run like hell to see what it was because I KNEW 3
3I'd be... yelled at by my Sergeant. I was a disciplined     3
3soldier and the thought of being yelled at kept me GLUED to 3
3my seat.                                                    3
3                                                            3
3   After the UFO disappeared behind the hill, Sgt. Venero   3
3looked at me, blinked his big dull eyes once or twice, then 3
3shrugged his shoulders. "Hmm" he said.                      3
3                                                            3
3   Because the whole event was so very undramatic, because  3
3there was no Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme music 3
3playing, because the truck was rattling and swaying and     3
3bouncing and because I would've looked like a fool,         3
3screaming at all of them to shut up and tell the driver to  3
3stop, I said not a damned thing.                            3
3                                                            3
3   Nada.                                                    3
3                                                            3
3   Later, when I tried telling others about what I'd seen,  3
3the standard response was the heady "Sure, Conley. Sure."   3
3                                                            3
3   Sergeant Venero, not the most interesting, thoughtful,   3
3or well read fellow, chalked it up as being "Just one of    3
3those things."                                              3
3                                                            3
3   Now, whenever I've told this story to fellow military    3
3people I get the usual "Hey, it was probably just an RPV."  3
3                                                            3
3   This is a very logical possibility, but I've seen quite  3
3a few remotely piloted vehicles and ALL of them have wings, 3
3ALL of them fly in relatively straight flight paths, ALL of 3
3them change direction with a dip of the WINGS (which, as I  3
3said, this craft did not have) and NONE of them change color3
3and NONE of them change -SHAPE- in flight. (Forget midget   3
3craft with variable sweep wings. This UFO did not have      3
3wings.)                                                     3
3                                                            3
3   Because of the noise in the truck, I can't tell you if   3
3the craft made any noise. I will say that I heard nothing.  3
3                                                            3
3   What I saw just did not appear to be man-made.           3
3                                                            3
3   Has anyone here ever seen anything like this?            3
3                                                            3
3=END=                                                       3

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