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MJ-12   My Viewpoint  Issue 1.

In my opinion, MJ-12 is true in part, that is.  I am a 
Christian and therefore cannot believe the part about 

I do believe that such organisations do exist within the 
United States of America.  I think that the US government 
is corrupt and power hungry.  Therefore they, The US 
Government, strive for total superiority over other nations.  
I know other nations do the same but the US has a cunning 
skill at the Nation v Nation strategy.  It is a key player 
in world affairs and gets power from this!  When Bill 
Clinton visited the UK recently (Nov. 1995) he showed Mr 
Major into Downing Street rather than Mr Major guiding him.  
This embolicly suggests that Mr Clinton controls British 
affairs as well as American ones.

The above was just my personal opinion.  You would have to 
see the photograph to judge for yourself.  If this situation 
happened in your country, what would you think?

To get back to MJ-12.  It appears that I discovered a memo 
from president Eisenhower giving details of MAJESTIC TWELVE, 
not MJ-12.  Confusing, I know.  According to Mr Milton MJ-12
is THE organisation and MAJESTIC TWELVE a decoy!  I believe 
him on this point.  I have the evidence to support the view.  
I also am confused about the many names and code names 
mentioned in the TXT file.  No doubt having so many names is 
just another way of decoying the Truth Seekers, like you and I.

I was also shocked to read the CONTINGENCY PLAN SHOULD THE 
TAKE OVER.  It details imposing Martial Law and rounding up 
all dissidents (Exact meaning in this sense unclear) and 
placing them in concentration camps!  This is something that 
Hitler would do not the US Government!  It seems to say that 
the US Government now is more corrupt than anyone could 
imagine, if they would do this!

However the US Government does seem prepared for a fight if 
things become too heavy for them.  I am referring to 
EXCALIBUR.  The missile designed to destroy the Alien bases 
if need be.  Why would the US government invent such a thing 
if Aliens did not exist!  This again seems to prove that the 
US government is in contact with Aliens as described in the
file.  Also I read about JOSHUA a sonic weapon to destroy 
alien craft.  This seems similar to an idea that came from 
a 1950s BW movie about and Alien Invasion.  They used a sound
weapon to explode the alien craft in mid-flight!  This adds 
to my doubts about the sincerity of MJ-12.

This is all I shall write for now.  My further papers 
regarding MJ-12 shall be placed soon in the UFO forum.  If you 
have any thoughts or queries contact me, Daniel Donaldson at  .  I contributed the MJ-12 file 
into the UFO forum.

Yours in Friendship,
Daniel Donaldson,
 Scotland, UK.

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