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                     CSETI'S CE-5 INITIATIVE PROTOCOLS

The following is a very brief and cursory description of the
protocols used by CSETI teams in real-time research and field
work.  Detailed information and instruction is contained in the
Working Group Training Kit.


     Lights, Sound, Thought

1.  Lights - We use high-powered, portable halogen lights in our
field work.  The ones available to us in the USA are either half
million or one million candle-power portable halogen lights. 
They can be recharged either by plugging into the cigarette
lighter of a vehicle or by plugging into US household current. 
These lights are difficult to obtain in other countries. 
Sometimes lights can be found that are high powered, but they
must be plugged into the cigarette lighter in order to work - thus
limiting your range to however long the cord may be.  We
suggest that you try boating suppliers and hunting suppliers for
possible sources of high-powered portable lights in your country. 
We use these lights to signal to possible UFOs/spacecraft. 
Anything that returns a recognizable signal is not a star, not a
satellite, not an airplane, and not a weather balloon.  This is
rudimentary CE-5 communication.  It is human-initiated and/or
human-interactive encounters.

2.  Sound - We use two types of sounds in our field work:  1)
anomalous tones recorded inside a crop circle in England.  It is
a continuous tape with the speed slowed down incrementally,
that repeats over and over.  2) beeping tones left in the landing
trace from a reported UFO in New Hampshire, USA.  We
sometimes broadcast these tones, played on a portable tape
player, over a walkie-talkie or radio transceiver.  We use these
tones as a signature or calling card.  We hope that whoever
made these tones in the first place might recognize them and
realize that we are using them as a way to make contact.  (These
tapes are included in the Working Group Training Kit.

3.   Thought - We employ a CSETI technique called Coherent
Thought Sequencing.  After reaching a state of unbounded
consciousness and expanded awareness through any type of
meditative technique, silence, or prayer, the team goes through a
guided experience where each member sequentially sends his/her
awareness out into the cosmos as a beacon which other
intelligent living beings might recognize.  We then guide any
biological lifeforms and their craft through the cosmos, into the
solar system, to Earth, and directly to where the team is located
in the field.  (These techniques are explained and taught in the
Working Group Training Kit.)

                         ONE UNIVERSE - ONE PEOPLE

CSETI - Through CompuServe:  Shari Adamiak - 102542,3573
CSETI - PO Box 15401 Asheville NC 28813 USA  - OR -
CSETI - PO Box 587, Englewood, CO 80151 USA

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