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GRAYS................ AND MY NIGHTMARE

Looking back at myself 3 or 4 years ago I would interpret my beliefs
in ufology as somewhat sceptical even at the mere suggestion of a 
the sighting of a UFO let alone something so far fetched as being 
physically abducted and worked upon by several 3 foot tall gray 

Since then, my scepticism has withered and died and the new seed 
planted is one which has grown into a total belief in the existence 
of ETíS. A belief brought about initially by a friend who handed me 
several books relating to the abduction experience. I studied the 
book for weeks in total awe of what was being described page after 
page.  What I think is one of the most disturbing aspects about the 
behaviour of the "grays" is their total and complete lack of feelings
toward the abductee.  There is no pity, no remorse, sympathy or 
understanding shown toward them.  Just a cold, calculated and 
determined conviction to do the task in hand.
It is this coldness which is so disturbing. 

If they come for you in the middle of the night when the house is 
still and all is quiet you  canít just turn around and say.......
please donít abduct me, Iíll give you $1,000, my gold watch and my 
VCR, because Mr Gray just ainít interested in anything else but you!

I subsequently found that the more I read and discovered about their
apparent behavior, the more terrified I became.  I am a very rational
person and I like to have all of the facts before I make judgements 
about things, but everyday I was reading about more and more cases of
abduction.  How can so many people agree about things they have seen 
and the physical trauma theyíve been through while being abducted?  
The answer is of course that most of them are telling the truth.  
Some would have you believe that these people have something to gain 
by telling the world of theyíre abduction.  In actual fact many 
people are afraid to even speak of theyíre experience because they 
hold professional positions such as police officers, lawyers, nurses
etc. They fear ridicule from society and would be branded as mentally

The abductees usaually describe scenarios like upon awakening in the
early hours of the morning they are surrounded on either side by 
grays just staring at them, perhaps performing mindscan.  Everyone 
knows how frightening it can be if you awake to find someone looking
directly at you.  It can give you quite a shock.  Imagine then, just 
how terrified you would be to find 2 grays on either side of your bed
staring intensely at you with huge almond shaped wrap around eyes. 
Not a very pleasant experience, Iím sure youíll agree.

This is what my nightmare is all about.  After reading lots of 
accounts of abduction and books on the subject I have now 
inadvertently installed a great and overwhelming source of fear 
within myself.  When I read my first book on alien abduction I 
started getting nightmares for about a week which usually resulted in
myself awakening at around 4am completely saturated in sweat and out 
of breath.   To this day it still bothers me from time to time 
usually after I read an abduction account.  To combat my fear, my 
friend saw a wall poster and bought it for me to put in my bedroom.  
It depicts a human subject lying on a huge glowing table, watched 
upon at either side by 4 grays.  I think the fact I face my fear 
everyday has made it easier for me to get a good nightís sleep, a 
fact that isnít helped much by the placement of my stereo speakers 
and cd towers at either side of my bed.  Needless to say they've 
since been moved so they donít resemble grays when the lights are 

Any newcomers to the subject  of Ufology should be warned.  If you 
are of a nervous disposition then please think carefully before 
reading  detailed abduction accounts. You might end up sleeping with 
the lights on for a few nights like I did.


Craig T Brown

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